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  1. 1. Money Growth Info Systems Money Growth Info Systems (A Govt. Registered Organisation) The Home-Based Business Development and Research Centre Gurpreet Singh (A Govt. Registered Organisation) (Authorised Dealer) Registration No.: 2265 MGIS-42345 Mob. No.: 098151-74779, 98151-74779 Dear Sir/Madam : Thank you for your recent interest and valued inquiry regarding our unique and hugely popular Mail Order Business Projects. This is your first contact It’s your turn to get with us. We welcome you! This business is about just simple paper works at RICH ! home. By just doing these paper works you can earn upwards Rs. 30,000 per month ! It is guarantee as there are several people who are making good money. Its our pleasure to inform you that not everyone in your town gets this exciting opportunity. Now the doors to the world of Mail Order Business are In this Paper Work ! open to you! It is a very attractive business for many reasons, mainly because its Build a fortune business you can run from your home in your spare time! There is no face-to- Mail Order Business..... face contact with customers. Its an ideal business for everyone-housewives, at home. students, employed, unemployed and retired persons etc.-for everyone who want an additional income in his/her spare time or full time. But the biggest attraction is a concept of letters containing cheques, postal orders and ... Success Guaranteed ! money orders. It’s like cash being pushed through your letter box every morning ! We are offering you a solid, respectable, truly high-class business opportunity. It is not easy, as some people would claim. Nothing is easy. But it can PS : Please do not read the be very rewarding and great fun, if you follow our steps. In our home-based Mail enclosed circular if : Order course we will teach you how to make best use of your spare time and earn handsome income. Just follow our course of proven instructions and start getting a huge monthly income by utilizing your own comfortable time and place. You are not interested in At Last, before you read the circular and order ‘Mail Order making handsome income Business’, keep in mind that it’s 100% sure that you can earn Rs. 30,000 in your own every month. part time business ! Please take a few minutes to read the enclosed circular carefully. It can change the rest of your life, as you take-up the decision. Or you are truly satisfied Best Regards, with what you are earning ! Successfully, quot;We spend our days waiting for the ideal path to appear in front of us, but what we forget is that paths are made by walking, not by waiting.quot; - Adarsh Juneja Gurpreet Singh (Authorised Dealer) Page 1/6
  2. 2. MAIL ORDER BUSINESS ds ckjs esa dqN egÙoiw.kZ rF;% 1- dke djus dh txg % MAIL ORDER BUSINESS dks vki vius ?kj ij jg dj Hkh dj ldrs gSaA 2- ;ksX;rk % MAIL ORDER BUSINESS dks djus ds fy;s fdlh fo'ksquot;k ;ksX;rk dh vko';drk ugha gSA cl vkidks gYdh lh English dk Kku gks u k pkfg,A MAIL ORDER BUSINESS dks dks b Z Hkh cs j ks t + x kj fo|kFkhZ ;k ?kjs y w efgyk;s a Hkh dj ldrh gS a A 3- dke ds ckjs esa % vkidk dk;Z cgqr gh vklku gSA vkidks çfrfnu i=kksa dks fyiQkiQksa esa Mkydj fofHkUu irksa ij Hkstuk gksrk gSA ge vkids dke ds ckjs esa vkidks iwjh tkudkjh nsxsaA 4- i=k fdl dks Hkstus gksaxs % gekjs }kjk vkids ikl Hksth x;h fdrkc ,oa lkexzh ls vkidks irk yx tk;sxk fd vkidks çfrfnu i=k dgka Hkstus gSaA 5- fVdV ,oa fyiQkiQs dk [kpZ % vkids }kjk Hksts x;s i=kksa ij tks Mkd [kpZ yxrk gS og vxj vki pkgsa rks cpk Hkh ldrs gaSA bldh tkudkjh vkidks gekjs }kjk vkids ikl Hksth xbZ fdrkc ,oa lkexzh ls fey tk,xhA bl izdkj ls vkidks vius vki Mkd fVdV yxs fyiQkiQs fcuk fdlh ykxr ds feysaxs A 7- jftLVsª'ku % MAIL ORDER BUSINESS vkjEHk djus ds fy;s] egÙoiw.kZ iqLrdsa ,oa i=k Hkstus ds fy;s irs rFkk Mkd fVdVksa ds ckjs esa vkSj vU; cgqr lh egÙoiw.kZ tkudkjh ds fy;s vkidks gekjs ikl 490/- :i;s dk MªkÝV ;k euhvkMZj Gurpreet Singh payable at Mohali or Chandigarh ds uke ij Hkstuk gSA 8- iwjh xkjUVh % ;fn fdlh dkj.ko'k vkidks ;g MAIL ORDER BUSINESS ilan uk vk;s ;k vkidk eu cny tk;s ;k vkidks ;g fct+usl Bhd uk yxs rks vkidks 10 fnu ds vUnj gekjs ikl iwjk iSdsV okfil Hkstuk gksrk gS vkSj vkidh isesaV Mkd [kpZ dkVdj (Rs. 490/- Less Rs. 85/- = Rs. 405/-) vkidks okfil çkIr gks tk;sxhA 9- lEidZ % ;fn vHkh Hkh vkids eu esa dksbZ lUnsg ;k dksbZ ç'u gks rks vki gesa fu%ladksp uhps fn;s x;s iQksu uEcjksa ij lEidZ dj ldrs gSaA Contact Nos.: 098151-74779, 98151-74779 vkidh liQyrk ;k vkids iSls okfilh dh xkjUVh You too can earn in Lacs Yo u too can earn Does Rs. 490/- are as much more, than your Lifetime-Owned-Business