Languages update!


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A quick update on what is happening with languages in NSW.

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  • Languages update!

    1. 1. Languages update! Board of Studies Languages Review Australian Curriculum Upcoming events
    2. 2. Review of Languages in NSW Board of Studies
    3. 3. Overview of Review Consultation period -9.10.13 – 13.12.13 Online survey – BoS website 8 consultation briefings Seeking views on six proposals “for a broader, more inclusive languages education for all NSW students” NSW Languages Policy will be developed and released during 2014
    4. 4. Proposal 1: New K-10 Languages Curriculum Framework Languages a mandatory KLA in primary Schools can choose to teach 2 of 3 strands in primary: Strand 1: Language awareness Strand 2: Intercultural understanding Strand 3: Language learning 100 hrs mandatory in Stage 4 with increased flexibility on how to deliver it eg:(2x50hr courses)
    5. 5. Some initial concerns*: No indicative hours attached to primary language KLA No need to teach a language in primary. Students may not learn a language Languages in primary may be taught by generalist teachers and not language teachers No incentive for schools to continue with current primary language program No incentive for schools to commence a language learning program in primary * Expressed by the MLTA Executive
    6. 6. Proposal 2: Strengthen Stage 6 Time on task reviewed Alternative names to describe language courses (similar to English) Review of current eligibility criteria and processes around eligibility Establishment of ATAR Languages Bonus Points Scheme
    7. 7. Proposal 3: Recognition of Language proficiency Development of a Languages proficiency Framework to describe student achievement Development of a Languages Passport for students to carry their achievement with them across schools and sectors
    8. 8. Proposal 4: Strengthening Aboriginal languages Developing support materials for the Aboriginal languages K-10 Syllabus Developing an online repository of resources Allowing more than one Aboriginal language to be taught during 100 mandatory hours Developing a Stage 6 syllabus framework
    9. 9. Proposal 5: Raising the profile of Languages education Establishing a NSW Languages advisory panel Establishing a Languages curriculum reference group Proposal 6: National contributions Advocate for Commonwealth funding to support delivery of Languages education in NSW
    10. 10. Australian Curriculum All feedback from consultations has been received by ACARA Organisation of the curriculum has been streamlined: Strand 1: Communicating (with 5 substrands) Strand 2: Understanding (with 3 substrands) Revised Chinese and Italian curriculum are being reviewed
    11. 11. Australian Curriculum cont. Other language curriculum will be rewritten and reviewed ACARA timeline has been pushed back At this stage no definite date for implementation.
    12. 12. Upcoming Languages events 19.10.13 – JTAN Workshop 25.10.13 - MLTA 2014 language scholarship applications close 15.11.13 - Linguafest 2013 screening 7.3.14 - MLTA Conference 10-11.7.14 - Japanese Symposium(UTS) Anything else to add here?