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MRM Seattle Digital Immersion Lab: Presence In Motion
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MRM Seattle Digital Immersion Lab: Presence In Motion


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Ansible Mobile lead this workshop that canvassed how the mobile channel, players, and applications fir as part of a larger marketing mix. Panelists from comScore, MoFuse, Yahoo! Mobile, and Zumobi …

Ansible Mobile lead this workshop that canvassed how the mobile channel, players, and applications fir as part of a larger marketing mix. Panelists from comScore, MoFuse, Yahoo! Mobile, and Zumobi discussed all things mobile, from what it takes to build and maintain a mobile presence, to new mobile technologies, to mobile apps and search.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Welcome to MRM Worldwide, our Seattle office and the Digital Immersion Lab Great Crowd today – indicative of the interest level in Mobile MarketingWe are very excited about the panel and presenters here today, both from MRM and from a variety of partner companiesMobile has been a fractured and challenging channel for most marketers to navigateToday we hope to inform and simplify so that you can put mobile to work in your organization or further develop plans you have underwayTo do this, we going to spend our time as follows: MW to provide an overview of the mobile opportunity for context Niles from Ansible will provide a number of case studies that demonstrate mobile marketing in action Our panel will share insights and answer questions. We have some prepared questions, but look forward to answering question from the audience and being interactive, including texting questions from your mobile device After the panel , all our presenters and panelists will be available in our demo area to talk 1:1 Before we get into the meat of the program I’d like to share a little bit about the Digital Immersion Lab and the spirit behind these events.
  • My name is Holly Brown and I’m the Managing Director here in the Seattle office. I’m also a founding member of Populist, an IPG team from a variety of agencies that make up a social marketing think tank. I come to MRM with a 20 something year career as a technology marketer and as a purveyer of technology to do marketingI don’t want to do a commercial for MRM per se, but I do want to underscore why we’re here today and why the DIL is an important part of what we deliver and the spirit that we bring our client and partner relationships.
  • This complexity is no more evident than when you look at this eye chart, which is a “list” of MRM Service offerings. Yes – this slide is a bit of a commercial, but more to the point, Agency partners provide a wealth of technology solutions in service of marketing. It’s nearly impossible for any one person, or any single discipline to know everything there is to know. I often say that our two most important jobs are to be architects and general contractors.
  • And we have to always keep our eyes on the prize. That’s to say that consumers engage in our clients brands when they find the experience useful!So the spirit of the DIL is essentially to provide Utility to our clients, colleagues and partners
  • With all this in mind I want to leave you with this, that the spirit of the DIL is to 1) share knowledge so the that the latest greatest tools and technologies are accessible, and discoverable.2) partner with experts like the folks we have here on the panel today and to partner with our clients to make sense of it all.3) To invite you to our table where we hope you’ll learn, share, question and ideate. At the table today, we’re serving mobile market overview, case studies and panel discussion. We hope you find it useful!
  • Now I’d like to turn the program over to Michael Weaver our VP of development and Mobile Discipline Lead. MW brings a wealth of experience and passion to this space. I won’t say he’s been around since dirt, especially since yesterday was his birthday. But he has been around Mobile since mobile was around He built the first advertsing exchange and network for mobile advertising and has been advising and buidlign companies in the mobile marketing space for most of his career.I put you in very good hands as we jump in. Michael??
  • Transcript

    • 1. Presence in MotionIntegrating Mobile Marketing into Your 360° Campaigns
    • 2. Welcome
      Holly Brown
      SVP, Managing Director, MRM Seattle
    • 3. MRM Worldwide
      Advertising & Direct, Online & Mobile Marketing
      Web Development,
      Emerging & Social Media
      Strategy & Planning
      Measurement & Analytics
      Customer & Partner
      Relationship Management
      Database Management
      Search Engine Marketing & Optimization
      Technology Architecture
      & Development
      Interactive Design
      Motion Graphics &
      Flash Development
      Application & Client-side Development
      Content Management Solutions
    • 4. Unifying Approach to Marketing in an Evolving Digital World
      Help our clients build their brands by creating and distributing measured programs and platforms that attract, engage, acquire, and retain customers by building Customer UtilityTM
    • 5. Digital Immersion Lab
      To share knowledge
      To partner
      To invite you to our table
    • 6. The Mobile Landscape
      Michael Weaver
      VP, Business Development, Mobile Discipline Lead,
      MRM Seattle
    • 7. There is a huge, engaged, and passionate audience
      Over 1 trillion text messages in 2008
      Estimated 50 million active mobile web users
      1 in 5 people would rather lose their wedding ring than cell phone
      60% of all people take their mobile phone with them to bed
    • 8. So where are the ads?
