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The Top 3 Location-Based Advertising Insights Across Retail, QSR and Auto

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Location-based advertising has evolved dramatically from its humble beginnings of simple geo-fence tests. Today, retail, QSR and auto brands are leading the way and running sophisticated campaigns …

Location-based advertising has evolved dramatically from its humble beginnings of simple geo-fence tests. Today, retail, QSR and auto brands are leading the way and running sophisticated campaigns that are delivering meaningful metrics.

Join a stellar group of marketers and mobile experts from Verve Mobile, xAd and YP, to hear the 3 most important insights from each industry category on how applying location intelligence to mobile campaigns will drive measurable ROI. These insights are based on thousands of campaigns in 2013 and 2014 - don't miss this data-rich discussion!

Leo Scullin, Global Industry Initiatives, Mobile Marketing Association


Monica Ho
Senior Vice President, Marketing

Heather Sears
Executive Director, Marketing

James Smith
Chief Revenue Officer
Verve Mobile

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  • 1. March 18, 2014! The Top 3 Location-Based Advertising Insights Across Retail, QSR and Auto! 1   M!A!M!Webinar Series!
  • 2. 2   As the premier global trade association dedicated to accelerating the transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile, the MMA represents the entire marketing ecosystem and brings together over 700 organizations globally, allowing us to facilitate connections, deliver insight and drive impactful action for our members and the industry at large! For more information about membership email: membership@mmaglobal.com or visit http://www.mmaglobal.com/member-center/benefits ! ! "INSIGHTS: ! "Access a world of insights through our white papers, articles and case "studies. Support your mobile agenda and ensure mobile readiness! ! "CONNECTIONS: ! "Interact with passionate leaders and stay on the cutting edge. Boost "your business and career by connecting with the people that matter! ! "IMPACT: ! "Influence industry frameworks, standards, guidelines and best "practices. Join the industry initiatives that shape the future of mobile! About the MMA !
  • 3. 3   ! The MMA location committee was established to give advertisers and their agency and media partners the confidence to invest their ad dollars into a growing new category of mobile ad products and services. This webinar is being produced by the Advertising Working Group of this committee and is meant to provide key insights into the ad strategies and tactics working for some of the top mobile advertising categories in mobile-location today: Retail, Restaurants and Automotive.! Overview!
  • 4. 4   •  " Location: the unique to mobile opportunity! ! • " Common Location Terminology ! "! • " Top Tactics by Category! "! • " Client Case Studies by Category! ! • " Q&A! "! "! Today’s Agenda!
  • 5. 5   Moderator! Presenters! Monica Ho! SVP, Marketing! MMA Location Committee Co-Chair! xAd! Monica.ho@xad.com! ! James Smith! Chief Revenue Officer! MMA Location Advertising, Working Group Lead! Verve! James.smith@verve.com! ! Leo Scullin! Head of Global Industry Initiatives! Mobile Marketing Association! Heather Sears! Executive Director, Marketing! MMA Location Advertising Committee Member! YP Mobile! Heather.sears@yp.com! ! !
  • 6. 6   Managing Your Questions! Share the Insights! #MMAWeb!
  • 7. LOCATION:THE UNIQUE TO MOBILE OPPORTUNITY 16%   Mobile As a % of Online Sales Source:  IBM,  Q4  2013   77%  20%   Where Was Purchase Completed In  Person  Online   Source:  xAd/Telmetrics  Mobile  Path  to  Purchase   Study  Commissioned  by  Nielsen,  2013   •  Today nearly 70% of smartphone access is spent out of the home or on-the-go •  As a result, in addition to driving online actions – mobile impacts offline activities as well
  • 8. 26% 18% 13% 12% 11% 10% 6% 4% TOP INDUSTRIES FOR LOCATION-BASED ADVERTISING RETAIL 26% AUTO 18% QSR/RESTAURANTS 12% Retail Auto CE/Tech Restaurants CPG Finance / Insurance Telecom Travel
  • 9. IN MOBILE - IMMEDIACY OF NEEDVARIES BY CATEGORY Source: xAd/Telmetrics Mobile Path to Purchase Study commissioned by Nielsen: Understanding Mobile’s Role in the Consumer Path to Purchase - 2013 89%   59%   55%   Restaurant Retail Automotive Immediacy of Consumer Need Within the day Within the month Month +
  • 10. AS A RESULT, SO DO CONSUMER EXPECTATIONS 65%   57%   53%   0%   10%   20%   30%   40%   50%   60%   70%   Restaurant Retail Automotive Looking For Businesses Within 5 Miles of Their Location Source: xAd/Telmetrics Mobile Path to Purchase Study commissioned by Nielsen: Understanding Mobile’s Role in the Consumer Path to Purchase - 2013
