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  • 10 STEP Noel Nevshehir Automation Alley

    1. 1. New Federal and State Export Finance Resources Forum Baronette Renaissance Hotel Novi, Michigan November 18, 2011 Five Common Export Myths Noel Nevshehir Director of International Business Services Automation Alley Troy, Michigan 1
    2. 2. Export MythsMyth One: My company is to small to export. Only large firms with namerecognition, abundant resources, and formal export departments canexport successfullyFact: While its true that large firms typically account for far more totalexports, the vast majority of exporting firms are SMEsMyth Two: I cannot afford to export. I dont have the money for hiring newemployees, for marketing abroad, or expanding production for newbusinessFact: There are various low-cost ways to market and promoteabroad, handle new export orders, and finance receivables. In manycases, it does not require hiring new staff or setting up a tradedepartment. At little or no cost for example, you can receive product andcountry market research, worldwide market exposure, trade leads, andfind overseas distributors through various public- and private-sectorresources 2
    3. 3. Export MythsMyth Three: I cannot compete with large overseascompanies because my products are unknown and myprices are too high for foreign markets.Fact: If the product is known in the domestic market then it’s aplus point but even an unknown product can be exported in aforeign market. Low demand of a product doesn’t indicates that itwill be also not accepted in the international market. Price is alsoan important, but it is not the only selling point. Other competitivefactors play a large role including quality, service, and consumertasteMyth Four: Exporting is too risky and I may not get paidFact: Selling anywhere has risks even in the domestic market.However payment risks can be managed, mitigated and evenguaranteed with financial tools such as letters of credit 3
    4. 4. Export MythsMyth 5: Exporting is too complicated and I won’t understand thelegal code and regulatory requirementsFact: You dont need to be an expert to export for the first time. Thereare abundant of resources available that help first time exportersabout the ins and outs of expanding your market overseas 4
    5. 5. Upcoming Automation Alley Export Conferences and EventsBrazil: Latin America’s Engine of Economic Growth February 2, 2012Cybersecurity: Assessing Your Global Risks and Threats February 17, 2012Driving Efficiencies Into Your Global Supply Chain March 8, 2012Creating Globally-Focused Strategies & Business Plans April 19-26, 2012Israel and Turkey: Strategic Cross Roads to the World June 21, 2012 5
    6. 6. Automation Alley Trade MissionsUnited Arab Emirates (virtual trade mission) January 26, 2012Association of the United States Army (AUSA)Winter Symposium and Exposition (Florida) February 22-24, 2012HANNOVER MESSE 2012 (Germany) April 23-27 2012Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo) May 20-26, 2012India (virtual trade mission) June 27, 2012Canada (Montreal, Toronto, and/or Vancouver) September 16-20, 2012Israel and Turkey (Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Istanbul) November 2-9, 2012 6
    7. 7. Trade Mission Successes •Automation Alley missions have generated $166 million in exports for company participants while creating 917 direct and indirect jobs •2008 Recipient of the Presidential “E” Award for Excellence in Exporting • “Since Automation Alley is best in class for international trade, we will engage them to maximize the potential to other regions.” –Governor Rick Snyder (2011 State of the State Address)“ 7
    8. 8. Testimonials“We have secured more than $7m in new business and created 27 local jobs as a resultof participating on Automation Alley trade missions to China, Central Europe, and India.The extreme professionalism and conscientiousness of the Alley staff along with theirability to arrange meetings with the right companies were instrumental to our success.”Daniel Kocks, CEO, Enterprise Automotive Systems-Warren, MichiganClean Emission Fluids’ participation in Automation Alley’s trade mission to Brazilexceeded all expectations, specifically: caliber of individuals at trade meetings, planningand foresight, utilization of time, level of support and advance assistance, during andafter the trade mission. Business objectives are on solid footing to yield long term value.”Oliver Baer, CEO, Clean Emission Fluids-Grosse Pointe, Michigan“The business opportunities that Automation Alley arranged for us in Israel wereexceptional. We fully expect to build strategic relationships there as a result.”--GregGuidice, CEO, RazorThreat Inc.-Pontiac, Michigan 8
    9. 9. International Business CenterBuilding Expansion• Newly-constructed, state-of-the-art facility• 3,200 square feet of meeting and office spaceMember Resources• Executive Board Room o Includes wireless Internet connectivity, projection screen, conference call capability, and interactive whiteboard technology• Video-Conference Room for virtual trade missions o Connect with up to 3 remote locations simultaneously• Collaboration Room o 2 HD television screens for project display o Laptop connectivity and seating for 8 people 9
    10. 10. We’re on a mission to grow your business Thank you Noel Nevshehir Director of International Business Services Automation Alley Troy, Michigan T: 248-457-3288 E: nevshehirn@automationally.com W: www.automationalley.com 10