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  • According to the Roper Public Affairs,
  • Lead with Content: We want to use original, IW produced content (Reports, Slideshows).Data Driven Decisions: Make decisions based on data, not gut feel. Establish baselines and figure out how get data to do testing and also determine success.Always be testing: Get the technology in place to run A/B testing to determine what works best with our visitors. Continue testing – we need to constantly evolve.Collaborate: Marketing, Editorial, IT and Product need to work together to ensure we’re meeting, and not impeding, any team’s goals.Be Social: Start to bring a social aspect to everything we do.
  • Change the game with content driven marketing v5slideshare

    1. 1. How Data-Driven Content Marketing Changes the Game 2012 Masters of Business Online Conference Mary Wallace Director, Client Strategy, UBM Tech November 12, 2012Property of UBM TechWeb all rights reserved
    2. 2. DISCUSSION POINTS:• Quick Backgrounder on UBM Tech• The Power of Content Marketing• The Business Value of Analyzing Content• How Analytics Can Optimize the Lead Management and Conversion Process
    3. 3. BACKGROUNDUBM Tech is…• The global leader in technology media and professional business information  UBM Tech is comprised of industry leading brands such as InformationWeek, Network Computing, Internet Evolution, Wall Street & Technology, Web 2.0, Black Hat, Interop, Light Reading.  Information Week is the largest and most influential business technology brand• Marketing Services for technology companies  3000+ marketing programs delivered annually  Engagement with millions of professionals• A division of UBM, plc – a $1.5b global media and business information provider• My role:  Director of Client Marketing Services  Design and Build Complex Lead Nurture Programs for Clients  Involved in e-based Lead Generation and content-driven Programs
    4. 4. CONTENT MARKETINGA marketing technique of creating and distributing relevantand valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage aclearly defined and understood target audience - with theobjective of driving profitable customer action.
    5. 5. CONTENT MARKETINGMarketer’s New Media Mix – Content is @ the Core PAID EARNED OWNED MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA The lines between media types are blurred Conversation now continues across all A brand pays Publicity gained A brand owns to place ad or when an influencer a channel Earned media is content in a promotes a brand increasing in importance channel Increased mobile usage is accelerating earned• Advertising • Press pickup • Your Corp Website media growth• Events • Blog mention • Company social• Direct Marketing • Social sharing accounts Ecommerce is becoming • Word of mouth embedded into all, with the option to buy from a channel, ad or link SOCIAL + MOBILE
    6. 6. CONTENT MARKETINGTrends by the numbers • 80% of business decision makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement. • 70% say content marketing makes them feel closer to the sponsoring company. • 60% say that company content helps them make better product decisions.
    7. 7. CONTENT MARKETINGDecision Makers Will Take Action If The Content Is RightTaken following actions as a result of reading or downloading vendor-supported orvendor-sponsored content : Went to a vendor web site for more information 72% Shared the content with a colleague 68% Shared the content with my boss 41% Contacted a vendor directly for more information 36%Based a product or technology purchase Almost 1/3 !decision on information I learned from the 28% content Page 7
    8. 8. CHANGE THE GAME!These game changers impact business and how we market• Mobile Consumption and Apps• Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.• Content Marketing
    9. 9. WHY USE CONTENT ANALYTICSMeet/Exceed Goals for Building Prospect & Customer Relationships & Sales PipelineConfirm Content is Performing to Defined KPIs• Optimize Sales/Lead Conversion  Define strategies for reaching the right audience  Provide information prospects want when they need it  Determine leads that are sales ready• Understand What Content Works  For what buying cycle/persona  For what type of content
    10. 10. WHAT DATA POINTS SHOULD BE ANALYZEDAnalyze Data that is Actionable (Don’t Boil the Ocean)Each Audience is Different. Stats will be Audience Specific Analyze Two Sides of Data Coin (Implicit, Explicit)• Initial  Email Opens, Clicks, Downloads  Web Page Bounce Rate, Referrers, Key Words• Optimized  Are (More) qualified leads generating sales?  Is content ensuring leads are moving along buying cycle at expected pace?  What content pieces are most appealing, driving the most results?  Are leads following the anticipated buying cycle?
    11. 11. ANALYTICS ENABLES CONTENT OPTIMIZATION Understand what prospects are interested in Right Content Content to Address Needs • Type (Research • Prospects’ Buying Cycle Report, Blog, White • Prospects’ Buyer Persona Paper, InfoGraphics) • Prospects Demographics • Topic (need, solution)
    12. 12. ANALYTICS MEASURE CONTENTWhat to Measure• Implicit Email Data includes  % Unique Opens  % Unique Clicks  % CTO  % Click to Conversion• Implicit Website Data includes  Unique Page Visits  % Bounce Rates  % Conversion  % Return• Explicit Lead Data  Demographics  Landing Page Responses/Interests/usage
    13. 13. ANALYTICS SHOW INTEREST IN SPECIFICCONTENT• Example1 – Website Lead Generation Highlights Most Attractive Asset Type  if Conversion % is greater for Reports, than develop more research reports/use research reports in lead generation efforts.
