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    Castle Hopping2006 Castle Hopping2006 Presentation Transcript

    • Castle Hopping with Stephanie Abrams copyright 2006 All rights reserved. [email_address]
    • Clearly, you like castles! [email_address] Nationally
    • Learn more about castles weekly with “Traveling Feet” and “Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams”
      • Heard Weekends Nationally on Radio
      • iPOD-cast at &
      • Simulcast online at
      • Websites: and
      • Archived Shows and Broadcast Schedules at
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Visit with me in “travelgirl magazine” [email_address] Nationally                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
    • Tips on Traveling with your Dog
      • Stephanie Abrams’
      • “ Traveling Paws”
      • in
      • Fido Friendly Magazine
      [email_address] Nationally
    • [email_address] Nationally
      • Castle Hopping
      • Step into the Spirit of Romance
      • Visit castles by Day
      • Sleep in Castles at night
      • Travel Royally
      • * Manor Houses
      • *Historic hotels & inns
    • Embrace Stephanie’s Concept: “Intentional Travel” ©
      • Focus your travels:
        • For maximum experiential value
        • For maximum personal impact
      • Step into a dream and live it!
      • Control the spirit of your travels with the intention of reaching your personal goals through enriching, uplifting, inspiring travel experiences from which you return knowing you are a better person than when you left home!
      [email_address] Nationally
    • [email_address] Nationally Great Castle Hopping Destinations:
      • Ireland
      • Scotland
      • Saxony, Germany
      • France
      • Spain
    • Benefits of Castle Hopping
          • Maintain a Mood
          • & Cultivate a Flavor
      • Maximize the experience
      • Build on your experience
      • Fill your travels with
      • uplifting, inspiring, enriching
      • and enhancing days & nights
      • Budget tight? Mix castle stays with inns and manor houses & splurge for lunch, cocktails, dinner at castles along the way!
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Ireland:
      • Choose your
      • ‘ castle homes’
      • and
      • then plan your
      • day visits with
      • ‘ Hub & Spokes’
      • itinerary.
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Your Castle Homes in Ireland:
      • Castle Leslie:
      • County Monaghan
      [email_address] Nationally
    • At Castle Leslie, you enter your castle home. . .
      • There is no reception desk
      • There is no lobby
      • You enter your own castle home met by a cheery fireplace
      • Sleep in the Red Room where Paul McCartney slept!
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Castle Leslie [email_address] Nationally
    • Sir John Leslie September 1, 2006 First Cousin to Winston Churchill
      • Uncle Jack’s famous quote
      • To the BBC reporter:
      • “ Paul McCarthy
      • (sic- McCartney) is getting
      • married here on Tuesday
      • . . . But it’s a secret!”
      • Leslie family traces its
      • History to Atilla the Hun,
      • And includes the
      • Duke of Wellington,
      • Winston Churchill and
      • other greats in history.
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Paul McCartney is not the only one who married at Castle Leslie! The first All-American Wedding at Castle Leslie, January 2, 2003, was discussed on my radio shows and started a trend of Americans with no Irish heritage choosing Castle Leslie for their wedding! (That’s my daughter and my “other son.” [email_address] Nationally
    • Cong, Ireland Land of “The Quiet Man” [email_address] Nationally
    • The Quiet Man was filmed on the grounds of Ashford Castle and around Cong, Ireland [email_address] Nationally
    • Ashford Castle…visit, stay there, or at least stop for tea or cocktails! [email_address] Nationally
    • Glenlo Abbey by Night Kylemore Abbey by Day! [email_address] Nationally
    • Glenlo Abbey Bushy Park, Co. Galway owned and managed by the Bourke Family [email_address] Nationally
    • And dine in historic train cars behind Glenlo Abbey. Stay at Glenlo Abbey by night. . .
      • Murder on the Orient Express Filmed in one of these train cars where you can have a gourmet meal!
      • Churchill’s body was transported on this train to Blenheim Palace for burial.
