Sedona Underground Culinary Club


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Enjoy an unforgettable dinner experience. Meet new and old friends. Bringing together the Farmer, Wine Maker, Chef and local food, fun for local Sedonians.

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Sedona Underground Culinary Club

  1. 1. August 2012Ab!t Ma"-Lyn Sedona Undergr!nd Culinary ClubI created many dinner parties, servinga minimum of 10 people up to 24people. Everyone enjoyed them somuch, they keep asking me when isthe next one?My passion for food started when Icreated Sedona Pies and believe thatfood can be a social change vehicle.Whenever possible we are givingback.I started producing events by volunteering, creating networkingmeetings, Art Shows, Masterminding, Workshops, Sedona’s SocialMedia Conference and Kindness Conferences. These were oneday events, featuring guest speakers, musicians to inspiredpeople to be kinder at work.Now I am combining my four favorite things food, great people,events and social change for a memorable culinary experience.Mari-Lyn likes working with collaborative people to createunforgettable experiences. Representing Heart-CenteredEntrepreneurs to deliver their message to the world. Locations Offering Call Mari-Lyn Harris 510-564-7880 Sedona, AZ Events to ge out San Diego, CA Marketing you r messa ugh Las Vegas, NV Social Media Deliver world, thro s. th e duction PR W ork Pro Heart@
  2. 2. “We connect y! to greater possibilities”Welcome to Sedona’s Underground Culinary Club brings togetherfoodies, local growers, wine makers and Chef’s to creatememorable dining experiences.Our guests enjoy a six-course or more wine-paired dinner. Thedinners are casual to formal, featuring a variety flavoredcuisine.Shh, we aren’t giving the locations away yet, this is like a surpriseparty. To attend our one night pop-up dinners, you have to bevery-in-the-know. Once you are registered and paid, you’ll receivethe address of the event the day before. Just letting you knowthis now, in case you decide that you would like to crash theparty. When you join us, you’ll experience a delicious evening,meeting new people and old friends.Are you are a Foodie, or do you just enjoy having different dinnerexperiences? Please join us! The next one is now.. Get your nameon the guest list at:**If you like your experience so much, we’ll prepare your PrivateDinner Parties, Second Weddings and Themed parties. n Harris Mari-Ly 4-7880 56 O: 510- artat info@he artatworkonlin http://heHeart@Work Productions LLC P.O. Box 2384, Sedona, AZ 86339 Creating unforgettable experiences.