Brown bear, brown bear


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Brown bear, brown bear

  1. 1. By the students of Smiledon classroom 2013-2014
  2. 2. I see a blue fish looking at me. Red dog, red dog, what do you see?
  3. 3. I see a pink bear looking at me. Blue fish, blue fish, what do you see?
  4. 4. I see a blue dolphin looking at me. Pink bear, pink bear, what do you see?
  5. 5. I see a grey butterfly looking at me. Blue dolphin, blue dolphin, what do you see?
  6. 6. I see a white penguin looking at me. Grey butterfly, grey butterfly what do you see?
  7. 7. White penguin, white penguin what do you see? I see a red tiger looking at me.
  8. 8. I see a yellow lion looking at me. Red tiger, red tiger what do you see?
  9. 9. I see a yellow elephant looking at me. Yellow lion, yellow lion what do you see?
  10. 10. I see a black rhino looking at me. Yellow elephant, yellow elephant what do you see?
  11. 11. I see a purple ladybird looking at me. Black rhino, black rhino what do you see?
  12. 12. I see a yellow cheetah looking at me. Purple ladybird, purple ladybird what do you see?
  13. 13. I see a green frog looking at me. Yellow cheetah, yellow cheetah what do you see?
  14. 14. I see a grey smiledon looking at me. Green frog, green frog what do you see?
  15. 15. I see a white zebra looking at me. Grey smiledon, grey smiledon what do you see?
  16. 16. I see a purple rabbit looking at me. White zebra, white zebra what do you see?
  17. 17. I see a yellow cat looking at me. Purple rabbit, purple rabbit what do you see?
  18. 18. I see a pink cat looking at me. Yellow cat, yellow cat what do you see?
  19. 19. I see a grey hippo looking at me. Pink cat, pink cat what do you see?
  20. 20. I see a blue shark looking at me. Grey hippo, grey hippo what do you see?
  21. 21. I see a brown reindeer looking at me. Blue shark, blue shark what do you see?
  22. 22. I see a white jellyfish looking at me. Brown reindeer, brown reindeer what do you see?
  23. 23. I see a green monkey looking at me. White jellyfish, white jellyfish what do you see?
  24. 24. I see a black horse looking at me. Green monkey, green monkey what do you see?
  25. 25. I see a brown bear looking at me. Black horse, black horse what do you see?
  26. 26. Brown bear, brown bear what do you see? I see...
  27. 27. Smiledon class looking at me!
  28. 28. We see...
  29. 29. That’s what we see.