Career Challenge Day Ppt Madison


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2012 Careers Conference Showcase Presentation. Presented on January 31st 2012 in Madison, WI

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Career Challenge Day Ppt Madison

  1. 1. © CCD: 2012 Careers Conference Presentation, 01/31/12
  2. 2.  Introductions  Where is Fayette County, Pa?  Demographics of Region – Population Decline  Community Profile  Labor/Industry Information  Collaboration and Community  What is Career Challenge Day?  Carmichaels High School: A Case Study  Best Practices/Lessons Learned © CCD: 2012 Careers Conference Presentation, 01/31/12
  3. 3. GinaJones,MPAMSWGCDF • Expertise: Career Development and Community Organizing (10 years experience) • Education: Penn State University and University of Pittsburgh ScottNemeth,MS • Expertise: Recruitment and Retention (7+ years experience) • Education: Indiana University of Pennsylvania and West Virginia University MichaelA.Jones,MSW • Expertise: Career Development and Clinical Social Work (3+ years experience) • Education: Seton Hill University and California University of Pennsylvania © CCD: 2012 Careers Conference Presentation, 01/31/12
  4. 4. © CCD: 2012 Careers Conference Presentation, 01/31/12
  5. 5. 2000 Census report  Fayette County - 148,644  Greene County - 40,672 Total =269539  Somerset County – 80,023 2010 Census Report  Fayette County – 136,606  Greene County – 38686 Total = 253,034  Somerset County – 77,742 In a 10 year period this region’s population has diminished by 16,305 persons.This is an average yearly loss of 1630.5 persons. Fayette Campus presently has a little fewer than 900 students, compared to 2003 when the campus enrollment was 1,156. © CCD: 2012 Careers Conference Presentation, 01/31/12
  6. 6.  Family Profiles  Educational Attainment  Literacy  Labor and Industry  Unemployment Rate remains higher than national average (consistently)  Major Industries: PA’s Career Clusters – Healthcare, Technical, andTrades © CCD: 2012 Careers Conference Presentation, 01/31/12
  7. 7. 0 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000 120000 140000 160000 2000 2010 Fayette Somerset Greene © CCD: 2012 Careers Conference Presentation, 01/31/12
  8. 8. PERCENT OF STUDENTS WITH UNDECIDED MAJORS DIVISION OF UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES AT PENN STATE (c) CCD: 2012 Careers Conference Presentation, 01/31/12 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 # of Undecided Majors # of Undecided Majors 0 5 10 15 % of Students % of Students
  9. 9. Does your department utilize students to provide effective services? In your current role, do you collaborate with other units outside of your department? Q Is there a collaboration between your department and the community? DQ (c) CCD: 2012 Careers Conference Presentation, 01/31/12
  10. 10. Campus Collaboration Service to the Community Leaders taking the Challenge © CCD: 2012 Careers Conference Presentation, 01/31/12
  11. 11. (c) CCD: 2012 Careers Conference Presentation, 01/31/12 Jason Broadwater, DSES Click Here
  12. 12. Initial Proposal and Inspiration (2010 -2011):  All over the country, educators, administrators, and elected officials are projecting a significant increase in drop-out rates for high school students. In an effort to help deter the projected drop-out increase for Fayette County, Penn State Fayette will host local educators, counselors, and administrators for a training institute in the Spring. (flyer sent to local school districts)  Rebecca Dedmond, FreshmenTransition Initiative  UnitedWay ofWestmoreland County (c) CCD: 2012 Careers Conference Presentation, 01/31/12
  13. 13. Evolving Project (2010-2012) When did you create your last career plan? What if you had the chance to meet with someone who is achieving the goal you have? What if you “really knew” what it took to get to the top? Based on the premise of MTV’s hit show, “If You Really Knew Me…,” Penn State Fayette launched Career Challenge Day (CCD) in six local high schools during the 2010-2011 academic year. During CCD, high school students will work in informal, informational “pods” facilitated by CCD Mentors (university students). Within each pod, students will discover career options by participating in activities and meeting with employers and Penn State Alumni. Goals of CCD:  The goal of Career Challenge Day is to implement a proactive approach for the successful matriculation of students through college via active participation career development. Career Challenge Day is one element of a collaborative relationship with six local high schools, employers, and alumni in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Additional elements include:  Offer FREE to low-cost nationally accredited career development trainings to school teachers, guidance counselors, and administration (ACT 48 credits); trainings will provide participants with the skill set to integrate career development into courses and develop new strategies to meet the PA Career Work Standards  Solicit and maintain participation of university students as CCD Peer Mentors; students will participate in 5 career development trainings and CCD events and earn Career Development Leadership Certificate  Long-term Goal: work with administrators to match high school exit standards with post-secondary entrance standards Career Challenge Day is an optimal chance for students to interactively engage with their peers, college students, alumni, and employers in an informal setting. So often we present Career Development information in a lecture setting, that we forget what it felt like to be unsure or unaware of the opportunities available to us. Learning about ourselves through the experiences of our “past” (employers, mentors, alumni) is the best way to celebrate our “future!” The best way for students to get to their next destination is to ask directions! (c) CCD: 2012 Careers Conference Presentation, 01/31/12
  14. 14. (c) CCD: 2012 Careers Conference Presentation, 01/31/12
  15. 15. (c) CCD: 2012 Careers Conference Presentation, 01/31/12 Student Experiences CoreyVanSickle, Guidance Counselor Click Here Click Here
  16. 16.  Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate  Patience is aVirtue  Great ideas may take some time to implement  There is NO BOX…Leverage Resources!  Department Partnerships  Cross-Campus Partnerships  Community Partnerships ▪ People want to help; give them an opportunity to do so (c) CCD: 2012 Careers Conference Presentation, 01/31/12