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  1. 1. Q4)How did you use media technologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluation stages?The planning and research stages of our project were very in depth and weused a range of different "media technologies" to collect the information andresources we needed. Firstly we needed to look at existing music videos thatfell into our chosen genre (pop and R&B), the reason we chose this specificgenre is because we wanted our video to be fun and up tempo, these are someof the words I would personally use to describe the genre, as being a pop andR&B fan myself I have encountered a variety of videos and songs. We usedYouTube to search for certain songs we believed where a part of that specificgenre and watched the whole clip before collecting the embed code andinserting the video link onto our blogs, each of us then analysed 2 videos andlinked them to media conventions. Collecting the embed code was simple as itwas available just underneath the video link and was transferred quickly andeasily and because YouTube is a world-renowned website we knew it washighly unlikely that viruses could be caused.After completing that task we went onto analyse both digipak and advertexamples, again from pop and R&B artists, this would help us with our futuretasks of creating our own digipak and advert as we could get tips and be ableto notice clearly the elements used throughout each. For example; artistsname, song title, an image of some sort, record label e.t.c. To collect theseimages we used simply Google Images and it came up with a range of differentones for us to choose from so meant it wasn’t hard for us to separately analyse2 each, the images were of a average size so the examiner can look at it clearlyand notice each aspect we have talked about but also Google allows you tosave the images free of charge, which was useful for us as the process of savingthe image and adding it to our blogs to analyse was completed very quickly.However a downfall to this program was that some of the images had norelevance to our genre and meant we did have to take a lot of lesson time tosearch for specific digipak and adverts that would link to our work.When it came to filling in things like; the treatment sheet and call sheets foreach destination and risk assessment, we simply used Microsoft Word as itmeant the work was presented in a more professional manner compared tohand written and was another use of media program to show on our blogs.When it came to filling out the call sheet our subject tutors gave us mock upsof what to fill in for each destination, however the treatment sheet and riskassessment was all our own doing, from scratch we added all the informationwhich meant it was easier for us to understand and put into our own wordsbut also if any spelling errors should occur then this would show up onMicrosoft Word and give us suggestions of what we might have meant, thissmall element could result in our work being of a higher level so it’s criticalthat we do check our spelling and grammar. After writing up our answers wecopied the documents across to our blogs.The final technology we used through the research and planning stage was theSony Hard Drive Camera, in which we used to film our audience research, it’sa small hand held camera and very easy to work with, the only settings weused when collecting our research was the play and stop buttons; play whenwe were recording a person’s answers to the question and stop when they had
  2. 2. finished and we then moved onto another student before the same processwas put into place again. In previous lessons I have had problems with thecamera’s running out of battery after a certain time; however this one wasfully charged and lasted the duration of our recordings. When finished wesimply used a wire to attach the camera to the MAC before selecting the fileand copying it into I Movie which is the program that allowed us to select thebest clips and put them into place in sync, this is a more simple program touse compared to Final Cut (which we used for our music video) as it has lesssettings to concentrate on, but overall throughout the duration of our researchand planning a variety of technologies where used and all at the highest abilityto show off each group members skills.When we had completed the research and planning section of our blog, wethen moved onto the construction of the music video. This included postsfrom discussions in the group to how we had put adverts and digipak togetherand the final version of the music video. The equipment in which we used tofilm our music video consisted of a Sony Hard Drive camera; this allowed usto create a variety of different shots through the cameras features such aszooming in to create meat shots. For some scenes we connected the camera toa tripod to allow smooth and steady camera movements for example the use ofwhip pan in our frantic running scene. However a downfall that came with thecamera was its lack of battery charge as when filming some scenes thecameras battery descended rapidly. Also for the beginning scenes we filmedthe tripod was of an unsteady quality and this did interfere with our clipswhich we reported back to our subject tutor with so she could bare it in mindwhen it came to viewing these clips in our video.When it came to uploading our footage we used I movie in order to changeeach of the clips to a .mov format so the quality would be at its highest and ata more professional standard, then opened each of the clips into Final Cutwhere we could watch them in full and decide which would be successfulenough to be included in the actual music video itself, due to the extremequality of this program it meant we could cut back to specific parts of thevideo and separate them from others if it meant making the whole video lookrushed and unedited. This is also the program we used to add on variouseffects to our clips; the jerky screen movement of our main character duringthe couch scene, we added this effect because we thought that the scenelooked slightly boring compared to the rest of the video and by adding theeffect to each separate clip it made each one of them more eye catching andinteresting to look at.It had elements which included a razor, where you could cut off a small part ofthe clip that we may not have wanted to use due to “camera faults” or “focus ofthe characters” e.t.c this was a process that took a small amount of time, it wasthe rendering of the large clips that took the longest, especially when weadded effects on top of the clips, Final Cut had to select the clip and change itto the new version but because of the large files we were compressing itsometimes meant half the lesson was taken up by just rendering, so for nexttime we know to cut down our clips into sections.An element that our group especially found useful was the fact we could speedup the clips to as fast as we wanted, we also had the option to change the clipto backwards these both came into use because the whole video is aboutmaking her look disjointed and mental and by changing these small things thesmall clip can look completely different. We added these two effects on a
