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  • How much they need to save through retirement : each are a million dollars $40000 is what you earn from interest when you have the money in the bank. A million dollars is still not enough to promote income.
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  • 20 year population growth projections – stat nz
  • Property investment seminar 11.09.12 slide share version

    1. 1. “I would suggest Matt Powerand the MPower Group toany other investors who areeither at the beginning, orlike myself, a bit furtheralong the investment trail.” “The whole experience (particularly the person to person contact) was very enjoyable. Yours sincerely, Peter Lucock Accountant. Wellington.”
    2. 2. “In all matters Matthew Powerhas been attentive to our needsand questions and has providedthe services we have requested…” “ Matt gave us an honest up front explanation of what was involved and the likely advantages and pitfalls we could encounter. For“The whole experience was very that we are much appreciative.”enjoyable. Twelve monthson, nothing has changed and wewouldnt want it to.” “We have found Matthew Power to be honest and diligent and to be knowledgeable in the investment property space.”
    3. 3. TRAP
    4. 4. Problem is. It does not work!
    5. 5. Most Kiwis haveinsufficientincome, need tosell assets andgenerally aredependant onthe state inretirement.Welcome to theKiwi Savings Trap!
    6. 6.
    7. 7. $40,000
    8. 8. • The reality is that even if you save $20,000 a year on annual compounding interest on a return of say 6% pa for 20 years, you will end up with approximately $700,000 in the bank. Allowing for 3% per annum inflation, that amounts to approximately $400,000 in today’s terms. This amount is then capable of generating-an income of $16,800 per annum after tax, assuming a 6% gross return. YES. Save $400 a week now and the next 20 years, and secure an income of approximately $400 a week for retirement. The purchasing power of this diminishing over time.
    9. 9. Have YOUgot enough SAVED?
    10. 10. Boom Property CycleRecovery Bust
    11. 11. Study the StatisticsAccess and AnalyzeCheckApplyDevelop RelationshipsInvest time
    12. 12. “Mum and Dad are doing theright things by going into housing.We have a wonderful system inNew Zealand.”
    13. 13. “Mum and Dad can do no betterthan to buy in Auckland. MaybeWellington. Why would anyonewant to buy in small town NewZealand.” -nzproperty investor. Aug 2011
    14. 14. “Throughout all of these dramaticeconomic and social upheavals of hismany years in New Zealand, one thinghas remaied constant. The need forrental housing…” - nzproperty investor.
    15. 15. 2012 is a different time to 1992 and 2002. The fundamentaldrivers that will take place over the coming decade are verydifferent to what we have seen before.
    16. 16. We have a fixed timeline towork with. The things that arehappening in that time period are actually quite definable and knowable. This is our window of opportunity.
    17. 17. “One of the greatest influences on housingmarkets including house prices is Population changeTherefore the best starting point for someonecontemplating which parts of New Zealand havegreater potential for capital gains than others, itis hard to go beyond population projections.” -Tony Alexander. BNZ Chief Economist. Real Estate Overview. 3oth of May 2011. Statistics New Zealand.
    18. 18. Local Property Investment Areas25.00%20.00% 19.10%15.00%10.00% 5.50% 5.00% 1.50% 0.00% Wellington city Porirua City Lower Hutt City Masterton District-5.00% -3.80% Source : Statistics New Zealand
    19. 19. National Property Investment Areas60.00%50.00%40.00%30.00%20.00%10.00% 0.00% Manakau City Rodney District Tauranga City Waimakariri Franklin District Waitakere City Auckland City Papakura Oueenstown - Selwyn District District District Lakes District Source : Statistics New Zealand