      Three things that have traditionally “held up” mobile advertising
      1. Audience and consistency of platform
      2. Speed of network and experience
      3. Advertising technology, e.g., targeting, measurement, scalabilty
    • 9. The markets are coming together
      Carriers have adopted advertising and embraced partners
      Organizations like the MMA and the IAB have instituted standards
      Advertisers are driving the market as they see the most engaged and targetable audience is in mobile
      Data and metrics have allowed mobile to become an integral part of 360° marketing plans
    • 10. The advertising technology is here
      Ad networks exist now for Search, Remnant, Premium, and Text advertising with global reach and targeting
      Handset detection and cross carrier platforms are commonplace
      Location-based and GPS technology has allowed for innovative solutions
      Integration into major ad serving and data measurement portals is readily available
      Carriers are enthusiastically embracing creative advertising experiences
    • 11. There is a lot to consider:It is still easy to get lost in the technology and complexity of the market
    • 12. 12
    • 13. Case Studies
      Niles X. Lichtenstein
      Director, Mobile Strategy and Integration,
      Ansible Mobile
    • 14. 14
      MRM-Ansible Drive Engagement for Dynamics
      Mobile Alignment and Strategy
      Media Planning and Buying
      Mobile Creative and Production
      Optimization, Tracking & Reporting
      • Researched BDM and ITDM Mobile Behavior
      • 15. Explored targeting layers to drive trial and engagement w/ Dynamics
      • 16. Extended online assets, rethought for the small screen
      • 17. Executed a buy that aligned with online, SMS sponsorship, business widgets, and search
      • 18. Included efficiency elements to exceed digital goals
      • 19. 10x higher Click-through rate than online
      • 20. Cost efficient awareness driver
      • 21. High conversion rate for e-mail and video end actions
      • 22. Because of lengthy registration process – not the best registration tool
      • 23. Utilized video, e-mail capture and case study content to drive engagement
    • 15
      Timberland Lifestyle iPhone Application
      Mobile Alignment and Strategy
      Media Planning and Buying
      Mobile Creative and Production
      Optimization, Tracking & Reporting
      • Developed comprehensive Media strategy
      • 24. Advised on cutting edge app and game analytics
      • 25. Let media agency plan and buy
      • 26. Researched iPhone behavior across key segments and geos
      • 27. Developed mobile iPhone App and Game strategy to position Timberland as life style brand
      • 28. Designed and built RIM app to extend audience reach
      • 29. Developed mobile site to capture non-iPhone Audience
      • 30. Created Dynamic mobile game to increase brand presence and complement app
      • 31. Advised on retail cross promotion (in store)
      • 32. Developed reporting metrics and cadence
    • BabyCenter: Translating Online to Mobile
      • Strengthen brand awareness and increase customer engagement
      • US Hispanics & US English
      • 33. Pregnancy Tips, Mobile Website, Mobile Club
      • 34. Pregnancy Content via IVR
      • Alerts average growth per month: 263%
      • 35. 94% of users that register for alerts remain
      • 36. 93% of users that joined the mobile club remain registered
      • 37. 9% of web users register for mobile alerts
      Mobile and Traditional Media
    • 38. Mobile at Events
      • Verizon Green Screens
      Office Real Life Tools Stadium
      • EventGuides(Concept Only)
    • 39. Mobile in Steps
      Understand how your audience is using their mobile device
      Consider your business objectives and big campaign ideas
      Evaluate your online, creative assets and media mix
      Understand metrics and tracking
      • Integrate into online IA for increased global scalability
      • 40. Fully integrate mobile into CRM strategy
      • 41. Fully integrate analytics and tracking systems
      • 42. Create mobile applications/ utilities for partners & internally
