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Time is running out for North Texans to experience two blockbuster shows, Dinosaurs Unearthed and Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure. The “Prehistoric Combo” – as the pairing of the animitronic replicas of Dinosaurs Unearthed and the award-winning IMAX® film Sea Monsters are known – both close at the Museum of Nature & Science after May 1, 2011.

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Prehistoric Pairing Closing

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Jennifer Whitus, Communications Manager 214-426-4629 jwhitus@natureandscience.orgPopular Prehistoric Pair Departing Dallas Dinosaurs Unearthed Exhibit, Sea Monsters Film Leave Museum of Nature & Science May 1 DALLAS (April 12, 2011) – Time is running out for North Texans to experience twoblockbuster shows, Dinosaurs Unearthed and Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure.The “Prehistoric Combo” – as the pairing of the animitronic replicas of DinosaursUnearthed and the award-winning IMAX® film Sea Monsters are known – both close atthe Museum of Nature & Science after May 1, 2011. The Museum is on track to recordabout 132,000 visitors for the combined run of the shows. Dinosaurs Unearthed recreates dinosaurs as never before, thanks to state-of-the-artanimatronics. North Texans are put face-to-face with more than a dozen life-size, life-like creatures that realistically move and roar. The interactive display opened October21, 2010. Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure is part documentary and part narrative,combining spectacular photorealistic animation with landmark documentary footage ofpaleontological digs around the world. These digs uncover treasures that shed light onthe film’s incredible cast of characters. The animated story takes place 85 million yearsago, and follows the adventures of “Dolly” - a playful Dolichorhynchops - as she travelsthrough the most dangerous oceans in history. “Dinosaurs Unearthed and Sea Monsters are the perfect blend of entertainment andeducation, says Paul Vinson, director of exhibits at MNS. “Together, it’s like a land and cont.
  2. 2. Prehistoric Pair Closing, page 2sea cruise through history. It’s an exhilarating experience for kids of all ages!” The dinosaurs within the Dinosaurs Unearthed not only move and roar on their own,but visitors also have the opportunity to control the actions of certain models. Along withsuch well-known dinosaurs as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus,Dinosaurs Unearthed is the first exhibit in the world to feature a feathered dinosaur. “This exhibit is a great opportunity to see the new interpretations of dinosaurs basedon new information – including the fact that many of them had feathers,” says Dr. TonyFiorillo, curator of earth sciences for the Museum of Nature & Science. “It’s alsoprovided a new context and setting for some of our own Texas fossils.” More than a dozen dinosaur species are represented in the 5,000 square-foot exhibit.Among the life-size, robotic models are nine full-size replicas, five “baby” models, threeskeletons and twenty different fossils. The Dinosaurs Unearthed experience alsoincludes a dig pit where visitors can “excavate” realistic fossil specimens and interactiveeducational displays that present exciting information on the latest paleontologicaldiscoveries. MNS staff further increase the fun and learning experiences with mobile dinosaur-themed carts. The themes for these interactive carts include “Dinosaur Defenses,” whichallows visitors to see and touch the teeth, claws and horns that enabled dinosaurs tosurvive the prehistoric wilderness. The “Paleo Cart” explains how dinosaurs becamefossils, while the “T. rex Puzzle” cart puts visitors face to foot with a life-size dinosaurfoot. Admission to Dinosaurs Unearthed includes access to all MNS exhibits andbuildings. MNS members receive a reduced rate. Dinosaurs Unearthed admission is $15for adults (18-61); $14 for seniors (62+) and students (12-17); $12 for children (2-11).Admission for MNS members of all ages is $3. Children under 2 are admitted free.Tickets for Dinosaurs Unearthed are currently available online or at any MNS box officeduring regular Museum hours. cont.
  3. 3. Prehistoric Pair Closing, page 3 Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure also features narration by acclaimedactor Liev Schreiber and original music from Grammy-winner Peter Gabriel. Tickets forthe TI Founders’ IMAX® are $7 for Adults and $6 for Students, Seniors, and Childrenages 2-11; Children under 2 are free; Museum members receive a $1 discount on alltickets. By pairing both the exhibit and film together, Museum-goers can save money asthey experience the full reach of MNS’ prehistoric adventures. The non-member cost forthe Prehistoric Combo is $21 for adults 18-61, $17 for children 2-11 and $19 for bothstudents (12-17) and seniors (62+). Members have access to even greater savings on thePrehistoric Combo, paying only $9 for adults and $8 for children, students and seniors.Members are also eligible for special advance showings and exclusive events. Dinosaurs Unearthed and Sea Monsters will remain in the MNS Science Building at1318 S. 2nd Avenue in Fair Park through May 1, 2011. Museum hours are Monday–Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday noon-5 p.m. Further information is available by calling 214-428-5555 or visiting the Museumonline at ###About the Museum of Nature & ScienceThe Museum of Nature & Science – the result of a unique merger in 2006 between theDallas Museum of Natural History, The Science Place and the Dallas Childrens Museum– is an AAM- accredited non-profit educational organization located in Dallass FairPark. In support of its mission to inspire minds through nature and science, the museumdelivers exciting, engaging and innovative visitor experiences through its education,exhibition, and research and collections programming for children, students, teachers,families and life-long learners. The facility also includes the TI Founders IMAX®Theater and a cutting-edge digital planetarium. The Museum of Nature & Science issupported in part by funds from the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, the TexasCommission on the Arts and HP. The Museum of Nature & Science also is building anew $185-million museum on a 4.7-acre site in Victory Park to complement the Fair Parkfacilities. To learn more about the Museum of Nature & Science, please