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Showcase Ontario: Social Media and eReaders/eBooks

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Presentation at Showcase Ontario conference on how social media is being used by Ontario Government Libraries and the implications for security, privacy and records management. eReader & eBook …

Presentation at Showcase Ontario conference on how social media is being used by Ontario Government Libraries and the implications for security, privacy and records management. eReader & eBook marketplace - what's hot on the market and where to purchase eBooks suitable for government/business as well as "freebies."

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  • 1. “Clouds, from both sides now : Social Media and E-Books”
  • 2. Objectives • Learn about the use of social media for policy development, communication and data gathering. • Learn about the Records and Information Management implications of social media use • Learn more about e-books and e-book readers such as Kindle, Kobo, iPad’s iBooks, Nook etc.
  • 3. Participants: Gabrielle Gaedecke, OAHPP Heath Finley, Min/Natural Resources Mercedes Lee, Legislative Library Martha Murphy, Office of the Fire Marshal Gitta Rice, Min/Finance/Revenue Geeta Thachil, Min/Finance/Revenue Deborah Palmer, Min/Natural Resources
  • 4. Clouds and computers
  • 5. Social Media What about breaking news today?
  • 6. Social Media Examples: list of such media
  • 7. Use of Social Media Tools OAHPP – tracking illness, epidemiological tracing, monitoring issues of the day (eg. Wind turbines, salty diets, outbreaks etc.) MNR - collaborate on policy development, writing reports; monitor disasters (floods, forest fires); keep up to date on current scientific research and developments in their respective areas of expertise. OFM - keep current on fire incidents across the province and Canada, monitor community response to fire incidents, assist fire investigations Finance/Revenue - track trends and monitor public opinion; to help communicate the ministry's message
  • 8. Social Media at OAHPP We are a Public Health Agency • Track news daily via Twitter account and RSS feeds • No YouTube or Facebook access yet – working on it! • Communications section delivers general news to all staff, but • Maintain mailing lists – tailored delivery
  • 9. Social Media at OFM • Track news via RSS on fire incidents in communities across the province • YouTube videos are used for citizen journalism on fire incidents • Facebook is monitored for postings by Fire Depts/Associations • Fire News a web-based newsletter is updated daily with content pulled from RSS feeds
  • 10. Social Media at MNR • Monitor Twitter for updates on floods and forest fires across Ontario • Promote new Library acquisitions & products via Twitter • Track coverage via RSS of MNR in the news from online magazines and journals • News stories featuring MNR are pulled from RSS feeds and highlighted on Library website • Blogs and Twitter are monitored for discussions on scientific research
  • 11. Social Media at Finance/Revenue Introduction of HST required expanding the monitoring of traditional online media coverage to social media because: tax changes make people nervous the tax package that contained the HST was one of the most fundamental sets of changes the province had undertaken social media accesses the target audience more directly and intimately
  • 12. Social Media - Twitter Starts with one question: What are you doing? … you answer in only 140 characters In 2006, Jack Dorsey of a podcasting company called Odeo Inc. came up with the idea of a quick texting service that would allow small groups to communicate.
  • 13. Twitter Getting started on Twitter
  • 14. Twitter TWITTER concepts •Following – subscribing to someone else’s Tweets •Hashtags – using #_word_ to make it “findable” across Twitter •Short text – shrink what you have to say to 140 characters 140it.com •Tiny URLS – often links are too long - use http.//bit.ly or http://tinyurl.com •Retweeting – “RT” means you liked someone else’s tweet, “passing it on” •Searching – trending topics http://search.twitter.com/ •TweetDeck – connects Twitter with Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google Buzz and other social media.
  • 15. Twitter
  • 16. Health Resources on Twitter
  • 17. Other Health Monitoring Tools
  • 18. Blog “H5N1” or Influenza
  • 19. MNR on Twitter Upcoming Library tours Digitized MNR Annual Reports ‘Climatic Change’ journal now available online
  • 20. Emergency Communication Tweets track no. of forest fires in Ontario
  • 21. Emergency Communication All MNR #forestfire staff back from BC today, ending Ontario's largest & longest ever dispatch to another jurisdiction! `1:53 PM Sep 17th from TweetDeck What do animals do when there’s a #forestfire? http://sn.im/rvqra 12:41 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck 198 MNR staff still working on #forestfires in BC. More staff & equipment to return home this week. http://sn.im/ontfires 8:48 AM Sep 14th from TweetDeck So far this year in Ontario, 20,624 hectares have been burned in #forestfires. The ten year average is 107,987! 11:42 AM Sep 10th from TweetDeck #Teachers: BC and California fires in the news, great time to teach your students about #forestfires! http://sn.im/l4nrd 12:01 PM Sep 9th from TweetDeck #Forestfire hazard ranges from low to high right now in Ontario. Map of hazard levels: http://sn.im/rpmm9 11:45 AM Sep 9th from TweetDeck
  • 22. Monitoring Twitter Responses
  • 23. MNR Mashups
  • 24. MNR Mashup URLs • Current Forest Fire Situation Map - http://forest.lrc.gov.on.ca/AFFM/fire/interac tivemap/firemap_English.htm • Do we have your Trail? http://www.web2.mnr.gov.on.ca/LIO/trails/ Trails_en.html
