Tülükabak - In Balikesir City Uncle Ece AMCA And Little Can AKIN
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Tülükabak - In Balikesir City Uncle Ece AMCA And Little Can AKIN



Tülükabak - In Balikesir City Uncle Ece AMCA And Little Can AKIN

Tülükabak - In Balikesir City Uncle Ece AMCA And Little Can AKIN



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Tülükabak - In Balikesir City Uncle Ece AMCA And Little Can AKIN Presentation Transcript

  • 2.    Balıkesir is a province in midwestern Turkey, having coastlines on both the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean. Its adjacent provinces are Çanakkale to the west, İzmir to the southwest, Manisa to the south, Kütahya to the southeast, and Bursa to the east. The provincial capital is Balıkesir City. Most part of the province remained in Marmara Region except southern parts of Bigadiç Edremit, Kepsut, İvrindi, Savaştepe and Sındırgı districts and ones of Ayvalık, Burhaniye, Dursunbey, Gömeç and Havran, who are bounded to Aegean Region. Kaz Dağı -pronounced, known also as Mount Ida, is located in this province.                     Balıkesir province is famous for its olives, thermal spas, and clean beaches, making it an important tourist destination. The province also hosts immense deposits of kaolinite, with some open-pit mines. The Kaz mountains are also threatened with the expansion of gold mining using cyanide which puts the villagers' lives, the agricultural economy, and tourism at risk.                      Balıkesir is home to a number of natural attractions, including Kuş Cenneti -bird sanctuary- National Park; the bays of Erdek, Bandırma, and Edremit; Ayvalık's coastal beaches; Şeytan Sofrası, Marmara Islands, Alibey -Cunda- Island; the Erdek and Gönen open-air museums; Pamukçu-Bengi, Balya Dağ, Hisar, Hisarköy -Asarköy-, Karağaç -Uyuz-, Kepekler hot springs, Dutluca Village mineral springs, and Zeytinli Ada hot springs and mineral water springs.                      Among the cultural attractions of Balıkesir are the ruins of Cyzicus and Saraylar on the Sea of Marmara, Deasklaion -near Bandırma/Ereğli-, and Antandrus -near Edremit/Altınoluk-; Balıkesir's Yıldırım Mosque -Eski Cami-, the Zağanos Pasha mosque complex, Clocked Church Mosque and quantity of Ottoman vernacular architecture at Ayvalık, and Alibey Mosque -Çınarlı Cami-
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  • 4.   We used to live in the houses provided by the government near the blocks of heavy industry with my family. The blocks of heavy industry were four kilometres from my school outside of Balikesir. Because my father was a government officer; we were poor. Along my primary education my school uniform and stationary were assured by the unity of school and family. When I was at the age of six I had to go to school by myself. In the evenings I used to wind the clock and get up early in the mornings. In summers the way of school was bright, however when fall and winter came the way of school was very dark and I was frightened of this long walking very much.                   Everywhere was silent and as if dark shadows seemed walking in front of me. It also seemed something would come and take me away. I used to walk of a run.
  • 5.   I spend a merry time at the part of school way which takes two kilometres from home. Firstly iron workers whom I named 'Hairy Squashes' of the factory, later on the Slauster House of Balikesir and Mending Factory of Military. The  best memories of my child hood which was full harshness took place in this road. At the beginning I met with the hairy squashes who held up their hands and made me frightened by saying 'booo!' as a lion. I used to be very frightened at every time. I named them'hairy squashes because they were dark black and made me frightened. Every morning after they had lighted the big oven and made it pretty red-hot, they took away the long iron sticks away from the oven and changed them into building irons which they're 10 metres long. While they're performing this operation all of their body turned to black and their colour influenced me magicly, so when I saw them I was triying to run away.
  • 6. At every time they asked me a maths problem. because of my appearance I reminded them an indian boy. They named me 'White Eagle' One of them used to hold me and asked: 'Tell me White Eagle, how much does it coast five eggs, five ones coast five kurush?                  After he had put 'opposite 'V' on both sides of my nose and said:                  'Go to your school now, hurry up, solve this problem urg learn and come back' He used to put the paper which they've already prepared the maths question in my pocket and let me free.
  • 7.   When I was at third class one of them told me that they have prepared problems for me for years. I was effected very deeply and felt indepted to them because of their interest and triying to teach some thing to me. After I had gone to school with the black of smoke and lined marks on my face, I tried to clean my face with my teacher's paper handkerchiefs. I was angry with hairy squashes and thought when will they ask me an easy question whom I'm able to solve. My teacher used to laugh at me every time:                'Couldn't you solve the problem Can? come let's solve it together'said
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  • 31. Mr Can AKIN Poet And Photographer [email_address] [email_address] Türkçe - TIKLAYINIZ BALIKESIR DE GAZI ECE AMCA VE BEN – OYKU KITABI - CAN AKIN http://www. turklider .org/TR/ EditModule . aspx ? tabid =1038& mid =8373& ItemID =3066& ItemIndex =101 English Story-Written by: Can AKIN Translated by: Nilufer Dursun In Balikesir City Uncle Ece And Little Can http://www. turklider .org/TR/ EditModule . aspx ? tabid =1038& mid =8373& ItemID =8866