  • 12. •  Geo-Fencing •  Identifies a point of interest on a map and establishes a radius around it for targeting purposes. •  Geo-Conquesting •  Uses location data to identify a brand’s competitors in an effort to promote a competing or competitive offering to their customers. •  Geo-Behavioral/Location-Based Audiences •  The ability to target unique audiences and/or users based on the context of a given location, past or present location behaviors etc. •  Retargeting •  Re-messaging to users based on past offline and online visitation behaviors MOBILE ADVERTISING MORE THAN JUST PROXIMITY TARGETING hJp://www.mmaglobal.com/   locaOon-­‐terminology-­‐guide  
  • 13. QSR
  • 14. TOP GOALS: QSR / RESTUARANTS Drive foot traffic away from competitors’ and into their stores Increase foot traffic during key times of day / day of week Increase awareness of new offerings / special offers
  • 15. GEO-CONQUESTING Reach consumers in and near competitor stores GEO-FENCING Reach consumers near your location RETARGETING Reach consumers after they visit AUDIENCE TARGETING Target custom audiences based on activity in the physical world MOBILE COUPONS Variety of executions QSR CATEGORY QSR / RESTAURANT TACTICS"
  • 16. 1.  Proximity is a key relevance driver 2.  Timing is Everything 3.  Creative – Keep it simple 4.  Plan for metrics that matter TOP QSR INSIGHTS
  • 17. 1. PROXIMITY MATTERS Nearly 7 out of 10 mobile restaurant users look up a business location and/or map and driving directions Source: xAd/Telmetrics Mobile Path to Purchase Study - Restaurants Location Targeting is Essential Leverage geo-precise targeting capabilities to reach consumers when they are near your / or your competitors locations Most Popular Targeting Tactics •  Geo-Fencing — Reach and engage customers around your own QSR locations •  Geo-Conquesting — Reach and engage customers around your competitors locations Immediate Proximity, 64% No Proximity Expectation, 36% Location Expectations When Searching for a Restaurant on Mobile
  • 18. 2.TIMING IS EVERYTHING Over 60% of mobile restaurant users look to make a purchase within the hour Source: xAd/Telmetrics Mobile Path to Purchase Study - Restaurants Marry Immediacy with Context •  Time of Day and Day of Week targeted campaigns satisfy both convenience and user intent •  Don’t assume consumers will remember your breakfast ad if served during the lunch hour Immediatley, 30% Within Hour, 34% Within day, 25% Within Month, 7% [SERIES NAME], 3% Immediacy of Consumer Need
  • 19. 3. KEEP IT SIMPLE 19 Source: xAd/Telmetrics Mobile Path to Purchase Study - Restaurants Fancy, Fluffy Ad Creative is Seldom “Quick” •  QSR ad creative should include location, deal or offer, and a direct call to action •  Ads direct to landing pages with nearest location information and preferred actions such as map & driving directions Decisions are made quickly. Make sure every second counts by providing users quick access to the information they need. 78%   65%   48%   27%   Food Type Location / Proximity Price Reviews Top Reasons for QSR Selection
  • 20. 4. PLAN FOR METRICS THAT MATTER Mobile makes fast food FASTER, revealing user preference in secondary actions that drive offline conversion Top Mobile Secondary Actions: QSR!Measure Success of Intention-Driven Activities •  Clicks/CTR mean nothing when it comes to mobile restaurant user intent •  Plan and optimize based on QSR user action of choice – Map & Driving Direction or Actual In-Store Visits Source: xAd Network Data
  • 21. CASE STUDIES •  Pinkberry •  Quiznos
  • 22. 22 GOAL: Drive foot traffic into Pinkberry stores and generate awareness of current promotional offers to try the new Pinkberry greek yogurt. SOLUTION: Leverage geo-fencing combined with an audience target to reach Pinkberry’s Ideal audience. RESULTS The campaign doubled Pinkberry's performance benchmark CLIENT SUCCESS STORY: PINKBERRY
  • 23. SUCCESS STORY: QUIZNOS “Must have a testing mentality -- always,” Tim Kraus, Director of Digital Marketing, Quiznos. Quiznos has been testing with Sense Networks/YP since 2012 over several campaigns to learn what works best in their business. Targeting: • San Francisco, Madison, Seattle test markets • Competitors’ customers (Subway, McDonald’s, Wendy’s) • Within 10 miles of locations Results: • 6% lift in sales over national average Source:  YP/Sense  Networks   hJp://naOonal.yp.com/mobile  
  • 24. RETAIL
