2010 Golf TDi Product Launch


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This is a product launch presentation for the 2010 VW Golf TDI I created for my integrated marketing communications class.

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2010 Golf TDi Product Launch

  1. 1. 2010 Golf TDI<br />Melinda Cormier<br />Joe D’Isidoro<br />Adam McCarthy<br />October 19,2009<br />
  2. 2. 2010 Golf TDI<br />Miles per gallon: 30/41<br />Horsepower: 140<br />Torque: 236 ft. lbs.<br />Carefree Maintenance Program<br />(3 years/36,000 mi.)<br />Starting at $22,189<br />Available in 2 & 4 door<br />2.0L Clean Diesel<br />emits 25 percent less greenhouse gas and achieves more than 30 percent better fuel economy compared to a similar gasoline engine<br />
  3. 3. Marketing Objectives<br />Sales to exceed 15,000 Golf TDI&apos;s sold in the US in 2010<br />Sales revenue to exceed $300 million in 2010<br />Increase consumer awareness of the VW brand as a leader in clean diesel by 20%<br />Increase market share by 8% in 2010<br />
  4. 4. Communications Objectives<br />Decrease consumer&apos;s negative perception of diesels by 15% in 2010<br />Increase awareness of clean diesel & economical benefits by 20% in 2010<br />Increase visitors to the TDI website by 50 unique visitors per week<br />Keep visitors on the website an average of 2 pages more per visit<br />Increase the number of TDI test drives by 15% <br />
  5. 5. Campaign Theme<br />Continue with “Meet the Volkswagens”<br />Featuring Max the Beetle as spokesperson<br />Part of the “Das Auto” plan<br />Largely a comparative campaign<br />Focus on performance, fuel-efficiency and affordability<br />
  6. 6. Target Market<br />Demographics & Socioeconomics<br />Sex: Male & female<br />Age: Mid 20&apos;s to mid 40‘s<br />Marital Status: Single, married, divorced - No children<br />Education levels: Post high school, graduate<br />Employment Levels: Professional, WC, Service<br />Income: $40k - $80k per year<br />Ethnic Diversity: White, black, Asian, Hispanic, mix<br />
  7. 7. Target Market (cont’d)<br />Psychographics<br />Lifestyle traits:<br />Shop at Banana Republic<br />Download music online<br />Go snowboarding<br />Watch independent films<br />Early adopters<br />Travel & sports enthusiasts<br />Environmentally conscious<br />
  8. 8. Website Demographics<br />Volkswagen.com traffic information<br />
  9. 9. Competition<br />U.S. based only<br />Honda Civic Hybrid<br />Toyota Prius<br />Nissan Altima Hybrid<br />
  10. 10. Toyota Prius<br />Specifications<br />Cost of ownership<br />51 MPG/city<br />48 MPG/ highway<br />134 Horsepower<br />Weight: 3,042 lbs<br />Price: $22,000<br />Hybrid Battery Life: 8-10 years.<br />Cost of replacement battery: $5,000<br />Total cost to own: $35,345(first five years)<br />
  11. 11. Toyota Prius(cont’d)<br />Warranty info<br />Bumper to Bumper: 3 years or 36,000 miles<br />Power Train: 5 years or 50,000 miles<br />
  12. 12. Honda Civic Hybrid<br />Specifications<br />Cost of ownership<br />40 MPG/city 45 MPG/highway<br />110 Horsepower<br />Weight: 2,877 lbs<br />Price: $23,800<br />Hybrid Battery Life: 8-10 years<br />Cost of replacement battery: $3,500<br />Total cost to own: $36,937(first five years)<br />
  13. 13. Honda Civic Hybrid (cont’d)<br />Warranty information<br />Bumper to Bumper: 3 years/36,000 miles<br />Power Train: 5 years/60,000 miles<br />Corrosion: 5 years/unlimited miles<br />Accessories: 3 year/ 36,000 miles<br />Battery: 8 years/ 100,000 miles<br />Replacement Parts: 1 year/ 12,000 miles<br />
  14. 14. Nissan Altima Hybrid<br />specifications<br />35 MPG/ city 33 MPG/ highway<br />198 Horsepower<br />Weight: 3,470 lbs<br />Price: $26,780<br />Cost of ownership<br />Hybrid Battery Life: 5 years/ 100,000 miles<br />Cost of replacement battery: $5,000<br />Total Cost to Own: $35,854(first five years)<br />
  15. 15. Nissan Altima Hybrid (cont’d)<br />warranty<br />Bumper to Bumper: 3 years/ 36,000 miles<br />Power Train: 5 years/ 60,000 miles<br />
  16. 16. Media<br />U.S. Only<br /><ul><li> Television
  17. 17. Print Ads
  18. 18. Internet
  19. 19. Support Media
  20. 20. Local Dealership Advertising</li></li></ul><li>Television<br />description<br />Core of the campaign<br />“Meet the Volkswagens” – Das Auto<br />Most competitive, therefore top priority<br />Networks & Programming<br />(10) CBS Primetime/NFL ads<br />(10) NBC Primetime ads<br />(55) Syndicated programming ads<br />(55) News networks/local sports ads<br />
  21. 21. Television - Budget<br />Budget Allocation<br />Production: $600,000<br />Post production/editing: $300,000<br />Director: $400,000<br />NBC (primetime) – 10 ads: $2,300,000<br />CBS (primetime) – 10 ads: $2,650,000<br />Syndicated Programs – 55 ads: $2,750,000<br />News networks / local sports – 55 ads: $3,850,000<br />Total Cost: $12,850,000<br />
