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We measured some of 2013’s biggest digital booms through the lenses of top research by iMedia, Adweek, and Forbes. Curious? Settle in and see how your brand stacked up in 2013! Then, take a look at some of our suggestions to discover how you can make 2014 your most active digital marketing year yet.

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How did you stack up - Digital Trends

  1. 1. How did you stack up AGAINST THE DIGITAL TRENDS OF 2013?
  2. 2. How Digital is Your Brand? Last month we shared our expectations for the top 14 Digital Trends in 2014. We predicted mobile expansion, growth in digital and social commerce, and an increasingly smart world around us. In short, a growing world that continually pushes the limits of digital and social. That’s all fine and well, but talk is cheap. How did your brand measure up against the hot trends of 2013? We measured some of 2013’s biggest digital booms through the lenses of top research by iMedia, Adweek, and Forbes. Curious? Settle in and see how your brand stacked up in 2013! Then, take a look at some of our suggestions to discover how you can make 2014 your most active digital marketing year yet. 2  
  3. 3. Accelerated Move Towards Digital Spend Today, 25% of marketing is digital. Brands are spending huge quantities of their advertising budgets on online channels, which means that digital advertisers must continually up the ante to ensure conversion activity. In order to stay on top, digital marketers must consider how to evolve and elevate their advertising to ensure that customers make the leap toward engagement and online purchase. Fortunately, digital is here to stay, as mobile and digital shopping increasingly trend upward. How did your brand handle its marketing budget this year? If you’re on trend and spending 25% or more in digital, give yourself a point and a pat on the back. For 15-25%, sit tight, and for less than 15%, please join us in the 21st century and use your abacus to remove a point. -1 I currently spend less than 15% on digital marketing. 0 I spend 15-25% on digital marketing. +1 SOURCE: I spend 25%+ on digital marketing. 3  
  4. 4. An Increase in Mobile Web Traffic Companies have been presented with a unique growth opportunity. Their customers are ALWAYS connected. Selling hours are no longer 8-5, in-store only. People love their smartphones, and they’re never far from them. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that mobile is nearly half of all website traffic. The real question is, if you don’t have a mobile site, what are you waiting for? -1 I still do not have any form of a mobile website. 0 I have a mobile website or mobile app for my brand. +1 I have created a fully responsive web experience and mobile-first strategy. SOURCE: 4
  5. 5. Social as a Paid Channel Before 2013, advertisers typically ignored social as a paid option and focused on the greatness that was a “free” marketing channel. However 2013 changed that. Most social platforms had investors with high expectations for their return on investment and in return launched a variety of paid social tactics – largely making paid a mandatory aspect of any social media campaign. How did you evolve your social strategy in 2013? -1 Paid media on social channels is an afterthought. 0 Planning incorporates all elements of Paid, Owned, Shared, and Earned Media. +1 SOURCE: Innovating, testing, and learning with at least one new paid social media opportunity. 5
  6. 6. Think Like a Publisher Ironically, the hottest trend in the ad world right now is trying to distance itself from being called advertising. Great content marketing, content that both promotes your brand and is interesting in its own right, is taking the advertising world by storm. Experts are recommending thinking about creating this content from a journalistic perspective, not from the perspective of an advertiser. Brands across the board have become content marketers this year, and their aim is to think like publishers and journalists. By creating conversation based on interesting and engaging content that references brands, but does not read as an advertising push, brands are achieving huge success. Think about your brand. Are you actually creating content or just filling up space on the internet? Give yourself a point for the former and take one away for the latter. -1 The only content I create is my print ad, my banner units, and my social media posts. 0 I have a content strategy that includes a robust SEO keyword strategy. +1 SOURCE: I have content partnerships and a content distribution plan that incorporates ambassadors who help me cocreate. 6
  7. 7. A Move to Integrated Marketing Campaigns With the surge of widespread adoption of content marketing, paid social, and mobile implementations, developing a marketing strategy that integrates them seamlessly is key. Because 2013 marked such a vast improvement and focus on these areas, leveraging a cross-channel digital campaign is even more important in order to emerge on top of competitors. Integrated campaigns typically result in a cost effective, unified strategy. -1 My brand has silos internally and externally that make it difficult to select truly integrated ideas. 0 I haven't had any luck but we keep trying to figure out how to get our teams collaborating. +1 SOURCE: We have a clear understanding of our brand and our brand's purpose which makes inter-agency collaboration more effective. 7
  8. 8. So… Drumroll… How Did You Do? (-5 through -2): With digital and mobile marketing at an all-time high, now is a perfect time to boost your current marketing strategy. In the last year alone, MEplusYOU has helped brands like Verizon, Torani, and World Vision develop social and content strategies, move visitors from experience to conversion, and build integrated marketing campaigns. Some digital trends your brand might benefit from focusing on include developing an understanding of social shopping and taking a look into a repurposed e-mail strategy. If you feel that your brand could use a boost learning how to navigate the complicated waters of digital marketing, give MEplusYOU a call. (-2 through +2): Clearly your brand is aware of the churning trends in digital, however, MEplusYOU can help you push through the clutter to implement a cohesive, integrated campaign that touches on all the hotspots proven in 2013 and predicted for 2014. Seemingly minor changes in strategy— including focused efforts on mobile and content curation—can cause dramatic results. We have experience helping brands like Rescue Remedy, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt emerge as leaders in their fields through their digital strategy and campaigns. We would love to set up a conversation to see where your brand is sitting now and how we can help you elevate things to the next level. (+3 through +5): Congratulations! Your brand is well on its way to a healthy, successful marketing strategy for 2014. Throughout 2013, MEplusYOU helped many big name brands find ways to authentically connect with their fans. Last year, MEplusYOU helped to reinvigorate Louisville Slugger, including relaunching the iconic brand for the first time in 129 years and embarking on a movement we call Leave Your Mark. This movement encourages players and fans alike to leave their mark on the sport and tell the world about it. Strategizing on how to market in the new channel of the internet of things, and how to promote (RE)Commerce could be an excellent way to differentiate your brand while also providing a serious valueadd to your customers. We love helping brands continue to make meaningful and authentic impacts and we’d love to chat about how MEplusYOU can help achieve all of your 2014 marketing goals. 8  
  9. 9. Contact Us: E: C: 214-224-1000 9