  • 25. Drive Foot Traffic into Stores Special Sales or Promotions Market Focused Media Heavy-Ups Support Store Openings TOP GOALS: RETAIL
  • 26. GEO-CONQUESTING Reach consumers in and near competitor stores GEO-FENCING Reach consumers near your retail location RETARGETING Reach consumers after they visit retailers AUDIENCE TARGETING Target custom audiences based on activity in the physical world MOBILE COUPONS Variety of executions RETAIL CATEGORY RETAIL TACTICS
  • 27. 1.  Geo-Fencing Might be Too Late 2.  Sometimes Location Doesn’t Matter… 3.  Target People, Not Places 4.  *Bonus Insight* Get Smart about Mobile Coupons RETAIL INSIGHTS
  • 28. 70% of purchases are planned. Shopping decisions can be better impacted by reaching shoppers in advance of going to a store. 1. GEO-FENCING MIGHT BE TOO LATE 1. Here’s a consumer who goes to Lowe’s 2. Here are 15 more opportunities to reach him. Lowe’s Source:  YP/Sense  Networks   hJp://naOonal.yp.com/mobile  
  • 29. 2. SOMETIMES LOCATION DOESN’T MATTER... Distance to Store CTR < .5 mi 0.77% .5-1 mi. 0.79% 1-3 mi. 0.80% 3-5 mi. 0.78% 5-8 mi. 0.80% 8-10 mi. 0.79% 10+ mi. 0.80% Contrary to popular belief, there is not always a relationship between real- time distance to retail store and clicks. Red=  campaigns,  series  A   Blue  =  campaigns,  series  B  Source:  YP/Sense  Networks   hJp://naOonal.yp.com/mobile  
  • 30. … AT LEAST NOT HOWYOU THINK… Home/work location and attributes extracted from location data can drive greater lift in results. Especially for national brands with many well-known locations in a metro area other targeting will have a greater impact on response than being “1 mile from a retail store.” 0   1   2   3   4   5   Real Time Location Behavior Demos Home Location Group A Group B Group C Sample CTR Lift Multiple Source:  YP/Sense  Networks   hJp://naOonal.yp.com/mobile  
  • 31. “Groupon” Model • Deal Oriented • Hyper-Local • Banner states Distance to Retailer Brand Retailer • Generic banner • No deal * Have observed lack of correlation of Distance to CTR Correlation CTR- Distance to Store … NEED TO INVESTIGATE TO UNDERSTAND DRIVERS  If there's no deal, people who are frequently in close proximity to a brand or establishment can be less interested in the ad. Level of Correlation Source:  YP/Sense  Networks   hJp://naOonal.yp.com/mobile  
  • 32. 3.TARGET PEOPLE, NOT JUST PLACES Location-powered audience profiles deliver a 3-5x lift ! over simple geo-fencing for retail brands. ! YPmobile Targeting ! Customer Information ! Works: Midtown Manhattan! Lives: Garden City, NY
 Shops at: Costco, Macy’s! Age: 35-44! Income: $150k+! Travels for business! YPmobile Targeting ! Customer Information ! Works: Minneapolis, MN! Lives: St. Paul, MN! Shops: Quiznos, Target! Age: 25-29! Income: $50-75k+! Interests: Concerts! Works: Unknown " Lives: Unknown " Shops: Unknown " Age: Unknown " Income: Unknown " Interests: Unknown " Traditional Location Targeting Customer Information! Source:  YP/Sense  Networks   hJp://naOonal.yp.com/mobile  
  • 33. •  Use location to geo-conquest competitors’ shoppers •  Hyper-target with exclusive coupons per competitor •  Give shoppers control; save coupons to phone screen •  Measure multiple levels of action 4. GET SMART ABOUT MOBILE COUPONS Measure secondary ~20% save to phone Measure Coupons ~2% redeemed Measure Store Visits ~6% visited store Vs. Beauty Competitor: Vs. Fashion Competitor: Vs. Home/ Cookware Competitor: ~Measure Cost Per Store Visit ~$5 Source:  YP/Sense  Networks   hJp://naOonal.yp.com/mobile  
  • 34. CASE STUDIES •  Columbia •  Vespa / Moto Guzzi
  • 35. SUCCESS STORY: COLUMBIA Campaign Goals: To increase awareness around Columbia’s Omni-Heat jacket and incent mobile users to come in-store to try it on Solution: •  Users were targeted in and around locations offering the new Omni-Heat jacket with a location-aware message •  Post click, users were taken to a custom landing page showing contact details for the nearest store location and a special offer Results: •  CTR was 52% above the industry average •  Driving directions and an exclusive offer that could be redeemed at retail locations were the highest secondary actions
  • 36. Targeting: • RetargetedVespa and Moto Guzzi shoppers • Motorcycle enthusiasts • Demographics (high HHI) Results: • Banner CTR: 0.75% • ~4x lift over untargeted • Interstitial CTR: 2.33% • 9% of clicks visited the dealer SUCCESS STORY:VESPA/MOTO GUZZI “This was not even an exercise in branding, but an exercise in sales,” Melissa MacCaull,VP of marketing at Piaggio Group America. “The campaign had the highest click-through rates of any other aspect of the program, including search and online display.”  Read more: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/209818/vespa-retargets-dealer-visitors-to- move-buyers-dow.html
