The White Road To Shopper Loyalty


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A new look at loyalty from a shopper marketing perspective.

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  • Very insightful and intriguing work. I love the thought process and the approach. The best way to understand human behavior is to log off the computer and connect with people face to face.
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  • I think this is a great approach to thinking about shopper marketing. Can't wait to see your next one!
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  • Great thinking in terms of how this can be applied to our marketing efforts!
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The White Road To Shopper Loyalty

  1. 1. White Road SHOPPERS’ LOYALTY
  2. 2. “White-road and red-road journeys are qualitatively different. You need the right map. On the red road it is about the destination. On the white road it is about the road. On the white road you must travel light. The white road is quiet. It is about simplicity. It is often adventurous. You need to dig deep. Sometimes there is no road. You have to trust your gut.” - Gary Erickson, Cliff Bar
  3. 3. Loyalty To me, loyalty is being completely devoted to someone or something. Loyalty is built over time and is based on strong beliefs and an intense commitment. I spoke to several different individuals, each of whom is incredibly loyal to something in his/her personal life. Although each person has his/her own definition of the word as it applies to his/her own experiences, there is something we as marketers can learn from all of them.
  4. 4. William D. Catron (Willy) Sergeant First Class, U.S. Army Robert E. Waltz (Bert) Sergeant, U.S. Army What does loyalty mean to you? “Loyalty is like a marriage. You have to be committed to it (the service) and believe in it.” What keeps you loyal to the U.S. Army? “People out here will leave you hanging in a heartbeat. It’s about structure, trust and camaraderie.” Has your loyalty to the Army ever been tested? “No. It’s become a way of life. Everyone is loyal to the United States, and the reason we’re here is for all of you.”
  5. 5. John Williams Ironman What does loyalty mean to you? “To be loyal means you have unconditional acceptance for something. You must believe in [it] and appreciate the things that come from it.” What keeps you loyal to your sport? “I have lots of love for the sport. I believe in what it stands for and value the good that comes from it. It is sportsmanship in its purest form.” Has your loyalty to the sport ever been tested? “No. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and allows me to be a good role model for my kids.”
  6. 6. The Davis’ Married 34 Years What does loyalty mean to you? “Marriage is the strongest partnership you can possibly have. Loyalty is the commitment to something more important than yourself.” What keeps you loyal to your relationship/spouse? “This person is part of you. It’s about trust and teamwork; it is such a strong commitment that nothing can get in its way. We are both always there for each other – no matter what.” Has your loyalty to your marriage ever been tested? “Yes, but it’s all about longevity and sticking it out. The commitment to the person and the relationship makes it worth salvaging.”
  7. 7. End of the Road Whether it’s loyalty to service, a lifestyle or a relationship, each person confirmed that loyalty is a powerful bond that’s not easily broken. In a few special circumstances, I found those whose loyalty still remains untested. In marketing, it’s often about going after the new consumer or shopper. Why isn’t our focus strengthening the relationship with our most loyal followers, enabling them to act as the ultimate brand advocates? In today’s increasingly connected and skeptical market, we need our brand loyalists to spread our message. After all, who are you more loyal to – a fellow user or a fellow marketer?
  8. 8. “On the white road, the moment – the journey itself – matters most.” - Gary Erickson, Cliff Bar
  9. 9. White Road Warrior Marta Kiser is an Account Planner at MARS, a leading U.S. shopper marketing agency. She’s proud to be a natural on the white road. As a planner, she’s not afraid to ask each unique life traveler she encounters the questions you won’t find in any survey. As an outdoor adventurer, she doesn’t need a map to reach her destination.