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Stenquist the conservation professional
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  • 1. the twenty first century experience
  • 2. 5 RolesThe PoetThe ScientistThe Public ServantThe Wild OneThe Humble
  • 3. 5 PoetsWendall BerryPattiann RogersGary SnyderMary OliverSimon Ortiz
  • 4. Quick profitMind will be punchedDo something that won’t computeFree republic for which it standsPraise ignoranceYou will not live to harvestTwo inches of humusLaughBe joyfulPlease women more than menSwear allegianceMore tracks than necessaryPractice resurrection
  • 5. At least one eyeInvisible to someSeeds of tadpolesBrook trout have eyesFlocks of water fleasRed-legged grasshopperShort-tailed shrewRodent-scoped eyeAn eye for everythingWill not pass unnoticedThe star-nosed moleSo oddEach copepodSensitive to the hourAt dusk to touch the darkI have an eye myselfWild and vigilantWatch how I feed
  • 6. The midnight hallsFilling life with rulesThe end of many chambersGovernor sits, without dinnerLaws – budgets – codesTill the oil runs outPines on the capitol groundsThinking about “the people”The elegant company of JupiterFlashes of lightningGovernor came to visitNapped all afternoonChickens must be tendedWhat would happen to the carsBeside the pond we started laughingHissing under the pine treesStriking deep in straw bales
  • 7. Flung herself out of the grassEnormous and complicated eyesWings open, floats awayHow to fall downHow to kneel downBe idle and blessedDie at lastWild and precious lifeRippled sand riftsLonesome for the young afternoonListens to the riverCoyote, he’s always somewhereGood luck for him and for meReports of a shotgunThe animal in me crouchesPreference is for silenceListen for the motion of sound
  • 8. Achieving perspectiveToe hair by toe hairStraight up through the skyGalaxies of the Cygnus A clusterTry to remember that40,000 years full of gatheringThe hard wrinkling of seedTo reach the one star nearestBeing swept away nowMolecule by moleculeAt this momentThe widest arc of its elliptical turnDespair for the world growsThe least sound in fearBeauty on the waterPeace of wild thingsWho do not tax their livesAbove me the day-blind starsRest in the grace of the world
  • 9. In closing,5 RolesThe PoetThe ScientistThe Public ServantThe Wild OneThe Humble Conservation Professional
  • 10. Promoting science-based stewardship.Engaging active, retired, and aspiringconservation professionals.In 2012:Host “conservation conversations” inpublic libraries around the state,discussing the science behind importantconservation issues, like clean water,wildlife habitat, and ecosystem services.Invite citizens, retired and activeprofessionals to join MNACP membersin a lively dialogue about importantstewardship issues.Please come and join us.