  • 38. ADVERTISING OBJECTIVES FOR AUTOVARY BY “TIER” Auto mobile strategy varies depending on funding source: TIER 1: NATIONAL/ BRANDING Objective: Increase awareness and shift consideration TIER 2: REGIONAL DEALER GROUPS Drive qualified leads and promote regional incentives TIER 3: LOCAL DEALER Reach in-market shoppers and drive foot traffic to individual dealerships
  • 39. GEO-CONQUESTING Reach consumers visiting competitor lots. GEO-FENCING Reach consumers near dealership: fencing proximity based on machine learnings. RETARGETING Reach consumers after they visit lot or competitor dealerships for 30 days, anytime/anywhere. AUDIENCE TARGETING Target custom audiences based primarily on a combination of activity in the physical world; and HH matching data. ZIP+4 CODE TARGETING Target key zip codes for specific Models based on Polk sales data. AUTO CATEGORY AUTO OVERALL MOST EFFECTIVE LOCATION TACTICS BEACON TRIGGERED MESSAGING/OFFERS: Targeted ads integrated into Beacon technology. HH MATCHING/ “PATH” OVERLAY: Target based on HH to Device matching Auto data and optimize for path to purchase. “PATH” TARGETING Targeting locations that are seen on path to dealer lots, e.g., relevant Starbucks locations..
  • 40. AUTO OVERALL GEO-CONQUESTING WORKS Consumers who are out on dealer lots are at the lowest part of the funnel and seeking deals. Time Spent: 21 Seconds Expandable Banner: 200 meter Geo-Fence of Owned and Operated Dealerships Time Spent: 20 Seconds Expandable Banner: Geo-Fencing Competitive Dealer Lots Expanded Panel Duration (Expandable Banners)
  • 41. AUTO OVERALL LOCATION AWARE CREATIVE OUTPERFORMS GENERIC CREATIVE DYNAMIC DISTANCE DYNAMIC LOCALIZATION 1.8 MILES AWAY! ACTIONABLE CTA 3.2  MILES   Ads that are dynamic and customized to the user increase CTR by over 60% and eliminate the need for multiple creatives
  • 42. AUTO OVERALL FOR AUTO, CUSTOM LOCATION-BASE CONSUMER SEGMENTS WORK*  OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS An auto OEM campaign focusing on off-road vehicles & SUVs performed better using: The Custom Audience Profiles for Outdoor Enthusiast 78% CTR and 134 FTI Index * Versus Standard Outdoor Content Targeting = .58% CTR and 118 FTI Index DEVICE BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS/PATHS Seen at state and national parks multiple times a year HOUSEHOLD- LEVEL DEVICE MATCHING: DEMOGRAPHICS Lives in average to above average HHI neighborhoods in key outdoor DMAS (Denver, Minneapolis, etc) SOCIAL LOCATION INSIGHTS Lives in areas indexing highly for social posts with keywords such as: Camping Fishing Hiking Etc. HOUSEHOLD-LEVEL DEVICE MATCHING: TRANSACTIONAL Household purchase history for camping/outdoor gear (fishing poles, merrell shoes, Arcteryx etc) POI & COMMERCIAL LOCATION ANALYSIS Temporal visits to outdoor themed retailers such as: Cabela's Bass Pro Shop Gander Mountain REI
  • 43. 1.  For all Tiers, location-aware creative outperforms generic/mass creative for ad engagement by over 2x* 2.  For Tier I Consumer Segments utilizing location and audience data combined, outperform all other tactics in terms of ad engagement and foot traffic. 3.  For Tier II and III, Geo-Conquesting is extremely effective at driving ad engagement and foot traffic. *Avg.: 2.1X ad engagement based on total campaigns, 2013. AUTO OVERALL TACTICS THAT ARE MOST EFFECTIVE BY TIER/OBJECTIVE
  • 44. TIER 1: Driving Model Branding
  • 45. TIER 1: TOP TACTICS THAT WORK " " ! ! Auto Intenders! Targeting People: Custom Consumer Segments: Target: Soccer Mom’s With Kids in HH 1.  HH to Device Matching 1.  Polk Reg. shows Minivan in garage 2.  3rd Party data shows HH with children under 18 in HH Targeting Places: Target: Areas where Mom’s with kids frequent: 1. Retailers, e.g., Gapkids 2. POIs: Parks, Playgrounds
  • 46. TIER 1: TOP TACTICS THAT WORK Creative That Works: Rich Media experience highlighting the cars features/functions
  • 47. TIER II: Driving regional brand interest and incentives
  • 48. Geo-Fencing/Geo-Conquesting: Geo fencing lots and competitive lots. Zip+ 4 Targeting: Using Polk reg. data, targeting neighborhood blocks that are in top percentages for target prospects based on relevant auto registration data, e.g., own sub-compact over two years old. Audience Targeting: Using HH matching, Polk data and demographics matching data. TIER 2: TOP TACTICS THAT WORK Path Targeting Target using daypart and locations frequently seen prior to lot visits, e.g., Starbucks. Geo-Retargeting Retarget those on relevant lots in past 30 days.
