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Overview of social media and social networking tools. Focus is on the use of social media - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS - for the fire service.

Overview of social media and social networking tools. Focus is on the use of social media - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS - for the fire service.

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  • 1. Social Media Mining the Internet Martha Murphy, Office of the Fire Marshal CFSA Education Forum, Woodbridge ON April 16, 2010
  • 2. Five things to share with you What is Social Media? Around the world – view from 10,000ft. What is RSS and why should I care? What is LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter? How can I use these tools professionally?
  • 3. Social Networking Social Networking / Social Media / Web 2.0 are used to describe websites that allow people to interact & share information, commentary, pictures, videos, links and other web media. Making Connections These sites can be a useful source of information and should be considered when mining the web for breaking news or information.
  • 4. Social Media is Just for “Kids” RIGHT?
  • 5. RSS
  • 6. What is RSS? It is Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication From wikipedia: a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video —in a standardized format. Mash-up (collection) of web feeds into 1 website video, audio, photos, RSS
  • 7. RSS icons
  • 8. Why should I use RSS: One Stop Shopping Allows you to see new information from multiple sources as they are posted Saves Time: You don’t have to visit multiple sites, you go to one site where all providers send their stories Anonymity Sign up for feeds using an e-mail account but don’t click into the site leaving your IP address
  • 9. RSS readers There are hundreds of RSS readers to choose from that have various advantages: • Yahoo Pipes • Google Reader • Netvibes, Newsgator • Bloglines, etc…. I will use Google’s Reader for this presentation You do not need a separate e-mail account to use product, you can use your existing e-mail address
  • 10. Advantages of an RSS Reader One of the best advantages is that you can access your reader from any computer that has internet access. Information is pushed to you, you don’t have to go to numerous websites. You can organize your information that best suits your needs.
  • 11. Google Reader
  • 12. Setting up an RSS feed Check the website you would like to monitor/subscribe to see if they have RSS. In general, this is the way to subscribe: Locate and click the RSS icon that is typically under the banner on the main page Click on Subscribe button
  • 13. Add NFPA RSS & Podcast Feeds 1. Click on RSS Feed you want to subscribe to
  • 14. Add RSS Feed to Reader
  • 15. Google Reader
  • 16. Subscribe via RSS
  • 17. Ontario Government Newsroom RSS
  • 18. Fire News
  • 19. FireChat
  • 20. Quick Poll How many of you are using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter?
  • 21. LinkedIn
  • 22. What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a business oriented site for social networking. It was launched in May 2003 for professional networking and has Search by name, over 60 million users company, location covering 160 or keyword.. Look for groups industries.
  • 23. LinkedIn Features LinkedIn allows the user to post their professional resume - current & past positons, groups, associations. Users keep site current by adding connections, presentations, discussion topics. Instead of “friends” you have “connections.” Similar to online rolodex!
  • 24. LinkedIn Connections Your online network is built up of connections and their connections, (2nd & 3rd degree connections) Can be used to gain an introduction to someone you would like to make a business connection with Use connections to find jobs, people, opportunities Job seekers can review profile of interviewers and find additional corporate information Employers can list jobs and search for potential candidates
  • 25. LinkedIn Updates (Wallposts) Post updates, view connectors updates, view people you may know 2nd degree
  • 26. Other Features LinkedIn groups allows users to join groups to extend their business relationships Groups can be alumni associations, industry and other relevant groups Feature lets users post discussion or news to the group, ask questions etc.
  • 27. Facebook for Your Professional Image
  • 28. Facebook Demographics Between January & July 2009 Facebook users aged 25 -34 has grown 60.8% Users aged 35-54 has grown 190.2% Users older than 55 years has grown 513.7% Source: iStrategyLabs, July 2009
  • 29. Why Use Facebook? Facebook is the most popular social network Personal and Business use Easy to share pictures, videos, notes Easy to integrate with other social media tools such as Delicious, Twitter, YouTube Stay in touch with colleagues and friends You “create” your own online presence Use as a marketing & communication tool
  • 30. Sign Up.. It’s Free Create a Profile using the form on
  • 31. Facebook Action Plan Decide who are your “friends” is it family, school mates, neighbours or does it include work colleagues, associates, outside world What will you post – photos, video, links, games How often will you post – daily, weekly, monthly How do you want to be perceived...develop your own “brand”
  • 32. Personal Profile • Personal “safe” picture, recognizable, change it up to keep site current • Post status update on what you are doing – goes on your wall and ‘friends wall’ • Add info about yourself – you control the information displayed
  • 33. Join Relevant Professional Sites Alumni Associations, Institutions, Professional Associations, Clubs, Sports
  • 34. Toronto Fire
  • 35. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • 36. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • 37. Premier Dalton McGuinty
  • 38. Reputation Management Posted comments, pictures, video, links, games all reveal a “persona” about you Be careful what you post You control the content on your site – whether you post it or its posted by “friends” You control your image TAKE CONTROL!
  • 39. Twitter
  • 40. What is Twitter is a messaging service for friends, family, and coworkers to communicate through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? … in 140 characters It has been around since 2006 It’s Free 25 Million Worldwide (est.) ~ 18M US by end of year Home to the ridiculous and the revolutionary Jim Carrey vs. CNN Haitian Disaster Dead Celebrities
  • 41. Twitter Value Think about what kind of value your organization can provide to your followers then talk “tweet” about those things “If you think of Twitter as a public service that your organization provides, rather than a marketing tool, you should be in good shape.” - Claire Johnson, Chief Twitterer at the American Red Cross
  • 42. Communication Options Expand the reach of your message Develop a personal connection Raise awareness and build knowledge Provide customer service Monitor conversations about your organization / industry
  • 43. Listen & Gather Feedback
  • 44. Provide Customer Service 99.9% of Posts are @replies More than 21,000 customer service requests handled thru social media
  • 45. Crisis Communication
  • 46. Crisis Communication 2 Victoria Police Issued a Tweet regarding a missing 6 yr old boy – messaged picked up by media and community. Boy was found same day
  • 47. Build Brand Awareness Disclaimer notice Following 621 ; Followers 2485 Tweets (messages sent) 2766
  • 48. Target Your Audience Dell has 34 Twitter accounts for News Updates Discount Offers Blog Updates Idea Collection Employee Channels Fan Channels Customer Service
  • 49. Target Your Audience 2
  • 50. Basics • Twitter messages (tweets) are similar to e-mail, IM (Instant Messages), blogs, RSS, social networks, etc. • Can be sent from mobile phones, PCs, websites, etc. • Tweets are PUBLIC, people can Opt-In to read your posts • Can you don’t have to have an account
  • 51. Setting up a Twitter Account • Go to • Set up an account using your full name (searchable) and user name (your alias) • It takes about 3 minutes to set up • If you want your posts to remain private, click “Protect my updates”
  • 52. Pearls (perils) of Wisdom • Wall posts are left on someone else’s wall and a tweet is forever • Don’t post a photo of someone else without their permission • Only agree to be a “friend” to your friends • Leave comments on sites if you don’t mind your boss, mother, friends and competitors reading • Never post photos of an official document (passport) • Be responsible when writing a message
  • 53. Thank you Questions? Answers?