Stop look listen social media monitoring. Wy social media monitoring matters in B2B marketing.


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This White Paper addresses the principals, methods and benefits of monitoring social media. It tells you all you need to know about:
- why monitoring social media helps B2B marketers
- what you target audience wants
- where they are in the buying cycle
- How to tell who is influencing the market

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Stop look listen social media monitoring. Wy social media monitoring matters in B2B marketing.

  1. 1. Stop, Look and Listen. Why social media monitoring matters in B2B marketing T O PS
  2. 2. An essential guide to discovering insight that could transform your strategies and tactics. With over 50 million LinkedIn1 members, 75 million 86% of B2B organisations used social media in 20104, people on Twitter2 and almost 600 million Facebook3 but how many really know what was achieved with users, B2B marketers can be 100% certain of one their spend? This White Paper shows you how to find thing about social media: somebody, somewhere is out – and how you can use the insight to improve talking to your customers and prospects about your the return for your business. brand and what you sell. How do you break through the billions of conversations to find the ones that really matter? And how does this help you develop ‘closed loop’, penetrative marketing? This White Paper addresses the principles, methods and benefits of monitoring social media. It tells you all you need to know about: in social media 1 2 3 4 | Marketing Options International Marketing Options International | 3
  3. 3. “Why social media monitoringhelps marketersIf you are using social media for marketing, you needmonitoring services to tell you what is going on in and your industry. Typically providing an analysis over a 1 - 3 month period, the Listening Report offers context and an understanding of what is making your market move at the social level. The findings can then be fed directly into your marketing strategy. You can use a Listening Report to help define your objectives in social media marketing, because it identifies the main themes and business issues that your customers are focused on at a given moment. Listening  Reports  give   “ you  a  comprehensive  and   actionable  snapshot  of  all   conversations  concerning   your  customers,  your  brand  the market. But it is vital that Listening doesn’t end at the planning stage: you need to monitor continually if you are to and  your  industry.    Social media monitoring – often called ‘Listening’ – filters understand and respond to changes in your market,and analyses posts of every kind from right across indicated by trends within the conversation media, according to keyword-style criteria thatare customised to your brand, industry, competitors Once you have established the context of your marketand so on. Listening is carried out using automated and what it is actually talking about, the next hurdletools to interrogate data gathered and warehoused for B2B marketers is to engage effectively in the rightby the software providers. There are many of these social groups. In other words, you need tactics to findtools available, mostly as free utilities or SaaS the right conversations and get involved in them as(Software as a Service). You can also outsource the quickly as possible – so that you can engage withtask to a marketing or PR agency, who typically use the participants as successfully as possible.a combination of different tools and charge research A programme of continuous listening – or ‘Buzzand analytics fees. Monitoring’ – facilitates this on an ongoing basis. ItListening provides detailed, specific and above all gives you a detailed real-time snapshot of the shapecurrent market research information that you can use of the social market relevant to you – even pulling outto accurately steer strategy planning and engagement specific individual conversations, bloggers and sites.tactics. The way to get the most benefit is to carry out Buzz Monitoring takes place continuously, and reportsmonitoring both as part of your planning and throughout are typically provided on a daily or weekly basis, oryour social media marketing engagement activity. even as real-time alerts if appropriate.At the planning stage, a ‘Listening Report’ gives The beauty of Buzz Monitoring is that it offersyou a comprehensive and actionable snapshot of all bespoke insight and guidance on how best to joinconversations concerning your customers, your brand the conversations and turn them into tangible and strategised marketing activity.4 | Marketing Options International Marketing Options International | 5
