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2011 Q1 BYOH Job Search Webinar Posted PDF
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2011 Q1 BYOH Job Search Webinar Posted PDF


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Published in: Career
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  • 1. Paul DeBettignies Presents… Job Search Toolkit: Be Your Own Headhunter
  • 2. Who Am I?• 13 years as an IT Recruiter• Top 20 MN Social Media Innovator• HR Examiner’s Top 25 Digital Recruiters• HR Examiner’s Top 25 Digital HR Influencers• Local and national speaker on Recruiting/HR, Career and Social Media topics• Co-Founder and Coordinator of Minnesota Recruiters
  • 3. Why $30?
  • 4. There Is No…
  • 5. Job And Economic Statistics Great Recession Initial Unemployment Claims • Thursdays U.S. Monthly Jobs Report • 1st Friday Local statistics • 3rd Thursday
  • 6. Sources Of Hire...• CareerXroads 9th AnnualSource of Hire Study(PDF: scroll to page 12) 26.7% Referrals 22.3% Corporate Web Site 13.2% Job Boards
  • 7. Get In The Game...• Move past the emotions• Take control of your situation• Be proactive not reactive• Be Your Own Headhunter
  • 8. “Some of us are Digital Natives and some of us are Digital Immigrants” - Robert Stephens, Founder of Geek Squad
  • 9. Minnesota Headhunter’sThoughts On Finding A Job•This is a marketing and sales activity•The techniques involved, have changed•This is a job• Way more than searching job boards• Is stressful and may/will take some time
  • 10. Job Search And Dating... • Do they like me • Unreasonable expectations • Baggage • Playing hard to get • When to call back • Set expectations • Blind date and being set up • Making a commitment • IgniteMPLS Dating And Job Search They Both Suck (video)
  • 11. Do An Audit Of YourOnline Presence…
  • 12. • Paul DeBettignies• “Paul DeBettignies”• “Paul DeBettignies” MN OR Minneapolis
  • 13. Getting Started... •Create/update/optimize LinkedIn and social networking profiles •Find a job search buddy •Keep a routine •Dont get caught in “analysis paralysis” •Change voice message(s)
  • 14. Job Search Is A Contact Sport
  • 15. I Love The Gophers...
  • 16. Don’tGophersuck_Badgerules@xxx.comDoFirst.Last@email.comPreferredwww.debettgnies.compaul@debettignies.comRegister A DomainGoDaddy
  • 17. Marketing of You...Job search is the marketingof you and the unique skillset you bring to the table.What makes you differentthan other applicantsWhy would you hire you
  • 18. Who Are You? • 10 second pitch or sound byte • 30 second elevator pitch • Summary • Resume • Business cards VistaPrint
  • 19. Plan Your Day, Plan Your Search • This is a process • Plan the upcoming day • Set daily and weekly goals • Create a system to keep track of: - Research - Resume submittals - Phone calls - Email - Names & Titles - Networking leads • JibberJobber
  • 20. Five Ways To Find A Job • Know someone • Target a company • Reply to a job posting • Be found • “Who do you know who can use someone like me”
  • 21. Who Is In Your Network? • Current/Former coworkers, bosses, vendors, clients* • College/High School • Friends, family and neighbors • Groups involved in • Who you have an email address for
  • 22. Who Is In Your Online Network?• Linkedin 90M Work• Facebook 500M Home• Twitter 190M Networking• MySpace 110M Bar• Ning Groups Thousands
  • 23. Create/Update/Optimize your profile
  • 24. Headline•Be specific about your location and industry•Use the “Headline” as a way to attract visitors•Include what you do or what you are looking for•Add a photo (professional, not casual)
  • 25. Real Time Updates
  • 26. Add Your Online Places• Default is “Personal Website” “My Blog”• Edit to name your website, resume, portfolio, etc• More click through’s when sites are named
  • 27. Summary – Tell A Story Include: - Keywords - Buzzwords - Acronyms
