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  1. 1. Backgroundand Capabilities December 2012
  2. 2. Who we Are  Veteran Owned Small Business founded in 2008  Results focused strategy and technology firm serving the public sector  Experienced advisors who synthesize their experience and proven methodologies to deliver client results  Focused suite of support services including business strategy, program operations, enabling technology and information management. 2
  3. 3. CapabilitiesAgileNsite is focused on delivering enterprise capabilities that optimize business ormission results though the transparency of its data, standardization of its processes andthe optimization of planned or deployed technologies. Business Program Enabling Information Strategy Operations Technology Management PMO Stand-up Information Business Strategy and Operations IT Strategy Architecture Performance Business Case Enterprise Data Realization Analysis Architecture Management Governance and Cost Application Portfolio Content Organizational Analysis Management Management Change Management Sourcing and ERP Advisory Business Process Analysis Acquisition Support Services Intelligence Independent Capital Investment Verification and Infrastructure Data Planning Validation Optimization Analytics 3
  4. 4. Business StrategyStrategic planning, studies, analysis and recommendations that enableeffective decision making and maximize mission outcomes: Strategy – Development the finance, acquisition, supply chain and IT strategies that will enable the achievement of the business objectives. Process – Business process analytics and practices to collaboratively identify opportunities for improved efficiency and effectiveness through a combination of people, process and technology initiatives. Governance and Change Management – Collaboration to identify the entities best suited for input and decision making pertaining to governance and change management initiatives. Frameworks for key decision makes to act, Stakeholder Analysis and Management, Change Leadership, Communications, Training, and Solution Adoption Strategies. Performance Realization – Performance management and measurement against baselines to validate mission benefits and identify opportunities for process improvement. Development of Service Level Agreements with service level targets, measurements and consequences for non-performance. Capital Investment Planning and Investment Control – Identification of modernization initiatives based on sound accounting principles compliant with Federal Statues and OMB directives; Traceability, performance management, effective program management, enterprise scheduling, and efficient resource management. 4
  5. 5. Program OperationsCore support for initiating, maturing and sustaining efficient and effectiveprogram operations: Business Case – Proven industry leading business case approach based on a repeatable collaborative methodology free from bias in the evaluation and weighting process for key factors. Rigorous, structured approach toward Analysis of potential investments to determine quantitative and qualitative costs and benefits in support of critical decisions. Expertise in developing Total Ownership Cost estimates including government domain benefit realizations ensures alignment with a programs intrinsic value to citizens in support of mission decisions. Costing – Seasoned leadership that executives can depend on to assess new and existing IT programs and/or infrastructures to identify courses of action for ensuring efficiencies as well as to support independent government cost estimates. Acquisitions – Sourcing strategy, acquisition strategy and planning, market research, RFI/RFP/RFQ development, source selection advisory support. Operations – Program structure, integration, planning, quality assurance, risk, issue and knowledge management. Assessments - Effectively measures and evaluate performance to improve outcomes and ensure benefit realization for performance management/benefits programs, systems and vendors. Enable organizations to measure degrees of success realizing their goals of a strategy and keeps programs on the right track. 5
  6. 6. Enabling TechnologyInformation and technology deployment advice supported by enterprisearchitecture , portfolio management and infrastructure optimization: IT Strategy – Maintain a close-working relationship for our government and other clients with an appreciation for unique challenges each face to develop the necessary linkages of the organizations budget and prioritization activities. Identify the optimal mix of goals, objectives, initiatives, and priorities necessary to ensure mission success by leveraging information technology and efficient resource utilization. Enterprise Architecture – Unlock an IT departments true value to the business it supports focusing on the identification, analysis and documentation of how an organizations people, processes and technology interact to accomplish its mission. Measure clients near-term business objectives with its current technological capabilities, including principles, policies, standards, frameworks and service deliveries. Portfolio Management – Measure benefits of IT and Portfolio logical groups’ investment and operations costs including: phase discovery, analysis, alignment, sustainment migration, retirement and investment. ERP Guidance – Support and assistance with implementation of enterprise solutions including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). 6
  7. 7. Enabling Technology (cont)Information and technology deployment advice supported by enterprisearchitecture , portfolio management and infrastructure optimization: IT Benchmarks - Provide holistic and comprehensive views of research on key IT areas of interest via daily published reports and analysis, plus independent research and market forecasts in workshop formats with key business and IT representatives. Infrastructure Optimization – Analyze and improve IT infrastructure components including data center operations, platforms and storage, networks, desktop , disaster recovery and help desk. 7
  8. 8. Information ManagementInformation and technology deployment advice supported by enterprisearchitecture , portfolio management and infrastructure optimization: Information Architecture – Services and solutions focused on designing and implementing data architecture that positions organizations for current/future requirements and presents information most valuable for reporting and analytics. Data Management – Manage business and technical data to achieve optimization and clarity of applications and business users. Enable clients to develop strategies for the entire life cycle of data from its initiation to distribution to their consumers. Data Analytics – Maximize the value of information through standardized reporting. Sophisticated analytical solutions that is optimum for business decisions including dashboards to assess present state, prescribe actions and forecasts for the business. Collaboration – Explore the latest tools and strategies with customers to help define roadmaps to collaborative and flexible architectures that improve the rapid access to insight from within an enterprise. Content Management – Strategies for solutions that combine the capture, search and networking of documents with digital archiving, document management and workflow. Business Intelligence – Advisory and implementation support for applications designed to maximize reporting performance to end users and provide a thorough understanding of the technologies and approaches to deliver information. 8
  9. 9. Clients Business Program Enabling Information Strategy Operations Technology Management 9
  10. 10. Contact Info Mark J. Failor Chief Executive Officer 703-851-3002 10