  • 25. MNR in the Blogsphere
  • 26. Social Media – Finance/Revenue # of blogs mentioning the HST since yesterday – 15 # of new Twitter posts tracked since yesterday -142 # of relevant Facebook groups tracked -124 # of YouTube videos – 154 (4 new) Link to cabinet Link to scan Blogs
  • 27. Twitter at Finance/Revenue Daily update Sources of Tweets
  • 28. What is RSS? • It is Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication • From wikipedia: – a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video —in a standardized format. • Mash-up (collection) of web feeds into 1 website – video, audio, photos, RSS
  • 29. Subscribe via RSS CBC
  • 30. RSS Feeds
  • 31. Fire News
  • 32. YouTube - OFM • Track videos uploaded by citizens on fires in local community • Video of fire scene is valuable to investigators to determine cause • IT implications - YT videos in shockwave format (.swf) need to convert to windows media player (.wmp) format
  • 33. Facebook - OFM • Community safety messages – floods, fires, hurricanes • Events • Photos • Discussion
  • 34. YouTube – Finance/Revenue • HST videos monitored 2x week • Number of views indicated for each video • Track how the HST issue is trending
  • 35. Facebook – Finance/Revenue • HST postings monitored 2x week • Groups searched for saying NEW beside group name • Analyze activity by number of posts & new members • Follow public opinion
  • 36. Social Media Challenges
  • 37. Primary Challenges • Security • Protection of Personal Privacy • Records Retention and Information Management
  • 38. Social Media Sites: Origins • Platform for web-based communities • Collaborative and Interactive Space • Freedom of expression • Information Sharing – the Ideas Factory • Explosion of Use • Business Application
  • 39. Social Media in Government • US Government Administration • Ontario Government (Internet) – Communication Tool – Public Notifications – Soliciting Feedback – Interactive with the taxpayers • Ontario Government (Intranet) – OPSpedia
  • 40. Privacy and Security Issues • Third Party Social Media Sites • Viruses, Hacking and Hijacking • Employees posting personal information? • How does existing privacy legislation apply?
  • 41. Records Mgmt Issues • Contradiction in terms • Who owns the content? • How do we define records? • How do we make it searchable? • What do we capture, retain and preserve? • There is no consistent approach.
  • 42. Policies • Guide staff behaviour • Define: “what is a record” • Define: “what is to be retained” • Privacy Issues • Legal Issues • Technology Issues • Accountability
  • 43. Policy Resources Foreign Affairs - Canada http://www.international.gc.ca/about-a_propos/twitter_policy-politique.aspx?lang=eng Info Week: Gov’t Wrestles With Social Media Records Retention Policies http://www.informationweek.com/news/government/policy/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=217700689 CDC Health Social Media Guidelines http://www.cdc.gov/SocialMedia/Tools/guidelines Social Media Governance http://socialmediagovernance.com/policies.php OPSpedia: how the Ontario government uses wikis, blogs and social networking http://bruceharpham.ca/2010/04/opspedia-how-the-ontario-government-uses-wikis- blogs-and-social-networking/
  • 44. Clouds and computers eReaders
  • 45. eBooks, eReaders, and the Future of Reading 1. Legislative Library eReader pilot project report & recommendations 2. The eReader universe
  • 46. Pilot Project Goals • Evaluate technologies & user requirements • Develop staff competency • Compile overview of vendors, licensing options, and sources
  • 47. Pilot Project Recommendations 1. Content based focus 2. Copyright & privacy 3. Acquisitions 4. Lending the devices & licensing issues 5. Creating a “tech collection” 6. Content vendors 7. Sources for free content
  • 48. Creating a tech collection – the wish list • Ability to handle .pdf • Voice • Better display • Colour display • Wireless updating • Security & virus protection
  • 49. MyiLibrary
  • 50. NetLibrary
  • 51. Ebrary
  • 52. The Canadian Publishers Collection
  • 53. Canadian Public Policy Collection
  • 54. Canadian Health Resource Collection
  • 55. Everybody loves freebies
  • 56. Library Finder
  • 57. Toronto Public Library
  • 58. The Future of Reading
  • 59. Kindle 2 Current price - $189 (approx) as of June/10
  • 60. Sony eReader Touch PRS 600 Current price $169.99 (Sony store)
  • 61. Similarities • 6” screen size • Annotate • Rotate • Built-in dictionary • Search • Battery Life
  • 62. Reading Sony Kindle Faster page turning speed Content organized by file Single list organization type & collections (icons) scheme (filters) Storage – online account Storage – online account access access Wider range of adjustable font sizes
  • 63. Storage & Formats Sony Kindle BBeb .AZW 500 MB memory 2 GB memory Easy conversion of other file Whispernet formats ePub support No such luck, buddy Better .pdf conversion
  • 64. Photographs & Music Sony Kindle 8 levels of greyscale 16 shades of grey Full zoom controls Window or fullscreen view only Audiobooks & MP3s Audiobooks & MP3s Built-in speakers Text to Speech
  • 65. Add-on & Extras Sony Kindle Touch screen & stylus Wireless Handwrite notes, drawings Built-in keyboard More ports (USB, AC Direct access to Amazon adaptor) store for purchases
  • 66. Kindle 3
  • 67. Kobo – the Canuck contender
  • 68. iPad – the death knell for eReaders?
  • 69. ...and the rest Hi... Remember me? I don’t!
  • 70. SUMMARY CLOUDS Cloud computing Word clouds Upsides – downsides of information “fog” Your library can help. Check the Conference website, www.showcaseontario.com