  • 28. Experience – Resume
  • 29. Education• Be sure to list all activities outside of the classroom• Include certifications, certificates and programs attended
  • 30. Groups And Associations
  • 31. Honors And AwardsInclude personal, professional and volunteer nominations and awards
  • 32. Public ProfileInclude this: • In your resume • Email footer • Online profiles • When leaving comments on web sites • Business Card
  • 33. Resume Template
  • 34. People Search•Basic search if you know the name • Jason Baker • “Jason Baker” • “Jason Baker” MN•Click “Advanced Search” Here you can search people and refine results number of ways including keywords, company, location and industry
  • 35. How To Connect – 1 At A Time
  • 36. How To Connect – Many At A Time Click “Add Connections”
  • 37. LinkedIn Advanced SearchHR OR “Human Resources” OR Recruiter OR “Hiring Manager”CFO OR “Chief Financial Officer”C AND UNIX AND SQL
  • 38. LinkedIn Advanced Search – Results Refine by Company, School, Industry, etc
  • 39. Use Google To Search LinkedIn• Your reach is only so big• Google indexes most personal and company profiles• Start with this search string in Google• You will need to “play” with words, phrases, “”, AND OR NOT like you would usually do on any Google search
  • 40. Examples Google• (inurl:pub OR inurl:in) - intitle:directory -inurl:dir -inurl:jobs “Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area" (”human resources” OR HR OR recruiter OR "hiring manager") “Best Buy” Bing• "Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area" recruiter "Best Buy" –dir• Change “Best Buy" for any company name
  • 41. Jobs• Click “Advanced Search”• Enter “Postal Code”• Refine as needed• See who you are linked to at the company• “Follow” the company
  • 42. Super Connectors• Those with 500+ connections• Anyone with an email in their “Headline” is an open networker. LIONS,, MyLinkNetwork• Most Recruiters are open networker• This can be a quick way to grow your network.• One caution: Many will include you in their newsletters or other infrequent email• Advanced Search • Postal Code: 90210 • Sort By: Connections
  • 43. LinkedIn Groups• You can belong to a maximum of 50 groups• Local, regional, (inter)national• College/school alumni, industry, associations, special interest• Increases the size and scope of your network• Create a group – Free• Discussion, jobs and events
  • 44. Search Companies• Click “Companies”• Enter a company name• Results will include statistics, related companies, job posted on LinkedIn and people in your network who work there• “Follow”
  • 45. ApplicationsSlideshare – Blogs – Twitter* - Reading List
  • 46. More LinkedIn Tools• Recommendations: give and ask for them• Answers: participate in industry conversations• Events: in your town and online
  • 47. Settings• Email Addresses – enter all of them• Public Profile – full view• Profile Views – name and headline• Member Feed Visibility – everyone (unless employed,silently looking and editing profile)• Profile and Status Updates – yes (maybe not for theemployed
  • 48. Look At Your Profile…Would You Want To Connect With You?
  • 49. Social Media is…. Ready for This? SOCIAL!
  • 50. Social Media Is Social (duh)• Create two way conversations• Creating relationships• Move from online to in person (or at least on the phone) when you can• Invest before making a withdrawal
  • 51. 4 Tips For UsingSocial Media: 1. Keep Your profiles updated 2. Learn when to listen and when to join in. 3. Be cautious of the line between personal and professional. 4. Give status updates and let your connections know what you are doing.
  • 52. Facebook • Include resume • Search for Company pages • Join/participate in groups • Connect with your network • Consider making “Education and Work” public • Pay attention to privacy settings • BranchOut!