    15. 15. ANALYTICS SHOW PROSPECT INTERESTExamples• Example2 – Email A/B Testing Determines Better Topic of Interest  If 2 emails are sent to two groups with the only difference being content, the email that has the highest form conversions indicates which topic has greater interest to your prospects. Subject: Build Mobile Applications Faster and Better Asset Topic 1: Case Studies on Building Mobile Applications Target Audience: 40000 US based project managers and technical leads Opens: 2773 Open rate: 7.08% Clicks: 39 CTR: 0.08% Leads: 3 Subject: Build Mobile Applications Faster and Better Asset Topic 2: Deliv ering Mobile Applications Faster w ith Agile Target Audience: 40000 US based project managers and technical leads Opens: 2750 Open Rate: 6.74% Clicks: 69 CTR: 0.13% Leads: 20
    16. 16. ANALYTICS SHOW PROSPECT INTERESTExamples• Example3 – Form Conversion Determines Most Attractive Asset Type  Analyze the form conversion data for campaign members to see what content has the best consumption rate Form Unique Unique Conversion Asset Type Open % Click % CTO % Analyst Report 9.89% 3.25% 32.89% 61.33% Analyst Report 9.87% 2.20% 22.31% 54.12% Case Study 11.66% 1.12% 9.64% 42.86% Case Study 8.72% 1.24% 14.21% 46.43% White Paper 12.56% 1.27% 10.12% 34.00% White Paper 11.39% 1.28% 11.24% 42.50% White Paper 12.78% 1.39% 10.89% 39.53% White Paper 12.57% 1.28% 10.18% 25.64% White Paper 11.16% 2.53% 22.71% 33.33%
    17. 17. ANALYTICS ENABLES CONTENT OPTIMIZATIONThe harvested, aggregated data can show  What content is driving audience activity  Where gaps exist in the content lineup  What content or messages need to be optimized.
    18. 18. ANALYTICS DRIVES LEAD MANAGEMENT Understand what content interests prospectsOptimize how leads advance Optimize next communication(s) tothrough buying cycle prospect
    19. 19. ANALYTICS DIRECT LEAD INSIGHT• Example1 – Nurture Interested Leads  Target generated leads for a nurture program on a topic the prospect Generated Leads is interested in. • Deliver content based on persona • Deliver content based on current status in buying cycle Topic B Umbrella Track Campaign B1 Campaign B2 SALES
    20. 20. ANALYTICS DIRECT LEAD INSIGHT• Example 2 – Page Tags  Using Marketing Automation Software page tags and/or Google Analytics, segment what prospects are interested in what content topics/products. Email the segmented population - instead of entire population. Results: • Positive Impact to sender reputation which improves deliverability / inbox placement • Prospects do not emotionally ignore communications because they have “learned” communication is not relevant for them. • Prospects / customers remain engaged with emails/content and your brand/message Taxonomy 4 interactions in Last 6 Months Mobility 5,000 Security 3,700 Target these leads Cloud 7,000 if sending cloud content email
    21. 21. ANALYTICS DIRECT LEAD INSIGHT• Example 3 – Lead Routing  Transfer MQL or SRL to sales based on content interaction . • Content is aligned with specific buying cycle/buyer persona • Based on content interaction lead is considered MQL or SRL and turned over to sales EmailNext Communication No Yes Pickupin Same Buying Cycle Asset? MQL? Yes No First Communication Send to Sales in Next Buying Cycle
    22. 22. ANALYTICS DRIVES LEAD MANAGEMENTThe harvested and aggregated data  Communicate with the target audience interested in a specific product/topic  Providing content appropriate to lead’s buying cycle  Show when lead is a MQL or a SRL (Ready for Sales!)
    23. 23. TOOLS GET IT DONE!• Marketing Automation Software (MAS)  Who is interacting with content on site by taxonomy  Send leads to appropriate content based on: • Activity • Buying Cycle • Persona  Combine both implicit and explicit data to: • Optimize Content Usage/Development • Optimize Lead Management
    24. 24. LEAD SCORING IS THE ICING ON THE CAKEDimension Low Points X Medium Points X High Points XBANT Budget 0 10 20 1 Authority 0 10 1 20 Need 0 10 2 20 Timing 0 10 20TALK CALL TO ACTION Most Recent Response 0x 0 24CAMPAIGN ACTIVITY Points Transaction Cnts Download Transition Stage 10 1 Download Early Stage 15 1 Download Mid Stage 20 Download Late Stage 25 Unique Campaign Email Open 2 3 Unique Campaign Email Click 3 4Score 93 Conversion Cap 50 Convert? yes Note: Heavy Reliance on Content Analytics to Determine Lead Score
    25. 25. THE GAME HAS CHANGED!• Content is the Core across Paid, Earned, Owned media• Content Analytics  Enables Marketing & Sales Funnel Optimization  Quantify -- and qualify -- every dollar spent• Aggressively unlock the power of all that data through marketing automation software (MAS)
    26. 26. EXTRA READING  content-marketing-opportunities/   changes-game