Publishing Digital Books


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Some tips on best practices for enhanced ebooks and apps. Much of the content is remixed from the Digital Book World presentation Enhanced Projects Best Practices.

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Publishing Digital Books

  1. 1. Publishing Digital Books (And Beyond): The Future is NOW but also mostly later
  2. 2. Digital-First PublishingOperations: Downsize or outsource printing, distribution, overhead or integrate digital and printdivisions. Operational and Psychological investment.Culture: Top-down leadership: clearly communicate benefits, strategyProducts: Broader portfolio of products across multiple platforms requires significant investments. Huge marketing implications: No longer just banners and buttons, but full service multi-platform marketing services.
  3. 3. Enhanced BooksSome Facts (as of January 2012) Number of Enhanced Books is Growing: (BUT only 432 listed yesterday!)Not supporting significant price increases: On average, the enhanced edition of title is priced $2.00 higher 48% of the top 50 enhanced in iBookstore are free
  4. 4. The 2012 Enhanced Strategy Pick the right projects Version, not conversion What are you going to be great at? Pick the right partners Organic, essential enhancements
  5. 5. Organic, Essential EnhancementsAudio/Video/AnimationTools
  6. 6. Architectural ConstraintsiBooks Barnes & Noble AmazonUp to 2 GB ePub file Video file size max: 600 MB Video only supported in Kindle for iPad500 MB recommended video size Audeo file size max: 600 MB Must create separate A/V TOCVideo window always 300px x Video: MP4 or H.264150px Video file size max: 600 MB Audio: MP4/AAC or MP3Media files non-DRM Video: MP4 or H.264Video: MP4 or H.264 Audio: MP3Audio: MP4/AAC
  7. 7. Read Aloud CapabilitiesNook Colour/Tablet Kindle Fire iBooksNarration tied to text sections Text-to-speech enabled by default, Narration tied to each word but publishers can opt outCan play each section Can set it up to highlight words asindependently Control reading speed, male or they are read female voiceNo word highlighting Other great features and interactivityNo interactivity Siri reading bedtime stories from iPad iPhone?Although
  8. 8. So hot right now
  9. 9. Red LemonadePrints books from Cursor,social network platform.Free to read on site.www.redlemona.deInterview with Richard Nash:
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