  4. 4. What your target audience are Where they are intalking about the buying cycle For example, last year a high-tech company was focused Listening helps you figure out where prospects Taking the earlier example of the software company: on initially positive market response to an increased are in the buying cycle. Knowing this will improve having identified price as the subject of discussion service offering around a key product. But while a both the targeting and effectiveness of your social among customers, Buzz Monitoring highlighted Listening Report supported this positive feedback, it media marketing. the real issue to be the complexity of multi-licence also revealed an underlying negative issue about the pricing. In this instance, Listening helped the companyDiscovering the answers to these questions througha programme of Listening will help you to understandexactly what your audience is looking for. You canthen tailor not only your social media activity but also “ incremental cost of service licensing that went along with the enhanced offering. Understanding this meant that the company could tailor its messaging and adopt an You can do this by analysing conversations in different media – such as comments on a blog post, or tweets around a particular issue – and tailoring your content transform messaging from ‘objection-handling’ to ‘pre-sales support’ – delivered to the customer precisely where and when it was needed in the “ accordingly. This can help eliminate hours of valuable appropriate stance in its ongoing communications. buying cycle.other marketing campaigns. Listening will enable you time in preparing posts or other content intended forto make sure your content addresses real prioritiesand concerns for your customers and prospects –and so leads to enhanced marketing effectiveness. Listening  will  enable  you  to   make  sure  your  content  addresses   real  priorities  and  concerns. different stages of the buying cycle. For instance, many companies – focusing on lead generation – instinctively create marketing materials around the ‘initial consideration’ stage. But if Listening shows that prospects are already making product comparisons, the content will be off-target. are  in  the  buying  cycle.  Knowing  this  will   “ Social media monitoring enables you to: Buzz Monitoring then allows you to keep track of the customer’s next priority as they move forward in their buying journey. improve  both  targeting  and  effectiveness.  6 | Marketing Options International Marketing Options International | 7
  5. 5. “ “How to improve ‘fit’ with yourtarget audienceIt is unwise to assume that using correct industry A Listening Report can present such findings in a Aligning  your  language  terminology is enough to connect with your audience.Social media is conversational and people refer ‘conversation cloud’ to identify the common language being used. A ‘conversation cloud’ (see figure 1) is like with  the  market  makes  it  to everything in a fairly colloquial way or using a tag cloud in that it enables all the words being used more  likely  that  you  will  be  abbreviations and acronyms as short-hand. around your industry to be highlighted and weightedIt is highly beneficial for you to use the exact same according to their usage: the bigger the word appears discovered  in  searches.   in the cloud, the more it is being used.terminology and abbreviations for two reasons: You can then drill down into the terminology on an ongoing basis with Buzz Monitoring, to see with word-precision the current buzz around topics relevant to your business.In 2010, two well-established technology companieswere using two different phrases to describe identicalcompetitive services. Listening showed that, acrosssocial media, the term ‘data security’ was attractingten times the number of posts of the rival phrase ‘dataprotection’. Once this was revealed, the rival companywere able to change tack with the wording in theirown content – and by using the lingua franca of themarketplace, they were able to infiltrate search resultspreviously dominated by their competition and getmore traffic for themselves. Figure 1: Sample conversational cloud8 | Marketing Options International Marketing Options International | 9
  6. 6. “When your audience is mostactive in social mediaYou can target your social media engagementactivity more precisely if you know what times of day,weekdays, or when in the month your audience aremore active in social media themselves. It’s a questionof topicality and simply ‘being there’ at the right time.If you can ensure your messages reach people at themost relevant times, you will achieve much higher Fully utilising the capabilities of advanced Listening also allows you fully to understand exactly what triggers conversations at certain times. Social media monitoring provides you with ‘topic trends’ – a clear visual representation of peaks and dips in conversation, and when they occur. You can Social  media  monitoring  provides   you  with  ‘topic  trends’  –  a  clear   visual  representation  of  peaks  and   dips  in  conversation,  and  when   “brand impact. drill down into these peaks and dips to see actual postings – and so discover why they have occurred they  occur.  For instance, if you tweet about an upcoming event, (see figure 2).you will reach a lot more eyeballs during working It is very useful to ascertain whether there is ahours than you will late on Sunday evening. That significant rise in activity directly after company presstweet will get lost in the noise on Monday morning. releases, or whether the industry responds to specificThis is especially important if you are targeting product queries in forums – and any number of otherdifferent regions and time-zones. Topic trends for keyword(s): “Customer Growth & Retention” – (Total # of posts: 70) market-specific drivers for intensified social media 6A real-life example was another software company conversation, such as key blog posts or analystwho identified through Buzz Monitoring a lot of activity reports being issued. This is valuable information 3 5in their communities on Tuesdays. Previously believing that you can use to plan engagement tactics withthat conversations were being led by official company subtlety and precision. 