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OMS 12 Finding & Engaging Influencers


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Presentation given by Adam Proehl on February 7, 2012 at OMS San Diego.

Presentation given by Adam Proehl on February 7, 2012 at OMS San Diego.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Finding & Engaging Influencers February 7, 2012 Adam ProehlManaging Partner, NordicClick Interactive @adamproehl
  • 2. About Me• In Online Marketing since 1997; specialize in complex & multi-channel sales• Principle at NordicClick Interactive – a full service Digital Marketing Agency based in Minneapolis• Spoken at Pubcon, SEMPO, eMetrics, B2B, OMS, SES, DMA, BMA• Instructor at the Online Marketing Institute• Long Suffering Minnesota Sports Fan @adamproehl
  • 3. About this SessionIs:• Tactical, practical how to’s• Stuff you can do todayIs Not:• Futuristic predictions• Chart overload
  • 4. Notes Before We BeginJustthoughtthis wasfunny @adamproehl
  • 5. Finding & Engaging InfluencersGoalsDetermining InfluencerMeasurementsEngaging Influencers @adamproehl
  • 6. Notes Before We Begin @adamproehl
  • 7. Notes Before We BeginMultiple Paths to InfluencersDirectIndirectRoundaboutMulti-StepHandoff @adamproehl
  • 8. GOALS
  • 9. GOALS Question # 1 (of 2)Simple:What is my businessobjective? @adamproehl
  • 10. GOALS Example:BusinessDevelopment @adamproehl
  • 11. GOALS Example:Build BrandAwareness @adamproehl
  • 12. GOALS Example:“Feel Good”Retention forCurrentCustomers @adamproehl
  • 14. Who Can Influence Your Brand?Question # 2 (of 2) Little More Thought: What type influencers do I need to reach? @adamproehl
  • 15. Who’s the more powerful influencer for your brand?Authority: Peer: @adamproehl
  • 16. Example InfluencerJournalists93% use Facebook92% use LinkedIn90% use Twitter*Source: Social Times @adamproehl
  • 17. Who Can Influence Your Brand? Tool: Muck @adamproehl
  • 18. Who Can Influence Your Brand? www.foller.meTool: Foller• User Info• Topics• Hashtags• Mentions• Geography @adamproehl
  • 19. Example InfluencerBloggers @adamproehl
  • 20. Who Can Influence Your Brand? Finding Influencers - Tool: Followerwonk• Bio Search• Influencers• “Wonk Score”• Good Starting Point• Geo @adamproehl
  • 21. Who Can Influence Your Brand?Whose Blogs Influence? @adamproehl
  • 22. Who Can Influence Your Brand?Whose Blogs Influence? @adamproehl
  • 23. Who Can Influence Your Brand? @adamproehl
  • 24. Who Influences the Influencer?• Twitter Lists• G+ Circles @adamproehl
  • 25. Who influences the influencer?Tool: @adamproehl
  • 26. Example InfluencerBoard Members & Old School Networkers“What ISthatannoyingchirpingbird?” @adamproehl
  • 27. When they’re big, but not on socialThings to Know:• They pay attention to offline or online media• No idea what a Klout score is• Capable of opening some really big doors• Social can lead to them, but not directly @adamproehl
  • 28. • Reporters• Bloggers• Board Members• Old School Networkers• Recognized Industry Influencers More Complicated
  • 29. Example Influencer“Someonelike me” @adamproehl
  • 30. Embrace & Engage• The Check In Social Butterflies @adamproehl
  • 31. Embrace & Engage • Food Porn*Disclaimer: Not an endorsement of food porn because honestly too much ofit from the same poster really gets annoying. @adamproehl
  • 32. Embrace & Engage• Link Sharing @adamproehl
  • 33. Embrace & Engage• Commenters & Wall Posters @adamproehl
  • 34. Embrace & Engage• Support Audience @adamproehl
  • 35. Embrace & EngageTool: Get Satisfaction Price: Starting $19/mo @adamproehl
  • 37. MeasurementsTool: The “Almighty” Klout Score?!?• Much Controversy (among those who care)• Don’t worry too much about it Guide, but NOT Final Arbiter @adamproehl
  • 38. Measurements @adamproehl
  • 39. MeasurementsTool: Kred• Past 1000 days of data• No secret sauce algorithm• Stay tuned @adamproehl
  • 40. MeasurementsTool: TweriodSimple: When isthe best time totweet to yourfollowers? @adamproehl
  • 41. MeasurementsTool: RetweetrankSimple Premise:Who’s likely to getretweeted @adamproehl
  • 42. MeasurementsTool: TweetReachSimple Premise:How far will atweet from thisuser go?Free for last 50tweets @adamproehl
  • 43. Measurements• Podcasts• Video • Shares • Popularity @adamproehl
  • 44. MeasurementsTool: @adamproehl
  • 46. Engaging Potential InfluencersBlogs:• Find bloggers likely to engage on comments• Link to it• Thank & Comment• Tweet & ReTweet their links• On Twitter, give them an @reply @adamproehl
  • 47. Engaging Potential Influencers Twitter Chats• Easy to Participate• Just know the #hashtag• Variety of Topics• Or Just Watch @adamproehl
  • 48. Engaging Potential Influencers List of Chats:• Google Spreadsheet• Several lists floating out there• Participate• Create your Own @adamproehl
  • 49. Engaging Potential InfluencersEngaging Influencers:• Find Your Angle: • “Did you also think of this” • “Also applies here”• Don’t be afraid to disagree @adamproehl
  • 50. Engaging Potential InfluencersEngaging Influencers:• Avoid the “Bobblehead” Mentality• Add value, even if you don’t agree @adamproehl
  • 51. Engaging Potential InfluencersPay to Target:• Facebook Ads• LinkedIn Ads - Soft Sell / Branding - Measure Branded Queries @adamproehl
  • 52. Engaging Potential InfluencersIndustry Tradeshows• Most suck at Social Media!• Step in and lead @adamproehl
  • 53. Engaging Potential InfluencersLeverage current databases Tool:
  • 54. Key Takeaways• Set your goals• Know where to start (blogs, social sites, podcasts, monitoring tools)• Variety of free resources available to assist• Listen & help WAY more than you talk• Doesn’t cost much, but does take work @adamproehl
  • 55. Thank YouFinding & EngagingInfluencersAdam ProehlManaging Partner, NordicClick @adamproehl