  • 49. TIER 2: TOP TACTICS THAT WORK Creative That Works: Dynamic incentives are most effective: same look/feel (car image) but each regional group can set their offer (expandable or animated) •  1.8% APR financing in Northeast •  $500 cashback in Midwest 3. Offer Based 1. Map to Nearest Dealer(’s) 2. Get a Quote
  • 50. GOAL: Drive leads and dealer quotes to Nissan Tier Two Dealership site for dealer follow-up. TACTICS THAT WORKED: ZIP+4 REGISTRATION TARGETING Target key zip+4s for specific Models based on Polk sales data •  Customized make/model list based on market  •  Certain markets focused on conquesting specific Nissan competitors if Nissan's brand name (BDI) was weak but category (CDI) is strong •  Others reinforced Nissan make/model where brand and category (i.e. Sedan, or SUV) were strong CUSTOM CONSUMER SEGMENT: -  Segment based on combination of HH to Device Demo and Polk data matching and activities in the real world, e.g., visited any auto-lots. TIER 2 SUCCESS STORY: NISSAN
  • 51. RESULTS Reduction in CPL by 62% & CPA by 25% year over year TIER 2 SUCCESS STORY: NISSAN
  • 52. TIER 3 Driving Traffic to Specific Dealers
  • 53. MICRO-LOCATION TARGETING* Utilize Passbook enabled offers, activated by Beacons on-lot/premise. GEO-FENCING/GEO-CONQUESTING Geo-fencing individually owned and operated lots Geo-conquesting all regional competitor lots. TIER 3: TOP TACTICS THAT WORK *In test market currently.
  • 54. TIER 3: CREATIVES THAT WORK CREATIVE THAT WORKS Very specific to dealer or dealer group and driving traffic (geo-aware/geo-fence) Incentives to come in and visit (passbook) 4. Dynamic Distance to Dealership 1. Mapping 2. Offer Based 3. Incentive-Based
  • 55. 1. Person near the dealership location (lat / long) sees product offer on their iPhone 2. While in the dealer, the iBeacon triggers the offer to display 3. Customer redeems incentive with dealer FREE   GIFT  FREE  GIFT  WITH   A  TEST  DRIVE   FREE  GIFT  WITH   A  TEST  DRIVE   4. Beacons then provide “micro-location" data that gives dealerships insights into customers and close loop from impression to attribution TIER 3 MICRO-LOCATION TACTICS THAT WORK
  • 56. 56   ! •  “Location” doesn’t always mean “local”! •  Relevance is key to the mobile experience! –  Don’t just stop at targeting --- creative is just as important! •  Measure beyond the ad click! ! ! " " " " " " "! Closing: Key Takeaways!
  • 57. 57   MMA New York Forum! May 7-9, 2014! MMA Singapore Forum! May 22, 2014! Cannes Lions Festival! June 15-21, 3014! Mobile CEO & CMO Summit! July 13-15, 2014! MMA Shanghai Forum! July 24, 2014! ! Upcoming MMA Events!!
  • 58. 58   "Smartbrief click here! "Mobile Smart Fundamentals click here! "LinkedIn Group click here! "Twitter click here! "MMA Online: Committees at Work click here! "MMA Online: Webinar Archive click here! "MMA Online: White Papers click here! Additional Resources!
  • 59. 59   ! ! ! " " " " " " "! MMA Members Include!
  • 60. 60   ! ! ! " " " " " "! MMA Members Include!