Events Graphics Design and Development


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A brief look at recent events promotions design and supporting document design.

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Events Graphics Design and Development

  1. 1. EVENT GRAPHICS AND DEVELOPMENT Visual design for increasing effectiveness of marketing, event planning and execution. The combination of visuals with any plan or proposal can increase the communications effectiveness notably. In terms of planning this keeps everyone on the same page as you move forward with your event, streamlining your operation. Graphics created for event planning also work to assist in funding requests if incorporated early enough in the process.
  2. 2. VESUVIUS The objective was to create a compelling campaign with an informative site. The nature of the event was fairly new, the graphics had to tell a story: Energy and release found here with a mob of women having a wonderful time. CUSTOM TYPOGRAPHY EVENT FLYER EVENT FLOORPLAN WEB SITE 2367 Tacoma Ave. S., Tacoma WA 98402 c. 253.267.9354
  3. 3. SOUTH SOUND COLLECTIVE The objective this client has is to create a series of elementally-themed events, featuring local art based on the theme and showcasing a slew of local DJ’s. One of the primary concerns of the client is to make the flyer stand above the typical party flyer by using a cleaner layout. An icon series is being used in tandem with the clean title treatment, over a textural backdrop and theme-based color scheme to maintain the look-and-feel. EVENT FLYER 4.4.2009 9:30pm-3:30am 2 DJ stages Indoor/ Outdoor playing fire with SMALL NEWSPAPER AD 18^ | 21^ Bar w/ ID Illuminated Art 15+ Artists |STILT WALKER Fire Dancing and Aerialists Provided by: PURE Cirkus Freight House Square @ the Rainier Room SouthSoundCollective 10 $7 presale $ tickets are available at: FIRST EVENT FLYER search for “playing with fire” 2367 Tacoma Ave. S., Tacoma WA 98402 c. 253.267.9354
  4. 4. TACOMA WINTERFEST 2008 The objective was to create a sea-farer’s holiday market experience using props in clusters over the floor, a winter wonderland inspired ceiling treatment and perimeter walls treatment using donated raw materials. MKD provided the intial design, a drafted plan of action for the volunteer force, a drafted plan of action for the look and feel of the festival, and a proposal designed to assist in getting a budget together for raw materials, docu- mentation to assist in the task list of the volunteer (including a schedule for volunteers needed) and staff force of the Seaport Museum, directions for constructing and applying decor, and was available for on-site decor creation. MKD sourced antiques as props for the floor, items for sale. EXTRACTED PAGES FROM THE INTIAL CREATIVE PROPOSAL. BUDGET EST. AND VOLUNTEER NEEDS FORMS. 2367 Tacoma Ave. S., Tacoma WA 98402 c. 253.267.9354