4press releases and associated news articles, Listening 2 Number of Postsrevealed that it was in fact tied to the periodic releaseof security patches on what the market had come to call 3 1‘Patch Tuesday’. Knowing this meant the company could 2not only streamline engagement activities and eliminatewasted hours, but also tailor messaging and content 1appropriately to the context of the conversations. 0A full Listening Report will enable you to understand Aug 16 (12:00AM) Aug 18 (12:00AM) Aug 20 (12:00AM) Aug 22 (12:00AM) Aug 24 (12:00AM) Aug 26 (12:00AM) Aug 28 (12:00AM)the periodicity of conversation in the marketplace. Forums Mainstream News Video Comments Forum Replies MicroMedia Forums BlogsBuzz Monitoring can then help you keep on top ofnuances that may occur – so that you are always Aug 19th: Tweet: increase Your customer satisfaction with New ERP Software #erpready to engage at the right time, enabling more Aug 23rd: News: Research and Markets: Enhancing Loyalty Through Customer Centricity resource planning and often saving time Aug 26th: Facebook: BK Boreyko, CEO, has a strong reputation not only as a corporate guy but also as an outstanding field implementation. Vemma is a product driven company, with double digit growth and a high customer retention rate. Figure 2: Sample topic trends graph10 | Marketing Options International Marketing Options International | 11
  7. 7. “How to tell who is influencingthe marketListening and analysing social media activity also tellsyou who to monitor and engage with, by uncoveringwho your audiences consider to be the most influentialvoices. This often brings up some intriguing andvaluable insights – not least that, in social media,customers are highly likely to listen to and trusteach other’s experiences.Last year a leading UK professional services firmwanted to increase their presence and attract new It’s vital to monitor and engage with industry influencers whether they are promoters or detractors. Doing so gives you some means to proactively shape opinion in the market, rather than reacting to it. Advanced filtering capabilities are available that enable influencers to be prioritised according to network activity around them, such as their followers or subscribers, the comment-count on their blog articles, and a host of other criteria. This gives you qualitative data about who “ It’s  vital  to  monitor  and  engage   they  are  promoters  or  detractors.   Doing  so  gives  you  some  means   to  proactively  shape  opinion  in  the  leads through social media. The Listening Report is influencing the market, to help you devise highlythey conducted revealed a referral from the popular effective engagement tactics that develop authenticity market,  rather  than  reacting  to website ‘TechCrunch’ in response to the and trust around what you have to say.question ‘Does anybody know a good accountancyfirm specialising in the Tech Industry?’ This highlightsthe fact that opportunities out there may be missed bynot monitoring perhaps less obvious – but nonethelesskey – industry influencers, in this case TechCrunch.12 | Marketing Options International Marketing Options International | 13
  8. 8. Summary About MOIListening is about knowledge. And knowing the A Listening Report and regular Buzz Monitoring Marketing Options International have taken overwhich, where, what, when and who within social are the most cost-effective, time-efficient and 10 years’ user-centric digital marketing and socialmedia is essential to moving beyond having a resource-aware ways to monitor and direct media marketing experience in delivering effectivepresence ‘because you should’, to developing engagement effectively in social media. and measurable customer engagement and demandan informed, targeted and measurable strategy creation. Our digital services range from HTML emails, The findings of a Listening Report and regularas an integrated part of your marketing mix. website design, PPC and banner advertising through updates provided by Buzz Monitoring can be fed to social media consulting, social media engagement,Stop before directing your marketing activity to directly into your marketing strategy to close the search engine optimisation and mobile app development.the wrong customer requirements. Look at what loop – and ensure that industry and customer We create digital marketing content that delivers realyour audience is doing within social media. Listen feedback informs future tactics and strategy. ““ value to your target audience, through microsites,to their questions and priorities. webinars, videos, iPhone/Android apps, virals, user polls, eBooks and much more. It  is  clear  that  a  social  media  strategy   can  generate  measurable  results.  But   on  top  of  that,  it  provides  measurable   market  intelligence  that  can  be  relied   upon  to  continuously  review  the   channels  and  platforms  used.  14 | Marketing Options International Marketing Options International | 15
  9. 9. For further information, please contact:Digital Marketing Directore: stuart.morgan@mointernational.comt: +44 (0) 1932 233000Walton ReachManor RoadWalton-on-ThamesSurrey KT12 © 2011 Marketing Options Ltd.