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  • I like all the information you offer. Good job! I would like an example of some of the principles listed. Such as “We’re serious; except when we’re not.” I enjoy using Google products and services and would find details of their principles very interesting.

    I like the five rules that keep Google growing. They seem to have started with a really strong foundation and have built something wonderful that is very user-friendly and accessible.
    The concept of turning a search engine into a popularity contest is really radical and out-of-the-box. This is one of the reasons why I love Google! They have so many innovative marketing ideas and keep creating products and services that no one ever expected.

    And it is completely true! You can Google anything AND everything!

    Even though I would have liked to learn more about their marketing principles and what makes them so successful, I liked the presentation.

    Have you heard of Google voice? When I lived in the US I used it. It connects all of your phone lines to the same number (a new number) for free.

    -Jade Gomez
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  • + good overview, interesting marketing principles
    - elaborate on how principles are applied in different marketing initiatives, focus on specific campaign since overall company is rather complex
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  • 1. Principles of Marketing Practice
    Lidiya Abadzhieva
  • 2. Sergey Brin and Larry Page, developed a set of algorithms that in 1998 sparked an enormous leap in Web-search performance.
    They turned search into a popularity contest. In addition to gauging a phrase's appearance on a Web page, as other engines did, it assessed relevance by counting the number and importance of other pages that linked to that page.
    The Idea of Google
  • 3. Number 1 Search Engine
    Market Capitalization: $100 billion
    Number 4 Best Company to work for
    Transformed the world: now you can just Google everything
    Google’s Success
  • 4. Cutting edge ideas
    Rigorous Accountability
    Relentless Attention to Detail
    Contributors to Google Success
  • 5. Google engineers are people who think they are creating something that's the best in the world and that product is changing people's lives.“
    More important, they want to deliver exactly what the user is looking for, every time.
    Google’s Product Strategy
  • 6. AdWorld
    Understating the top price they're willing to pay, advertisers could get a slightly lower position on the search page for a lot less money.
    Easy to understand
    And it's proven to work on a large scale.
    Google’s AdWorld
  • 7. Google vs. Bing
    Google vs. Yahoo
    Google earns 30% more per ad than Yahoo
    Google vs. Facebook
    Competition between Google Me and Facebook will bring a new era
    Google’s Competitors
  • 8.
  • 9. Results must be Trackable
    Promote Trial
    Let others speak for you
    Data, Not hype
    Your Smart and Your Time Matters
    We’re Serious. Except When We’re Not
    Big Ideas Move Us
    Principles of Marketing Practice
  • 10. Rule Number One: The User Is in Charge
    Rule Number Two: The World Is Your R&D Lab
    Rule Number Three: Failures Are Good. Good Failures Are Better
    Rule Number Four: Great People Can Manage Themselves
    Rule Number Five: If Users Come, So Will the Money
    What Keeps Google Growing