      [email_address] Nationally
    • AndVisit Kylemore Abbey by day! [email_address] Nationally
    • Saint Patrick Centre Downpatrick
      • Northern Ireland
      [email_address] Nationally
    • The Saint Patrick Centre
      • An incredible tribute and exploration of the life and times of Patrick steps away from his gravesite
      • Interactive displays telling Patrick’s story in his own words from his writings
      • A moving experience for children and adults regardless of their religion
      • 30 minutes drive from Belfast
      • Day trips available from Dublin
      • Well worth the visit!
      [email_address] Nationally
    • The Slieve Donard Newcastle, No. Ireland Walk out the back door onto the Royal County Down Golf Course, visit Downpatrick, Castle . . . All short hops away! [email_address] Nationally
    • Slieve Donard Named for Northern Ireland’s Tallest Mountain [email_address] Nationally
    • First Church in Ireland Built by Patrick a mile from Downpatrick, County Down [email_address] Nationally
    • Mount Stewart House & Gardens
      • Visit this wonderful manor house in County Down, Northern Ireland, by day. . .
      [email_address] Nationally
    • And Castle Ward with its own special story. . .
      • They had to leave in a hurry!
      [email_address] Nationally
    • An incredible story
      • Visit Castle Ward, a short drive from Newcastle or Downpatrick in No. Ireland
      • Enjoy the Ward family’s unique story of the design of this castle home with a split personality of Classical and Gothic architectural design and the owners who had to leave quickly when they couldn’t pay the taxes.
      • Completely furnished with family items as it was the day the Wards were forced to leave.
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Explore the South From Killiney to Waterford [email_address] Nationally
    • Fitzpatrick Castle Killiney, Dublin Co.,Ireland
      • Wonderful lodging Strategically located for sightseeing. . .
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Waterford Castle by Day or Night [email_address] Nationally
    • [email_address] Nationally
    • Foynes Flying Boat Museum County Limerick
      • Have you heard of Foynes?
      • Have you heard of the Flying Boat?
      • Have you heard of Irish Coffee?
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Irish Coffee invented at Foynes
      • A remarkable museum to the history of the Flying Boat reminds travelers that elegant travel lived on.
      • The fashionable way to cross the ocean until the early ’50’s carrying the rich & famous on Pan Am Clipper, BOAC, and American Overseas Airlines manufactured by Boeing Aircraft in Seattle.
      • Half the size of a 747 with beds for each passenger, dinners served on linens and china
      • Water takeoff’s and splashing down resulted chilled passengers.Foynes Airport’s bartender created “Irish Coffee” to warm up chilled passengers.
      • Jim Sheridan, the bartender, went to work in San Francisco, taking “Irish Coffee” with him.
      • Famous pax included: John F. Kennedy, Senator Joe Kennedy, Bing Crosby, Maureen O’Hara whose husband, Capt. Charles Blair was a Flying Boat pilot!
      [email_address] Nationally
    • h [email_address] Nationally
    • From Foynes to Bunratty The drive from Foynes to the Shannon, Limerick, Ennis area is about 30 minutes. Bunratty is a short drive from Limerick. [email_address] Nationally
    • Bunratty Castle by Day [email_address] Nationally
    • Dromoland Castle by night [email_address] Nationally
    • For a wee bit of Renaissance fun at Drumoland Castle [email_address] Nationally
    • Adare Manor County Limerick Stop for lunch, tea, cocktails, dinner and overnight if you can! [email_address] Nationally
    • Scotland
      • Recommended stays:
      • Dalhousie Castle
      • Culzean Castle
      • Glenapp Castle
      • Fernie Castle
      • and if you can
      • take over the whole castle,
      • consider
      • Myers Castle
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Visit Castles in Scotland
      • Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Castle:
      • The Royal Mile
      • "The largest, longest and finest street for Buildings and Number of Inhabitants, not only in Britain, but in the World..."
      • (Daniel Defoe, 1723)
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Edinburgh, Scotland
      • Visit Holyrood Castle
      • Often used as a royal
      • residence
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Dalhousie Castle in Midlothian Bonnierigg near Edinburgh [email_address] Nationally 1296 — King Edward I of England stayed at Dalhousie Castle before the Battle of Falkirk when Sir William Wallace was defeated. 2006- You and your client can stay there for a bit of elegance and romantic adventure!