which can give you Lacs of Income? You think.... What do you think, how much money is required to start a new business....? Rs. 2 Lac ? No..., Rs. 1 Lac ? No..., Rs. 50,000 ? No..., Rs. 10,000 ? No...No...No... Just Rs. 490/-Just Rs. 490/ Its amazing na... Now it has happened in India. You can earn, if you deserve. Your positive thinking only can change your life forever. Now no pre-budget making for life. Earn More and Aish More... Call for more details at the given contact nos. Suggestion: If you are having Rs. 490/- now, then you are having 3 options to earn as below (Please take a look) 1. Deposit it in a Bank Saving A/c and earn interest @ 8% p.a. which comes in just Rs. 39/- per annum i.e. Rs. 3.26 per month. 2. Deposit it in a Bank FD A/c and get double amount i.e. Rs. 980/- after 10 years. But at that time there will be no value for these 980/- 3. Start a traditional business... Oh sorry, you can not start any business with as small amount as Rs. 490/- But there is a way by which you can earn in Lacs as others are earning by taking this wise decision. Invest it in Money Growth Info Systems' payback system. Please feel free to ask for complete details at the above given contact nos. Page 2/6
  3. 3. How to start Perfect, Home-Based, Part - Time MAIL ORDER BUSINESS Housewives, Students, Unemployed, Retired Persons or Businessmen - Anybody can start. This Comprehensive course contains all Start Part - Time the information and facts about home Work in you spare time, when you are not at your regular job. Later, based Mail Order Business and an after your business has increased, enormous amount of valuable up-to-date you can make a decision to expand. business techniques. It is easy to understand and practical, which makes Small Investment Less than any local business you start the business within few days ! investment will get you start. Some questions of your own 1. What is Mail Order Business ? Low Overhead Mail Order Business is nothing but doing/conducting business Operate from your home. Mail Order by mail. It is one of the world’s largest, India’s fastest Business is the perfect home Dear Sir/Madam, based business. There is no need growing and most exciting business. Here millions are making big profits consistently. Now you can join them. Our to rent an office or buy expensive Congratulations! You have finally found it! Whether equipment. you’re looking for a week or years, here it is! An honest, unique course shows you everything you need to know and sensible, workable, realistic method of generating a run the Mail Order Business from SCRATCH. massive income at home. No Age Limit 2. Who can start Mail Order ? Anyone at any age can become Before telling you about the Mail Order, we would Any man, woman, young or old, employed or unemployed involved, except children ! like to inform you that we are in the business for more at any place can start Mail Order Business. than eight years. Currently we are involved in various types of Mail Order Publications & Programmes 3. Does age or sex matter ? No Other Experience Required alongwith FMCG products. The system we are about Not a bit. Equal opportunities exist for all in this business. No computer or knowledge of to explain you in this course is absolutely the computers is necessary. Can be easiest and most profitable way to make money in 4. Do I need any experience to start ? operated single handedly. your spare time, from the comfort of your home! No, but it is important you learn all you can, read all you can. Many people are earning big incomes from this profitable activity. 5. What is the minimum investment required ? No Personal Selling Required You can start with your name, address and rubber stamp. All aspects can be done through mail. Probably there is no other business in this world All you need is some postal stationaries (stamps, today which can be started with such a small envelopes, letters etc.) investment and without having any experience which No Scheme can produce such a spectacular results right from the 6. I have never tried business before - is it suitable for me ? Its not MLM or a scheme or a Chain start. I am sure, a careful and analytical study of the Yes ! This course is designed for beginners. Just the basic of Letters. facts printed in this circular will assist you in making an intelligent decision. Now... You can have your knowledge of english is essential. own business, start and finish whenever you want and A Perfect Family Business confidently expect Money Orders, DDs and Cheques 7. Will success be inevitable ? The potential for this business is truly