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  • ERDAS IMAGINE SARVAJANIK COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, SURAT Presented by: 1. Manoj Patel - 120420748004 Branch: M.E.TCP 1 Geospatial Techniques (IDE-2)
  • CONTENT 1.0 Introduction 2.0 ERDAS IMAGINE three Product tiers 3.0 Comparison of Products 4.0 Remote sensing image processing application 5.0 Range of add-on modules 6.0 Function of Software 7.0 References 2
  • 1.0 Introduction • ERDAS has been supplying image processing software since 1978. ERDAS IMAGINE, lead the way in image processing & raster data handling. • Over time this software has evolved from command line prompt to the ribbon interface in the latest version. • Along the way, much additional functionality has been added that enables the user to extract geospatial information from the raw satellite or aerial imagery. • Other products have been incorporated into the product suite over time. LPS is a complete suite of photogrammetric production tools while ERDAS ER Mapper complements the image processing functionality of ERDAS IMAGINE. 3 View slide
  • ERDAS has a following software to do specific work in detail. • ERDAS IMAGINE • ERDAS LPS • ERDAS ER Mapper • ERDAS Apollo 4 View slide
  • • ERDAS IMAGINE, the world’s leading geospatial data authoring system, incorporates geospatial image processing and analysis, remote sensing and GIS capabilities into a powerful, convenient package. • It enables you to easily create value-added products such as 2D images, land cover classification, 3D flythrough movies, vectors derived from imagery, and cartographic-quality map compositions from geospatial data. 5
  • Three product tiers to scale with your geospatial data production needs. • IMAGINE Essentials is the entry-level image processing product for map creation and simple feature collection tools. IMAGINE Essentials enables serial batch processing. • IMAGINE Advantage includes all the capabilities of IMAGINE Essentials. In addition, it provides advanced spectral processing, image registration, mosaicking and image analysis, and change detection capabilities. IMAGINE Advantage enables parallel batch processing for accelerated output. • IMAGINE Professional includes all the capabilities of IMAGINE Advantage. In addition, it provides a production toolset for advanced spectral, hyperspectral, and radar processing, as well as spatial modeling. Includes ERDAS ER Mapper 6 2.0 ERDAS IMAGINE three Product tiers
  • 3.0 Comparison of Products 7
  • 4.0 Remote sensing image processing application • ERDAS IMAGINE is a remote sensing image processing application. • It allows the user to import a wide variety of remotely sensed imagery from satellite and aerial platforms and produce useful information from the data. IMAGINE is available in three levels of functionality depending upon the users’ requirements: Essentials; Advantage and Professional. It also has a number of add-on modules that extend the capability of the software. 8
  • 5.0 Range of add-on modules 5.1 Virtual GIS •Quickly and easily create interactive 3D environments •A superb presentation tool providing understanding to those with little or no understanding of geospatial data •Excellent for mission planning and familiarization of an area •A range of environmental enhancements including cloud and mist layers, water layers and lighting options •Import and animate 3D models •Easily create movies from fly-throughs and animations 5.2 IMAGINE Vector •Facilitates the integration and use of vector data •Full editing tools available •Convert raster to vector and vice-versa •Reproject, recalculate elevation values and translate between vector formats 9
  • 5.3 Radar Mapping Suite •Providing specialist tools for processing radar data •Georectification, orthorectification, filtering and calibration •Change detection processes •Create elevation models •Includes IMAGINE OrthoRadar, IMAGINE Radar Interpreter, IMAGINE StereoSAR DEM and IMAGINE SAR Interferometry 10
  • 6.0 Functions of Software 11 Landcover classified to show the various land use classes that will be impacted by the new construction
  • 12 Camera Placement Here we show a freeway intersection with a camera placement and we can see the camera's Field of View (FOV).
  • 13 Google Earth Integration Connect & synchronize the ERDAS IMAGINE Viewer with Google Earth
  • 14 Microsoft Bing Maps in ERDAS IMAGINE Use Microsoft Bing Maps as a base map or for geo coding in ERDAS IMAGINE
  • 15 Measure heights of features in monoscopic imagery measure height information of vertical features from sensor layover effects on a single image and even store the measurements as attributes on GIS features
  • 16 The 2013 release of ERDAS IMAGINE provides you with greater raster & vector integration, helping to optimize your workflow performance.
  • 17 Map Report Dynamic Elements Pull dynamic annotation elements directly from imagery headers or geographic context, such as image acquisition data, ownership information, geographic location, etc.
  • 18 Multiple spatially-linked viewing environment ERDAS IMAGINE enables layering of multiple datasets and data types in multiple views with geospatial linking between each layer.
  • 19 Discriminant Function Change used to identify new construction along corridor Two years of video mosaic (2004 on the left, 2007 in the center) analyzed
  • 20 Hyperspherical Color Space Pan Sharpening Panchromatic and 8-band multispectral WorldView-2 imagery is shown pan sharpened in the right-hand View
  • 21 Create and re-use standardized report layouts Access map report layouts through the Ribbon gallery chooser, drop in your latest imagery and data, add additional annotation elements such as Inset Views to call attention to specific details and quickly finalize your presentation.
  • 22 Map Reports to Microsoft PowerPoint Rapidly annotate over imagery using templates and send the Map Report directly to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 23 Greater Control over View Layout ERDAS IMAGINE provides greater control over how multiple Views are organized, such as for tie series analysis
  • 24 Flood You can interactively change the water elevation to see where roads and other infrastructure might be impacted during a flood event.
  • 7.0 References • DASIMAGINE/Details.aspx • 25
  • THANK YOU 26