    • Dalhousie Castle Bonnierigg near Edinburgh [email_address] Nationally
    • Rosslyn Chapel Scotland [email_address] Nationally
    • Rosslyn Chapel Interior [email_address] Nationally
    • Rosslyn Chapel Interior [email_address] Nationally
    • Between Castle Visits, Walk with the Reindeer Cairngorm Reindeer Center, Highlands, Scotland [email_address] Nationally
    • Culzean Castle Ayrshire, Scotland [email_address] Nationally
    • Culzean Castle Stairway View from Dwight David Eisenhower Apartment
      • Culzean, pronounced ‘Cullean’
      • was built in sections
      • over a period of centuries.
      • The last portion built
      • was the stairway that
      • unifies the wings of
      • the castle.
      • If you didn’t adopt a
      • reindeer at the Cairngorm
      • Reindeer Centre, you can
      • adopt a red deer at Culzean.
      • My deer’s name is Lucy !
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Ike’s Office at Culzean Castle Eisenhower stayed at Culzean while conferring with Churchill about the war in Europe. The Laird of Culzean presented Ike with the apartment to be used as his “home at Culzean” during his lifetime. Ike stayed there once as President and twice after leaving office. [email_address] Nationally
    • The Eisenhower Apartment Culzean Castle, Scotland [email_address] Nationally
      • The Eisenhower Bedroom Culzean Castle Scotland The Eisenhower apartment includes a beautiful drawing room, dining room, bedrooms to sleep 12 which can be rented individually for one night or more or can be rented exclusively for a family or business group. The views from the apartment are spectacular and overlook the grounds of Culzean Castle and the sea.
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Glenapp Castle Ayrshire, Scotland [email_address] Nationally
    • Glenapp Castle 5-Star Luxury in Ayrshire [email_address] Nationally
    • Glenapp Castle Glenapp opened as a 5-star Relais & Chateau property with 17 accommodations for 34 guests, gourmet dining, beautiful private grounds and gardens in a tranquil and safe corner of the world. This is “must stay” elegance where the grounds are open only to guests in residence. [email_address] Nationally
    • St. Andrews by Day Fernie Castle by Night [email_address] Nationally
    • Fernie Castle Only Minutes Away from St. Andrews Scotland
      • Neal Blackburn, the
      • current Laird of Fernie
      • Castle decided to remove
      • the exterior stucco-like
      • coating, known
      • as harling, that was
      • popular in earlier
      • centuries, leaving
      • the original stone
      • exposed.
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Saxony Germany
      • M
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Dresden Saxony, Germany [email_address] Nationally
    • Saxony Germany & Saxon Switzerland
      • Step into a fairytale!
      • Cultural richness
      • Architecturally flamboyant
      • Naturally lush
      • Historically intense
      • Musically notable
      • And castles abound by day & night!
      [email_address] Nationally
    • From Paris to Nice with
      • Grandes Etapes Francaise
      • Chateaux by day and by night
      • Originators of chateau accommodations concept
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Grandes Etapes Francaise Chateaux
      • 10 chateaux
      • Family owned
      • by creator of
      • Chateau-hotel
      • concept
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Stay at a GEF Hotels Chateaux by night & visit. . .
      • Chateau d’Esclimont Chateau d’Artigny Chateau d’Isenbourg
      [email_address] Nationally
    • Chenonceau in the Loire Valley of France and. . . [email_address] Nationally
    • Visit Blois. . . [email_address] Nationally
    • and Chambord by day. . . [email_address] Nationally
    • And then visit Biltmore! Asheville, North Carolina
      • The features of Bloise, Chenonceau and Chambord were combined to create the Vanderbilt castle in America:
      [email_address] Nationally
    • And Stay at Blantyre in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts in Lenox [email_address] Nationally
    • Castle Hopping is the ultimate in . . .
      • trips designed to be:
      • inspirational uplifting enriching life enhancing and
      • created to assure travelers platinum experiences that result in lifelong valuable memories.
      • Visit for travel tips, news and destination information and listen to “Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams” and “Traveling Feet!”
      • Gotta Fly Now! sm
      [email_address] Nationally