  3. 3. group of clips towards the end of the video, they all made a montage andlinked into together well.The final main point that Final Cut has compared to any other program is theamount of space you can use to edit clips, we made around 5 layers of differentclips so they didn’t get mixed up, but you have the option to keep addinglayers when needed but also locking the layers so none of the clips involvedcan’t move when we were focusing on a specific one, because as we found outif you don’t lock each layer and you make changes to one it moves the rest ofthe clips out of place.After fully completing our music video each of the posts that came with it werebasically just updating our blogs so all written work was done on there, apartfrom the rough cuts which needed to be compressed into Quick Time beforebeing added to You Tube, we then took the embed code and updated them toour blog. We created 3 of these and it showed how each time we had changedthe video to make it better.Then it went onto the ancillary tasks (Digipak and Advert), these were bothcompleted in Photoshop, However we used a Nikon camera to capture thephoto shoot we put together especially for these two projects. When finishedwe selected the best few images and added them to Photoshop, because wehad used a leopard print reflection not much editing needed to be done to theimages themselves, except from a slight amount of contrast to increase theamount of emphasis on the print, it was just the marketing points we neededto include. For example on the digipak; the artist’s name, song title, list ofsongs, copyright information, bar code and company logo. As for the digipak;artist’s name, song title, phone scanner, release date, company logo, opinionsfrom magazines and websites. All of these elements where added using thetext tool on Photoshop we just downloaded the fonts separately from ainternet font website and added them into the font selection for us to choose(Werewolf and Katy Berry), The barcode and phone scanner were both copiedfrom Google images and transferred in as a new layer and our company logowas created in a new tab and then also transferred. The process of addingeverything in didn’t take long it was more positioning each of the layers thatwas fiddly especially on the digipak.Overall Photoshop was a successful program to use as I believe it had all theappropriate settings we needed to create the digipak and advert in aprofessional way. However some groups may have struggled to use it becauseit is slightly complicated, but because I am a photography student I dounderstand most things. Both files needed to be changed to a jpg beforeadding them to our blogs for analysis.Finally we had to create evaluations to go along with our video; there were 4separate questions, which we devised out into the group equally. We decidedto try and create each question using a different technology to show theexaminer how diverse we are. However the options where very limited, we hadthe choice of a Prezi, creating our own video, Power point or we came up withour own plan for this question by writing it on Microsoft word then creatingeither recordings using Screenr of me showing how to use each program orjust collecting screen grabs. For question 1 we decided to create a videobecause it’s the longest and most detailed question and would take less timetalking about it and adding in other elements rather than write everything
  4. 4. down. For this we used the media studio which is available through college tofilm our video because it has a green screen which we transferred our videoonto as it played in the background as we talked so that viewers would havesomething to look at and the video was more entertaining rather than us sat inthe classroom talking into the camera. There was also a range of lightsavailable and we had the use of the ICT assistant to work all the controls andadd our video to the green screen, but also add our writing onto the autoqueue and control the speed e.t.c to a level that we could all read comfortably,without he’s help we wouldn’t have completed the video in the lesson time aswe would of had to work everything ourselves so it was a great help. Afterfilming all of the parts, the ICT assistant transferred each of the files onto myart drive so I could access them instantly in the classroom to start editing thevideo together. We again used Final Cut to put the video together, as well asincluding our filming from the studio we over lapped our voices with clipsfrom our music video that linked in to what we were talking about but alsodownloaded videos via YouTube and Zamzar where you add the web addressand convert to mov and the file gets sent to your Hotmail account, thesevideos were the ones we were influenced by and also used clips from them tocompare with our own. The same rules applied for Final Cut as above.When evaluating questions 2& 3 we decided to use Prezi and I did one andSophie completed the other. Prezi is an online power point website in whichyou can add loads of sections of writing and images and then make a pathwhich links them all together before showing it finally in a power point. It’s avery easy program to use as you can change the fonts to what suits you andalso the background and font colours using theme wizard (which I kept inwith our brand identity – purple and the font – white) you also write whateveramount you need and then alter the size of how the font is shown on screen,you can also rotate it so it’s more interesting to look at. However because myquestion was so detailed I kept my writing all straight on and tried to separatesome of the writing to ensure it was understandable for all. The only bad thingabout Prezi is that it has no spell checker, so this was very time consuming forme to go through everything I had written to check for mistakes, it would havebeen so much easier if it changed them automatically.Finally this is evaluation question 4 which I have completed on MicrosoftWord because it’s slightly like bringing everything together, so I thought itwould be way too long to include in a video and too much to write about in aPrezi, so this is the next most professional way to go around presenting it. It isalso a program which checks spelling so has saved me a lot of time, howeverjust presenting the question like this would be seen as “boring” compared tothe way we have presented the other 3 questions in the evaluation section. Soafter completing the written part I am either going to record step by steptutorials using the Screenr program on the internet in which you recordyourself talking through exactly what you are doing on screen, for example Icould be adding text to Photoshop, as well as showing them where you addtext I will also be talking through it. However with only one lesson left tocomplete the evaluations I may have to resort to something less adventurous,screen grabs of me completing certain tasks, both will be easy to understandjust the Screenr might be more interesting to watch.Overall I think using a lot of different technologies through this coursework
  5. 5. module has give me lots of confidence to try new things but also made mepassionate about creating each piece of my work to the highest standard I canbecause I have the resources to do it, I just need the motivation and I hopethroughout everything I have done it’s clearly shown.