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Mentor Our Kids Presentation

  1. 1. By Jerry Cahn, PhD, JD January 25, 2013© Presentation Excellence Group, 2013
  2. 2. Why Care about Student Mentoring? Youth unemployment (<25 years) is 16% in the US (2012) Associated Press reported that 50%+ of college students do not find jobs matching their skills level (2011) McKinsey found that few young people know how to get the right education for a decent job or launch themselves on a viable career path (2012) Areas with highest youth under-employment have greater crime rates and other social problems
  3. 3. Mentoring Helps Young People GrowMany people credit internships for career success, including:Carl Bernstein - The Washington StarSteven Bochco - Universal StudiosBill Gates - Congressional PageSpike Lee - Columbia PicturesRob Reiner - Regional Theater on the East CoastDonald Trump - Trump Corporation (construction)Mike Wallace - Brookline CitizenOprah Winfrey - WTVF-TV (Nashville, TN) You can make a difference!
  4. 4. AgendaWhat is Mentoring?Who are the Players & how do they benefit?How does a Mentoring Program work?Next Step: Make a commitment
  5. 5. What is Mentoring?A method of teaching and learning in which: An experienced individual teaches and trains Someone with less knowledge in a given areaEach party is accountable to the other: Mentor – keep process on track Mentee – commit to learn Mentor Mentee
  6. 6. Common Mentoring Focii Skills – How to write better, use new software, make effective presentations Subject-matter – Learn more about accounting, sales, research, marketing, engineering, law, politics, etc. Work-based habits – Time-management, interpersonal relationships, communications, delegation Organizational issues – Company brand value, strategy, structure, culture, authority, accountability Career path – Speaking-up, take initiative, breadth & depth of professional development
  7. 7. The 4 Parties to aMentoring Program
  8. 8. Who’s Involved with Mentoring Programs?  Company Sponsors – CEO, HR, etc.  Mentors – executives who supervise interns  School Career Advisors – who seek qualified placements & help match students  Students – who want experience
  9. 9. Company / Sponsor Benefits Recruitment - Identifies new, talented employees Gain young people’s perspectives & expertise (e.g., social media) Increase productivity as they work on special projects Demonstrates growth commitment to present and future employees Improves staff’s skills & knowledge cost-effectively Promote corporate branding Good Citizenship – Give back to the community
  10. 10. What Does a Mentor Do? Serves as expert, coach, counselor, tutor & guide Is willing, able and available to share information Develops a teaching/learning strategy Executes the program Adjusts it to optimize learning
  11. 11. Mentor BenefitsMentors grow personally & professionally by: Being a teacher Improving his/her own work-related skills Clarifying his/her own strengths/weaknesses and executive career path Contributing more to the company Being recognized by the organization
  12. 12. What is the Mentee/Intern Role? Wants more experience, knowledge and skills Willing to be a trainee/apprentice; ask questions! Explore his/her strengths, weaknesses and situational issues as they affect jobs/careers Do what it takes to accomplish agreed-upon goals Use experience to make better career decisions
  13. 13. Mentee / Intern Benefits Appreciate your company’s Brand Value Practice using “academic” insights and skills Acquire “work” skills (e.g., planning, time management, delegation, accountability and teamwork) Develop interpersonal communication skills (e.g. presentations, reports, memos) Understand how companies operate (e.g., strategy, structure, politics, processes, etc.) Identify key truths about careers
  14. 14. School Career Advisor Benefits Increases number and range of student placements Improves quality of student mentoring experiences for students and sponsors Creates a dialogue between corporate and academic worlds, leading to improved learning opportunities
  15. 15. Launching yourMentoring Program
  16. 16. Design the Program Identify a Program Coordinator to supervise the Mentors and work with the schools (Super-Mentor) Set program goals and how to measure success Determine program scope:  Number Mentors & Interns Goals Should be SMART  Qualifications of Mentors S Specific  School level of interns M Measurable A Achievable  Disciplines represented R Realistic (e.g., accounting, finance, writing, T Time-defined sales, marketing, nursing…)
  17. 17. Super-Mentor ResponsibilitiesCoaches Mentors to optimize the impact for everyone Help Mentors develop a “teaching” style and “curriculum” for the student internship. Consult with Mentors over inevitable challenges Facilitate Mentors’ coaching by offering management and leadership tools Provide Mentors with Executive Development tools to advance their careers
  18. 18. Common Areas for Mentee Coaching Time management Project planning and organizational tools Interpersonal communication skills How to delegating and supervise effectively Overcome speaking fears & improve presentations skills Acquiring technical skills (e.g., software, languages) Being an effective team member
  19. 19. Common Executive Development Issues Leadership skills (e.g., when to use supportive, directive, participative strategies) Strategic business development skills Encouraging creativity, innovation and teamwork Adopting an executive presence (e.g., authenticity, integrity and branding) Presentation & networking skills
  20. 20. Coordinating Responsibilities Identify types of interns the Mentors would like. Work with School Career Advisors to maximize quality and quantity of students Write descriptions of internships Set parameters (e.g., hours & pay) Provide feedback to school Evaluate to improve program Provide HR with full review
  21. 21. With Mentoring Programs Everyone Wins! So Let’s Get Started
  22. 22. Be a Mentoring Hero!
  23. 23. Thank You ! Mentor Our Kids is a member of thePresentation Excellence Group which provides strategic business development and leadership training, coaching and consulting services For further details, contact 800-493-1334 or