Farming for Tomorrow's Consumers


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The Minnesota Agri-Growth Council Annual Meeting and Speakers Conference is the organization’s premier annual event, bringing together key stakeholders in the food and agriculture industry from Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. As part of this program, Dan Dye with Cargilll presented on the topic of Trends in Food Production and Marketing.

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Farming for Tomorrow's Consumers

  1. 1. Farming for Tomorrow’s Consumers Dan Dye
  2. 2. Agriculture’s and agribusiness’s challenge• What‟s ahead for us? – Changing consumer behaviors • Sustainability-based buying trends • Retailers prompting producers to „go green‟ – Environmental sustainability • Optimizing yields without increasing land use • Conserving natural resources • Climate change – Food security • Feeding 9 billion+ people by 2050 2©2011 Cargill Incorporated. Confidential. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. The sustainability paradox• Is sustainability prompting consumers‟ buying decisions? – 54 percent of shoppers consider environmental sustainability in their buying decisions • Just 22 percent actually bought „green‟ products based on their shopping trips – “Sustainability” has a lot of different meanings • Environmental… • Social… • Fair trade, etc… – Price is a factor • Generally, products produced with higher sustainability standards carry a higher price tag Source: Grocery Manufacturing Association 3©2011 Cargill Incorporated. Confidential. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Keys to success • Dynamic partnerships between growers, agribusiness • More and new innovations attuned to sustainability • Foresight to address food security 4©2011 Cargill Incorporated. Confidential. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Dynamic partnership approach…• EcoFlour™ – More sustainable wheat growing system • Cutting edge technology to apply fertilizer more efficiently Growing as little as • Reduces energy inputs and 6 acres of wheat in the improves yields EcoFlour™ program can eliminate – Customized approximately one ton • Tailored to a farmer‟s specific of CO2 equivalents. product applications and sustainability EarthGrains® bread formulated with EcoFlour™ objectives 5©2011 Cargill Incorporated. Confidential. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Sustainable innovation for farmers…• Combining… • Seed • Crop protection • Crop nutrition • Seed products• …to unlock the secrets of higher corn and soybean yields • 300 bushels an acre for corn • 100 bushels for soybeans• Achieving new levels of sustainability 6©2011 Cargill Incorporated. Confidential. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Global food security• Sustainable agriculture practices• Efficient markets• Open trading system• Safe distribution systems• Investment in ag education and research• Private and public sectors working together 7©2011 Cargill Incorporated. Confidential. All rights reserved.
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