  • 53. Twitter• Include “real name”, nearest large city, keywords, buzzwords• “Follow” local “cool kids”, industry leaders, groups, those in the know• Search/follow HR, Recruiters, Jobs• Add yourself to directories• Find others lists• Groups: #smbmsp - #mnrec• Chats: #jobhuntchat - #genychat• Twitter Search
  • 54. Twitter ToolsDirectories• Twellow• WeFollow• TweepSearchLists• Twitaholic (most users including by location)Twitter SearchIn intitle:"on twitter" "bio * * "Recruiter" " 55401
  • 55. Online Identity: Hub & SpokesHub• LinkedInSpokes• Facebook• Twitter• Google Profile (profile)• (profile)• Emurse (resume)• Visual CV (resume)• eFolioMinnesota (portfolio)
  • 56. Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter UpdatesShare links to:• Events/conferences• Seminars/webinars• Industry articles/news/statistics/blog posts• Local business articles/news/statistics/blog postsBe unique:• I am updating my marketing resume anyone want to see it?• I am looking for an accounting job, who do you know is hiring?• Anyone know a Hiring Manager at Best Buy?Ask/give adviceAsk/answer questionsReply to othersForward others updates
  • 57. “You cant stay in your corner of the Forestwaiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”
  • 58. Do NOT Be A Secret Agent Be James Bond
  • 59. When Networking... •Seek advice not help •“Who do you know who…?” •Network gravity •How can you help someone else
  • 60. Help Your Network Find Each Other!
  • 61. Keep Track Of And Nurture Your Network Good Bad
  • 62. Where Should I Look? • Big job boards Monster (HotJobs) | CareerBuilder • Niche and local job boards CraigsList | Dice | MinnesotaJobs • LinkedIn • Facebook, Twitter, Social Networking sites • Newspapers Print and Online • Trade, Professional, Association web sites • Lists Inc 5000 | Twin Cities Business | Directories • Job search engines Indeed | SimplyHired | LinkUp • Recruiters, Search Firms, Employment Agencies • Job clubs
  • 63. You Should Know... •Until you know otherwise, assume the company has a position for you •Advertising one position may be a sign of other jobs •Company career pages are key
  • 64. What Do I Know About Them?Research potential employers using:•Google, Yahoo, Hoovers•Local newspapers•Press Releases•Business magazines Your Mission? To find information you can use in email, calls, interviews "Best Buy" (intitle:news OR inurl:news OR intitle:events OR inurl:events OR "stock quotes" OR announced OR released)
  • 65. Zero In On Your Target •Find a contact name •Target hiring managers, senior management and recruiters •Use your network and LinkedIn •Google names, industry terms and titles •Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner can be the best times to call
  • 66. Search Your Contacts Name•Google•LinkedIn•FacebookFind things about them that can help create aconnection between youDO NOT be creepy
  • 67. Find Their Email Address • "email * * *“ • *
  • 68. Using Email• Focus• Rename resume.doc• Send resume in Word or RTF• Grammar, spell check, no viruses• Check 2-3 times a day• Night owls check in the morning• Check Spam folder• Footer: • name, phone number, email address & LinkedIn URL
  • 69. Beware Of The Applicant Tracking System... •Reverse engineer resume: include keywords and acronyms from ad •Send resume in MS Word or RTF format •Some/most have issues with: - PDF’s - Bold - Italics - Tables - Colors
  • 70. Maintain Contact With Followup •Be polite and persistent, not pushy •Keep the call/email brief and to the point •Is more information needed? •Thank you card, letter and email •Keep a copy of you resume handy
  • 71. Don’t Be Scared Of The Phone! •Rehearse your call, script if you need one •Use industry buzzwords •DO NOT EVER use the words “entry level”
  • 72. Sign Up For Jobs Via Email And RSS Feeds RSS Feeds•RSS in Plain English•Look for these logos on web sites:
  • 73. Dead End and Getting Desperate •Offer to do an “internship” •Shadow for a day •Are you addressing the need of the employers? •Take a part time or consulting gig •Volunteer with a non-profit or other community organization •If not now, when can you contact again?
  • 74. Whew, Victory! .... • Send an email to those you have been in contact with • Is your new company hiring other positions? • Start looking for your next new job • Maintain your network ..Now What?
  • 75. Resources• Library• State & local workforce centers• Blog aggregator Alltop Careers Alltop HR•Advice, Templates and Tips Job Searching JobDig Quintessential Careers The Riley Guide
  • 76. $30Pay for what you can, for what you learn. Be Your Own Headhunter© 2002-20011 Be Your Own Headhunter
  • 77. To Learn More… Paul