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Packaging technologyin entrepreneurshipdevelopment_northeastindia_islambarbaruah
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Packaging technologyin entrepreneurshipdevelopment_northeastindia_islambarbaruah


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The presentation highlights the key entrepreneurship related issues in Northeast India and scope for packaging.

The presentation highlights the key entrepreneurship related issues in Northeast India and scope for packaging.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Opportunities of Packaging Technology in Entrepreneurship Development for North East India Facilitator : Dr.M.Islam Barbaruah Director, Vet Helpline ( India ) Pvt.Ltd Chief Development Strategist, FARMER ( Fellowship for Agri Resource Management and Entrepreneurship Research ) IndPack2012, Guwahati
  • 2. The questions and expectations !  Why to focus so much on packaging? How is it related to my dream project?  What are the available technology options related to packaging ?  Considering constraints, how can I make the technology options work for my enterprise?  What help can I expect from supporting organizations?  How can I help / ensure entrepreneurs to adopt modern packaging technology? IndPack2012, Guwahati
  • 3. Technology and Entrepreneurship: Technology is ‘Accelerator’. Adoption of appropriate technology can help an entrepreneur achieve the goal quickly. IndPack2012, Guwahati
  • 4. The importance of packaging? IndPack2012, Guwahati
  • 5. Why Packaging?  To Protect e.g. To preserve, enhance shelf life and to prevent damage or breakage.  To Promote e.g. Branding, Appeal  To Describe ( For product differentiation, consumer awareness and statutory requirements )  To ensure food safety.  To ensure consumer convenience e.g. Big packet Vs Sachet  For easy and economic transport  For efficient retailing e.g. shelf space, matching with purchasing power etc.IndPack2012, Guwahati
  • 6. Packaging: The 5th ‘P’ of the Marketing Mix?? Product  Variants  Quality  Design  Features  Brand Name  Packaging  Sizes  Services  Warranties Place  Channels  Coverage  Locations  Inventory  Transport Promotion  Sales Promotion  Advertising  Personal Selling  Public Relations  Direct marketing Price  List Price  Discounts  Allowances  Credit  Schemes TARGET MARKET IndPack2012, Guwahati
  • 7. Summarizing the Constraints for Enterprise Development in N E India Buddhang saranang gacchami I go to the Buddha for refuge Dhammang saranang gacchami I go to the Dhamma for refuge Sanghang saranang gacchami I go to the Sangha for refuge. IndPack2012, Guwahati
  • 8. Buddha : Wisdom / Knowledge/ Stable state of mind e.g. What kind of packaging will be appropriate for my product? Dhamma : Discipline►Procedure / Rules : e.g. What is mandatory in packaging? Sangha : Good Company ► Networking & Collaboration. E.g. How to mobilize resources and market for scale in operation necessary to invest on packaging? IndPack2012, Guwahati
  • 9. Changing approach: Understanding problems of local entrepreneurs. Mass centric Client Centric IndPack2012, Guwahati
  • 10. Key entrepreneurship related issues and scope for packaging.  Product standardization e.g. Research on appropriate packaging solutions for ethnic foods.  Environment & Supply chain constraints e.g. Tailored packaging solutions.  Scale of Operation vis a vis cost absorption capacity e.g. Common Packaging unit  Aggregation e.g. Primary bulk packaging solution.  Technology evaluation e.g. Guidance by packaging related institutions. IndPack2012, Guwahati
  • 11. Way forward : Delivering on a Capacity building framework. Technical Capacities Dimensions Functional Capacities Individuals Organizational Environment Planning &Team Building Capacity Knowledge Integration Capacity Negotiation & Partnering Capacity Implementation Capacity Diagram Source: FAO IndPack2012, Guwahati
  • 12. IndPack2012, Guwahati