  22. 22. Print Ads<br />Magazines<br />Reminder & awareness ads<br />Targeting men & women<br />Car & Driver (2 issues)<br />Newsweek (3 issues)<br />Time (2 issues)<br />Automobile (3 issues)<br />
  23. 23. Print Ads - Budget<br />Budget allocation<br />Ad production: $25,000<br />Car & Driver (2 issues): $363,630<br />Newsweek (3 issues): $437,235<br />Time (2 issues): $547,500<br />Automobile (3 issues): $330,000<br />Total Cost: $1,703,365<br />
  24. 24. Internet<br />Goals<br />Position ads on sites that prospective buyers frequently visit<br />Websites<br />Vehix.com<br />Edmunds.com<br />Autotrader.com<br />CarandDriver.com<br />MotorTrend.com<br />VWvortex.com<br />CarDomain.com<br />Other enthusiast sites<br />Typical traffic is 1 million visitors per day to the Vehix, Autotrader, and Edmunds websites.<br />
  25. 25. Internet (cont’d)<br />Additional goals<br />Invest in Google AdWords<br />No waste coverage, direct connect to website<br />Golf TDI fan page on Facebook.com<br />Golf TDI page on vw.com<br />Interactive, easy to navigate, flashy, “build your own”<br />
  26. 26. Internet - Budget<br />Budget allocation<br />Golf TDI webpages on vw.com: $9,000<br />Two semi-interactive banner ads: $3,000<br />2 million impressions (views): $200,000<br />Google AdWords: $1,800 max per day<br />AdWords: Diesel, clean diesel, hybrid, Volkswagen, VW, Golf, GTI, new cars, buy new cars, etc.<br />365,000 – 650,000 hits per word at $1.00 - $1.80 per word<br />Total Cost: $869,000<br />
  27. 27. Support Media - Billboards<br />Billboards<br />Outer-city areas<br />Target consumers who commute or work in large cities<br />Chicago<br />Los Angeles<br />Houston<br />Based on price, viewership, population, and wealth<br />
  28. 28. Billboard Budget<br />Budget allocation<br />1 Month Duration Each<br />Houston (55,000 viewers): $96,715<br />Chicago (85,000 viewers): $162,750<br />Los Angeles (175,000): $170,925<br />Total Cost: $430,390<br />
  29. 29. Support (cont’d) & Direct Mail<br />Support media<br />Branded merchandise<br />Wearables: T-shirts, hats, scarves<br />Drink-ware, bags, stickers, office/desk accessories<br />Transit Ads<br />Taxis, subways, planes, buses<br />Direct mail<br /><ul><li>Catalog featuring 2010 Golf TDI sent to previous and potential consumers</li></li></ul><li>Support& Direct Mail Budget<br />Support media Budget allocation<br />Branded merchandise: $182,110<br />Transit & misc expenses: $432,110<br />Direct mail budget allocation<br />Database (500,000 previous & potential consumers) for catalog distribution: $50,000<br />Catalog construction: $25,000<br />Printing: $175,000<br />Total Cost: $864,220<br />
  30. 30. Local Dealerships<br />VW Group will provide funds to the top US dealerships for localized advertising<br />Radio, Newspaper, TV<br />Restrictions apply<br />Promotions & special events<br />Funds to be dispersed: $1 million<br />
  31. 31. Total Budget<br />Total budget allocation<br />TV: $12,850,000<br />Print Ads: $1,703,365<br />Internet: $869,000<br />Support Media & Direct Mail: $1,294,610<br />Dealerships: $1,000,000<br />Total Budget: $17,716,975<br />Roughly 5% of expected sales for the 2010 Golf TDI<br />
  32. 32. International<br /><ul><li> United Kingdom
  33. 33. Canada</li></li></ul><li>United Kingdom<br />Statistics<br />Number three country using hybrid vehicles<br />Volkswagen Golf – 5th most driven car<br />Over 65k VW registered in 2008<br />US competitors are not active in UK<br />Demographics & Psychographics<br />Similar to US target market<br />Already familiar with VW brand<br />Fuel-efficiency conscious<br /><ul><li>Diesel cars are common</li></li></ul><li>Canada<br />Statistics<br />Number two country for hybrid vehicles<br />Sold over 11,000 VW Golfs in 2008<br />VW Golf has been sold in Canada since 1974<br />Largest competitor: Honda Civic Hybrid<br />Demographics & Psychographics<br />Similar to US & British target market<br />Already familiar with VW brand<br />Fuel-efficiency conscious<br /><ul><li>Diesel cars are common</li></li></ul><li>Marketing Strategy<br />“Meet the Volkswagens” campaign<br />Similar to US marketing plan<br />Use of TV, Print Ad, Internet, Dealerships, Direct Mail and Support Media<br />Regulated by similar governing bodies<br />Billboards more common in Canada<br />Smaller overall budgets, with varying allocation amounts<br />
  34. 34. Marketing Strategy (cont’d)<br />TV & Print<br />Different measurement standards (metric)<br />Actors & language (Canada)<br />Jingle & Max remain constant<br />Radio – customized by dealership<br />Internet – Similar to US<br />Direct Mail – Similar to US<br />Support Media – Similar<br />
  35. 35. Expected Sales<br />United Kingdom<br />10,000 units sold in 2010<br />Sales to exceed £230,000,000<br />Canada<br />4,000 units sold in 2010<br />Sales to exceed $100,000,000<br />