      • Create branded utilities and applications for specific phones
      • 43. Integrate across multiple media channels
      • 44. Create unique product sites
      • 45. Make all engagement experiences mobile i.e. events
      • 46. Make mobile an official budget item
      • Extend one campaign across one or two media spaces (e.g. print and mobile)
      • 47. Establish basic Mobile Web Presence for vanity URLs
      • 48. Develop one mobile tool or utility (SMS or Mobile web based)
      • 49. Initiate tracking/ analytics process
    • 50. Panel Discussion
      Michael Weaver, MRM Seattle
      Niles X. Lichtenstein, Ansible Mobile
      Mark Donovan, SVP, Mobile + Sr. Analyst, comScore
      Annette Tonti, CEO, MoFuse
      Brian Morel, Strategic Account Director, Yahoo! Mobile
      Ken Willner, CEO, Zumobi
    • 51. comScore Mobile
      Leader in digital marketing intelligence
      Founded in 1999—publicly traded since 2007 (SCOR)
      HQ in Reston, VA with offices in NY, Chicago, SF, Seattle, London, Tokyo
      A List clients in advertising, CPG, pharma, finance, telecoms, and media
      In 2008 acquired M:Metrics, the leading mobile metrics firm
      Founded in 2004—offices in Seattle, SF, London, coverage of US and EU5
      Mobile products built on five years of continuous research
      Monthly reporting linking technology, demographics, and mobile usage and behavior
      Continuous behavioral measurement of metered panel of smartphone owners
      Daily tracking of mobile display advertising
      Measuring mobile ad effectiveness
      Mobile media planning tool available September ’09
      Unique ability to link mobile + online behavior for cross-media profiling
      We help clients understand—and profit—from the mobile revolution.
      Who is this guy?What . . .. . . interests him?. . . does he buy?
      . . . does he do with his phone?
    • 52. Annette Tonti, CEO
      MoFuse takes the time and expense out of building and managing mobile web sites.
      Platforms: MoFuse for Business™ and MoFuse for Blogs™
      Network: 28,000+ mobile sites
      Key Clients: Marchex, Mashable, Seattle Sounders, The State Department, Newser, Xconomy, Atlanta Falcons
    • 53. Yahoo! Mobile Overview
      » Yahoo! is a leading Web brand on the mobile Internet in the U.S. reaching more than 35 million unique users per month*
      » More than 80 operator partnerships globally
      » OEM Partnerships (Apple, RIM, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericcson)
      » Display advertising available across 23 territories
      » Search marketing live in the U.S., UK, Germany and Japan
      Brian Morel
      Strategic Account Director, Mobile
      *Source: M:Metrics / comScore, June 2009
    • 54. Zumobi is a market leader in the publishing of highly immersive, branded mobile applications for next generation Smartphones (aka “Superphones” such as iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, next-gen BlackBerry, etc.).
      Zumobi’s portfolio of mobile applications comprises The Zumobi Network, which facilitates user discovery and provides innovative ways for top-tier brands and media properties to connect and engage with their consumers.
      The Zumobi Network is monetized through in-application advertising and sponsorship, branded content, and premium downloads.
      Additionally, Zumobi captures and reports a very granular set of metrics on traffic, engagement, and user behavior across the Network.
      Zumobi has published mobile applications and developed brand sponsorships in partnership with leading consumer and media brands including American Idol, Pepsi, The Today Show, Best Buy, REI, Xbox 360,, adidas, The Sporting News, Lenovo, and Intel, among others.
    • 55. Contact Us
      Keep the conversation going! #MRMSeattle
      MRM Worldwide
      Holly Brown | | Twitter: hollyabrown
      Michael Weaver | | Twitter: michaelweaver
      Brian Ladyman | | Twitter: brianladyman
      Panel Discussion
      Niles X. Lichtenstein, Ansible Mobile|
      Mark Donovan, comScore |
      Annette Tonti, MoFuse |
      Brian Morel, Yahoo! Mobile |
      Ken Willner, Zumobi |
      MRM Seattle