Henry schein dental executive summary


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Henry schein dental executive summary

  1. 1. Henry Schein Dental Executive Summary Servicing the client’s needs is the main idea that I received from analyzing Henry Schein Dental (HSD). In the dental industry, some dentists rely on price and some rely on trust. The Dentist that is able to continue their business with a company for many years believes that trust is the main factor in their decision. Henry Schein Dental builds customer relationship by providing the best service, technology, and products to their customers. I am a Field Sales Consultant for HSD. As detailed in the power point presentation, I experience the In-Office Marketing every day. In my opinion, this is the most important marketing campaign for HSD. I have had dentists tell me that visiting them every day is the best way to build a relationship with them. Especially in Hawaii because of the small community compared to other States, word gets around about the type of service HSD provides and helps build brand recognition to help foster the customer bond. Being able to communicate with a client face-to-face allows me to uncover needs, formulate strategies with the doctor, discover opportunities, and provide service that my competitor can’t beat. The other marketing campaigns are still effective, but they will never be able to replace the personal human touch in servicing a customer. Customer relationship based marketing is vital for the success of Henry Schein Dental because of the fierce competition in the dental industry. Dentist don’t have time to waste on always trying to figure out who to purchase products from and want a company they can trust who can help look out for their best interests. When a Dentist formulates the strong relationship with a company, they are likely to become loyal customers for life of their business. One dentist can continue working well into their 60s and 70s, which makes companies constantly competing for the life-long relationship. In conclusion, I believe Henry Schein Dental’s marketing strategies are in line with the necessary steps to build great customer relationships. The company is constantly improving their strategies with feedback from customers and employees. HSD is able to be relevant to the dental community by updating their marketing strategies with feedback from their customers and employees.