Fire Service and Social Media

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Presenation at the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Conference on how the fire service can use social media to extend their reach in their communities. Using social media for public fire safety …

Presenation at the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Conference on how the fire service can use social media to extend their reach in their communities. Using social media for public fire safety messages, fire dept. community events, emergency notification.

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  • 1. HARNESSING THEPOWER OF SOCIALMEDIA IN THE FIRESERVICE Martha Murphy, Office of the Fire Marshal OAFC Conference April 30, 2011
  • 2. What is Social Media?
  • 3. What’s The Point?
  • 4. The Point is … Connecting Sharing Participating
  • 5. What do these mean?
  • 6. Facebook & LinkedIn Facebook LinkedIn Manage events  Professional profile Posts  Resume  Photos  Work connections  Links  Online rolodex  News, articles  Career builder  Networking Friends Fans Likes
  • 7. Twitter Messaging service known as microblogging …Communicate in 140 characters or less Promotions, events Most importantly  Starta conversation … what are you doing?  Create a voice – be an expert  Gain followers
  • 8. BlogsBlogger and WordPress User-centered website Prove yourself expert in your field Post video, podcasts, photos Feed to twitter Subscribe via RSS Find Blogs – Google Blog Search
  • 9. YouTube & FlickrYouTube – Videos Flickr - Photos Post user-generated  Profile videos  Friends Mainstream media  Groups (firefighter) Public relations  Stream to website Enhances Blog,  Share photos Twitter feed  Event Photos
  • 10. RSS & PodcastsRSS Feeds Podcasts Really Simple  Digital media files – Syndication audio or video No need to check for  Subscribe to site updates podcasts via RSS Subscribe to many  Listen/view on sites computer or MP3 Syndicate to Blog, player Twitter, Facebook
  • 11. Tools Used by Fire Service
  • 12. Facebook Fire departments, Fire associations, Government Community outreach  Emergency preparedness  News, events, fundraisers  Recruitment NFPA, FEMA, Brampton, Burlington, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Belleville
  • 13. Examples of Facebook NFPABrampton Fire
  • 14. Twitter Short posts 140 characters  Fire Department – emergency response, fire incidents, public safety messages, promo events  Citizens – emergency, disaster, fire, community – search on hashtags Re-tweeting Tweetdeck Twitterfeed Twitpic
  • 15. Examples of Twitter
  • 16. YouTube Post fire department content – PSA’s, safety messages, recruiting, events View videos by media, citizens on a local incident Search channels – Barrie Fire, NFPA, FEMA Search “your town” + fire .. Citizens may have taken video Add to official website, blog, Facebook
  • 17. Examples of YouTube Barrie Fire ChannelFEMA Channel
  • 18. RSS Podcast “Subscribing” to content via RSS Fire Dept. can add RSS link to official website, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube … Podcasts – NFPA, FEMA, FireChief, Firehouse  Syndicated via RSS  Content “pushed to you”
  • 19. Sites to Subscribe via RSS
  • 20. Share LinkShare Link
  • 21. Layers of Presence & AccessibilityBelleville Fire &EmergencyServices Website Facebook Logo
  • 22. Layers of Presence & Accessibility
  • 23. Layers of Presence & Accessibility
  • 24. Considerations withthese tools …
  • 25. Evaluate your messageWhat are you trying to accomplish?What message are you conveying?Who will maintain information?How will you measure success?Choose tool to match message!
  • 26. Keys to ConsiderKeys Points …
  • 27. Guidelines, Permissions, Policies
  • 28. Promotion
  • 29. Risks / Barriers of Use
  • 30. Leap of Faith …Just Try It !
  • 31. Social Media Assignment 1. SearchTwitter use #tags – #tsunami ,#leafs , #yourcity (#Petrolia) 1. Facebook – set up an account … be a friend to Brampton, Burlington, Niagara, Belleville Fire, NFPA, FEMA …follow their posts …comment back! 2. YouTube – search for fires in your community – what are citizens posting? Check out channels – CTV, Barrie Fire, NFPA
  • 32. ResourcesAdd to Your  Fire Chat – OFM Social Media linksSocial Media  Social Media & Fire Service Part I-IIIBarrie Fire Ontario Fire Service Messenger by MarthaBelleville Fire MurphyBrampton Fire  Sticks & Stones by Larry WeberBurlington Fire  Brampton Fire - Phillip Shuster www.brampton.caNiagara FallsToronto Fire  Charlotte Fire Dept –Mark Basnight
  • 33. Thank You … Questions?