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7th Grade Chapter 5 Lesson 5
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7th Grade Chapter 5 Lesson 5



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7th Grade Chapter 5 Lesson 5 7th Grade Chapter 5 Lesson 5 Presentation Transcript

  • 7 th Grade Chapter 5 Lesson 5 Pgs. 184-193 For Student Use Only
  • Water: A World Traveler
    • Water is transported all over the world
    • Many organisms thrive with water
      • Bacteria: tiny one-celled organisms
      • Fungi
  • Water: A World Traveler
    • The Human Body:
      • Our bodies are 60%-70% water
      • Losing 2% of water will make you thirsty
      • Lose 10% and your body will die
  • Water: A World Traveler
    • Water= main ingredient of life
    • Water in Sky:
      • Water is found in lower troposphere
    • Water in World:
      • Salt Water= contains 3.5% salt
      • Fresh Water= Low salt content
  • Water: A World Traveler
    • Fresh Water
      • 75% fresh water is in glaciers
    • Water Underground:
      • Most water flows to the water table and aquifers
      • Ground water is main source of water for half world’s population
  • Water: A World Traveler
    • Surface-Water
      • Lakes
      • Swamp
      • River
    • Liquid Miner
      • Limestone= soft rock that can have rivers running through it
  • Water: A World Traveler
    • Journey to the Sea:
        • Water seeks the lowest level
    • Water collects:
      • Rills- tiny channels
      • Brooks & Streams- medium water
      • Rivers- large areas
      • Tributaries- rivers that lead to the sea
  • Water: A World Traveler
    • Drainage Basin-
      • The area where all the water leads to
      • Divide- high land separating one drainage basin from another
    • Great Divide:
      • Raindrops on one-side go one way
      • Raindrops on other-side go one way
  • Water: A World Traveler
    • Water:
      • Hydrosphere: the water that is found in the ocean, land, and atomsphere
      • Airborn Water:
        • Rain
  • Water: A World Traveler
    • Water Cycle:
      • Evaporation- transferring of molecules from liquid to gas
        • Water Vapor: gaseous water in the atmosphere
        • Temperature- speeds up evaporation
  • Water: A World Traveler
    • Condensation:
      • Water vapor cools and becomes water droplets
    • Precipitation:
      • Any form of water that falls from the clouds
  • Water: A World Traveler
    • Water Cycle:
      • Water Evaporates
      • Water Condenses into clouds
      • Water falls as precipitation
    • This movement of water is called the water cycle.