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2013 conference presentation

2013 conference presentation

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  • 1. Expanding Horizons with Asia India Calling
  • 2. Acknowledgement to countryI would like to acknowledge the original ownersof the land where we today, the Gadigal peopleof the Eora Nation.I would like to pay my respects to elders pastand present and to thank you for attending ourpresentation.
  • 3. In the beginning… Through EOI 7 schools were included in aExpanding Horizons with Asia: the pilot to create a program for stage 2 students.vision of Dr. Phil Lambert, Sydney The schools were all Primary schools: Asbury,Regional Director Carlton south, Cronulla, Double Bay, Kogarah, Mascot and Oatley West.
  • 4. In the beginning…Aim: to incorporate a Hindi language program and adaptations to the currentHSIE curriculum in Stage 2 to incorporate studies in Indian culture throughhistory, geography, literature, festivals, music, dance, art and of course food!
  • 5. The first lessons…
  • 6. Co ordination!• Each school to participate in a Hindi lesson every 3 weeks.• All schools participate in a Video Conference twice a term. Sharing singing, language and dance• Class teachers to integrate the basic Language, HSIE, Art, Literature and Music throughout each term.• Resources supplied by Mala, Kulwinder and me but also shared between the teachers in each school via a WIKI.• A term focus was planned to assist  Term 1- Holi festival and Indian geography/History  Term 2 - Art and craft (plus a State study)  Term 3 - Cooking and Literature (Rama and Sita epic story)  Term 4 – Diwali festival, dance song and music
  • 7. The first lessons…
  • 8. Facts to compare AUSTRALIA INDIASix States And Two Territories 28 states and 7 Union territories
  • 9. NATIONAL FLAGS INDIA AUSTRALIAOrange - courage and sacrifice. The Union JackWhite - purity and truth. The Southern CrossGreen - faith and fertility. The Commonwealth Star of FederationChakra- 24 hours & progress every hour
  • 10. FACTS AUSTRALIA INDIASIZE 6th largest Country 7th largest Country of the world of the world.LAND AREA 7.7 Million square 3.28 Million square kilometres kilometresCAPITAL Canberra (UT) New Delhi (UT)STATES & six states and two 28 states and 7TERRITORIES territories Union territoriesPOPULATION 22 Million 1.18 Billion
  • 11. National Animal - TIGER The Taj Mahal National Emblem - Ashoka Chakra National Tree - Banyan Tree National Bird- PEACOCKNational Flower - LOTUS National Fruit- MANGO
  • 12. National Tree and flower The Sydney Opera House - Golden Acacia $National Animal – Unofficial National Bird- EMUKoala and Kangaroo National Emblem – Coat of Arms
  • 13. India: Second Most Populated Australia: Sixth least populated country of the World country of the World 368 people per km² 3 people per km²
  • 14. Future directions…Sydney Region has plans to continue the IndiaCalling project in primary schools across theregion for the next two years.We were successful in gaining funds from the bysubmission to support participating schools withadditional funding from Sydney Region to fundthe Hindi teacher 1 day per week.We hope to have 10 schools involved in 2012