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Career Prep Ambassador Program for Fellows
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Career Prep Ambassador Program for Fellows


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a presentation outlining the MLT CP Ambassadors Program

a presentation outlining the MLT CP Ambassadors Program

Published in: Business, Education
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  • Transcript

    • 1. CAREER PREP AMBASSADOR PROGRAM Who are you leading?
    • 2. What is a CP Ambassador:
      • The liaison between the current fellows, campus contacts, prospective applicants, CP alumni AND the MLT National Office.
      • The face of the program and a tangible representation of professional development; a major tenet of MLT
      • The ultimate resource for your Fellow peers as it relates to MLT Career Prep.
      • The foremost expert of all things MLT Career Prep (on campus).
    • 3. CP Ambassador Responsibilities
      • 1. Manage the campus CP recruiting process
      • Create a Campus Marketing plan (Due January)
      • Participate in 2 monthly phone calls on Wednesday with Talent Recruitment Coordinator (February 6, March 13)
      • Assist prospective applicants on their campus in application queries (Mar through April)
      • 2. Coordinate student initiated MLT on-campus programming
      • Coordinate MLT funded CP alum and fellow dinner (in February)
      • Coordinate MLT funded fellow & sophomore mixer/informational ( in March)
    • 4. Benefits to CP Ambassador
      • Recognized achievement on resume that one can reference
      • Work on Team Building skills
      • Development of Leadership Skills
      • Development of Relationship Management skills
      • Opportunity to measure and track your success
    • 5. How it Works
      • 1. Each school will be a given a goal of # of CP applicants to recruit.
      • 2. Schools will be divided into four groups based on # of Fellows at school
      • 3. The schools with the highest percentage of applicants admitted will win
      • competition.
      • Note: This campus research market competition will run from now until April 15; the final Career
      • Prep 2009 applications deadline. The CP Ambassador Program will correspond directly with your
      • Marketing Research assignment. You will be charged with the development and the execution of
      • the plan.
    • 6. Leveling the Playing Field
      • Group 1 has the largest number of fellows at their respective schools. As a result each school must be broken down into teams of 4 or 5.
      • Group 2 contains schools with 4-7 fellows and thus has the option of breaking into smaller groups.
      • Group 3 contains schools with 2-3 fellows and these schools must be on a team.
      • Group 4 schools all have one fellow.
      for different size schools
    • 7. Group 1 8+ fellows Group 2 4-7 fellows Group 3 2-3 fellows Group 4 one fellow
    • 8. The Prize
      • The team in each of the four groups that achieves the highest percentage of goal
      • (# of applicants/goal) wins…
      • $100
      • per team member
      • (Maximum team members: Group 1 = 5, Group 2 = 4, Group 3 = 3, Group 4 = 1)
    • 9. 2008 CP Ambassador Timeline
      January February March April August 14 21 21-24 27 6 29 12 13 15 10* Ambassadors Announced Fellows Vote on Ambassador Final CP Application Deadline First Conference Call Essay Question Due Essay Question Posted Second Conference Call Fellow & Alumni Dinner On-Campus Recruiting Event Winners announced Application Assistance to Prospectives V O T E Application Assistance *Winners announced August 10, 2008 at closing event
    • 10. CP Ambassador Prerequisites
      • The Qualities
      • Must be energetic and outgoing
      • Must be able to communicate effectively the goals and vision of Career Prep
      • The Essay
      • Nominees will submit a 350-word essay titled “Why do I want to be a CP Ambassador” along with a JPEG pic
      • The Selection
      • If more than one student applies at a school Survey Monkey will be sent out to fellows to decide who is selected
    • 11. Who are you leading? Ask your coach how to apply to be a CP Ambassador now!