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  • Great job!
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  • Wow... that is one of the best presentation I saw... It was very informative but short and to the point. I also really liked the pictures and images you chose, that by it self makes you want to go to the store and grab a six pack. I had no idea that Heineken has such a big market share. I always though I was the only one who likes it.....

    Peer Shmelzer -Moratin
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  • Paul, this was an awesome presentation. I think you did a great job. You provided good company and marketing information. You selected good pictures and visual enhancements to make the presentation visually appealing and interesting. My only minor suggestion would be - be careful with the slide designs because some of the slides have a lot going on and its hard to focus on the information. I have a new take on Heineken. Thank you.
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  • 1. Heineken
    Paul Harleman
    MKTG 6000
    Professor Kohler
    May 8th, 2011
  • 2. I. Background
    • Heineken Holding N.V. heads the Heineken group
    • 3. One of the world’s leading consumer and corporate brands for over 145 years
    • 4. Located in the Netherlands
    • 5. Shares are listed on the Euronext in Amsterdam
    • 6. Brand portfolio contains more than 200 international premium beers and ciders
    • 7. 125 breweries in more than 70 different countries
  • II. Market Positioning
    • 192.3 million in sales (hectoliters) +21% change from 2009
    • 8. EUR 1.6 billion in revenue +9.7% change from 2009
    Global Sales Volume(mln hectoliters)
  • 9. Global Competitors
    • The “Big-Four” brewers hold 50% of the global market share
    • 10. Heineken is the third largest brewer
    • 11. Leading beer brand in Europe,
    • 12. Amstel brand is 2nd in the mid-priced segment
    (largest market segment)
  • 13. Industry Dynamics
    • Sales volume decreased with -/- 1.5% in The Americas and
    -/-3.1% in Western Europe (Maturing markets ?)
    • Sales volumes in emerging markets areincreasing
    Global Strategy
    • Premium segment leadership by acquiring strong brands
    • 14. Economies of scale that create distribution networks for both the local beers and Heineken.
  • III. Portfolio Performance
    Heineken “2010 Full Year Results”, London, (16 Februari 2011)
    • Heineken brand outperforms the overall portfolio
    • 15. Strong growth opportunities in emerging markets
  • VI. Brand Equity
    • Beer industry characterized by strong brand
    preferences & loyalties
    • Heineken has a strong brand equity
    Brand Values
    • Developed a distinct image and reputation as
    leading premium beer.
  • 16. V.Holistic Marketing Strategy
    • Heineken has build a holistic marketing strategy around the themes:
    Interaction – Customized and personalized products/merchandise
    Exposure – Social corporate responsibility projects
    Engagement – Heineken the City brand experience store (Amsterdam)
    Relationships – Sports/entertainment sponsorships
  • 17. Interaction
    • Integration of technology and social media.
    • 18. E-Commerce website: www.jouwheineken.nl (your heineken)
    • 19. Heineken branded products and merchandise that can be customized and personalized
    by the customer.
  • 20. Exposure
    • Sector leader in SAM/Dow Jones Sustainability Index (2008)
    • 21. Endorsed United Nations CEO Water Mandate (2009)
    • 22. Included in the FTSE4 Good Index
    • 23. Participates in The United Nations Global Compact Initiative
  • Engagement
    Heineken “The City” is a state-of-art promotional store where visitors can interact and engage with non-branded products and services within the travel, entertainment, fashion and retail markets.
  • 24. Relationships
    • Sponsor of the “Champions League” (soccer)
    which is the biggest sport tournament in Europe
    • Sponsor of several music events, and owner of the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.
  • V. Conclusion
    • The Heineken premium brand remains the strongest within its portfolio
    of over 200 local beers and ciders.
    • The brand remains competitive by acquiring local leading premium beers and by the penetrating developing markets.
    Heineken. “2010 Annual Report”. Retrieved from www.heinekeninternational.com
    The Economist. “The Global Beer Industry: Sell Foam Like Soap”. May 5th 2011. Retrieved fromhttp://www.economist.com/node/18651308
    CISCO. ‘Heineken Extends Brand Equity with First “Experience Store”. 2009.
  • 25. “Refreshes the points other beers cannot reach””