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  1. 1. Subject: GS 2Material:Dr Nizam: social context of health + social determinants of health + Dental behavior in social context ofOH needs ( 3 lecs total )Community dentistry + oral health in arab population + quality of life and oral health + one lec ( I don’tknow the name of the lecture)Total Marks: 15 %Type of questions: McqsNotes: the total number of lectures is 7 , 3 given by Dr nizam and 4 given by Dr Manal , dr manal isn’tsure which lec didn’t she post so she will check the blackboard and post it very soon
  2. 2. Subject: DHS2Material: Embryology 1 + 2&3 embryology+ 4&5 embryology + neck development+ ear development +odontogenesisTotal Marks- 10%Type of questions: all typesNotes: concentrate on labeling and drawings specially in the odontogenesis
  3. 3. Subject: HB 2Material: Physiology lectures by Dr. Mohamed Magdi ( CVS overview, Cardiac Conduction, ECG, CardiacOutput , Capillaries + Venous Return, Regulation of APB, Physiology of RBC)Anatomy lectures by Dr. Haider (Intro. To Anatomy, Thorax, Heart, Thorax- Lungs, Pleurae &Mediastinum) , Dr. Mohamed Eladl (Thorax- Abdomen), Dr Emad (Upper Limb), Dr Akram (Lower Limb)Total marks -10 %Type of questions: Mcqs for anatomy +Mcqs for physiologyNotes: for the anatomy, Me and noora went to Dr.Mohd , Dr.Emad and Dr.Akram to their offices andthey said that 100% it will be mcqs and that the lecture is more than enough, no need for a book andeven the details they used to mention during explaining is for our own knowledgeregarding HB midterm after the eid , as you know the anatomy skull isnt included only what we tookwith doctor haider, mohd, emad and akram and for physiology the first 7 lecs given by dr magdifor anatomy all the questions will be mcqs , to make sure i sent and email to all the doctors and here aretheir repliesDr. Haidersalam rawan. All will be mcqa. Good luck. HaidarDr. MohdDear Rawan,
  4. 4. Thanks for your email. Don’t worry, the questions will be only MCQ questions and they will be very easyquestions to the students’ who attended the class.Thanks and good luck,Dr MohamedDr.EmadDear Rawan,,The questions will be only MCQs..As for you as dental students, I think the lecture is enough…Thanks,Thanking youDr. Emad Nosair, PhDDr.AkramDear Rawan,The midterm questions of the lower limb lecture will be MCQs.For this topic in particular, the lecture is enough.Good luck.Dr.Akram Jaffarso no need to worry the questions will be mcqs for sure inshallah and i wont delete the emails just incase any of them changed his mind without informing us :pGood luck ♥
  5. 5. Subject: DCP2Material: Dr. Hatem (steps of cavity preparation + principles of cavity preparation + amalgam part 1 +amalgam part 2 + composite except the last few slides (included till where we reached) + all tutorialsexcept the last two given by Dr.HatemDr.Hasanen ( cavity classification and nomenclature)Dr.Abeer: ( Classification of gingival + pathogenesis of gingival disease + defence mechanism of gingivapart 1 + defence mechanism of gingival part 2 + acute gingival infections)Total mark : the practical assessment that we took during the labs + all the quizzes whether written orpractical + this midterm will be worth 15% so he will check and give the biggest portion to the parts wedo good inType of questions: for doctor abeer (perio) all types whether mcqs, fill in the blanks , essay questions +for operative only MCQsNotes: I tried my best in decreasing the amount with dr hatem and I used all my speaking skills! Herefused cancelling the composite lecture instead he said only the slides I was able to explain will beincluded and he agreed on cancelling some of the tutorials ( the last two given by him) he said this is themaximum I can help with