massive. There is no Husband and Wife teams have built everyday. I am always here to assist you in all possible ways to make you successful. Welcome ! limit to the Mail Order Business. some of the largest, most profitable Cordially Yours, home based business in the world. Money Growth Info Systems Do you really want this extra Easy and Simple The Mail Order Research Income Opportunity ? Thousands of people are already and Publishing Institute successful, Now it’s your turn to Here are what experts say about Think about it - what’s the number build a fortune. Mail Order Business one concern of most people today’s ? “It’s an easy to start business with massive Money.....Right ? You’d better believe it ! Start Immediately potential. The world’s most exciting business.” You can literally be in business within 10 days. Joe Karbo, Mail Order Dealer and Author No matter who you are. Your color, race, age, religion, “The mail order information business is booming. whether male or female, poor or rich, or where you live, do Regardless of hard times and inflation, the Mail not under estimate the potential that you personally Order Business continues to increase at a possess to make money. The author of this course will not fantastic rate. Isn’t it time, you get your share of attempt to make you believe that money is growing on trees these huge profits?” but money is easy to obtain if you really want it. The author has worked long and hard in bringing you this special Mr. Rajnish Singh, Editor, TD, New Delhi material. If you enroll within 10 days, You get a “The most simple business I have ever known. Even after earning thousands, I do not need any So this business course is designed for operation, and “Money Making Kit” employee!” works best, from the comforts and privacy of your own home. In all honesty, it will take you a couple of hours a day for Mail Order Fortunes S.R. Dutta, India to run this business and start realizing some real profits. absolutely FREE! Page 3/6
  4. 4. HERE ARE SOME CONTENTS OF 100% RISK FREE THE MOB PACKAGE WILL THIS STUDY COURSE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE CONTAIN THE Section 1 Getting Started FOLLOWING THINGS We are confident that the course will work for you, that’s why we give you this fool-proof offer : If for any 1) Appointment Order. Understanding the Mail Order Business reason you want to return the course guide, even if 2) Step-by-Step instructions on An Advice to Beginners you just change your mind,must return it within 10 how to start a perfect home Everything You’ll Need to Get Started days, we’ll give you a prompt, courteous, full amount based business. refund, (Except Handling Charges) No questions asked ! 3) Free Mail Order Business Money Making Guide to Mail Order Riches You can keep FREE “Money Making Kit” as our Book worth Rs. 1480/-. complementary gift just for trying this business! Section 2 Advertising in Mail Order 4) Free Money Making Kit. Here’re what some new people say 5) Free Dealership & Approval The Secrets of Successful Advertising about this Home Based Business Application Form to earn more Establish Your Own In-House Ad Agency “MOB is amazing like a magic, I made Rs. 38,500 in the very than Rs. 30,000 p.m. Section 3 Mail Order Management & first month” HEAVY DISCOUNT BusinessTools Jimmy Lalnunmawia, Silchar This complete Home study Course + Free “The MOB ideas & information are practical. The free Money Making Kit+ FREE Dealership Money Making Tips dealership is fast cash for me.” worth Rs. 1500/- is all yours for just Tools to Stay Safe In Mail Order (10 rules) Kuldeep Malhotra, Jammu Rs. 490/-(in India Rs. 405 + Rs. 85 Post- “The steps mentioned in MOB are very easy to age & Handling Charges) only. (For all Section 4 Mail Order Business Guide understand. Now I am earning thousands everyday. other countries US$ 70.00 or equivalent). How to Make Money in Mail Order Business Gurpreet Singh, Mohali Offer for limited period only. “My life was boring and limited before joining Money Growth and now life is IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 101 Ways to Increase Mail Order Profits completely changed with new ideas, hopes and excitement. Above all I am gain- This well packed Home Study Couse- Secrets of Successful Mail Order Business ing profits. Thanks to Money Growth Family.” cum- Guide and other materials will be Satyabrat Borah, Borachuk sent to you by Registered Post/Speed Post/ Secrets of Getting Free Advertising “I have tried so many different things over the years. None of Courier immediately. Only limited copies 17 Methods for Getting Free Advertising them turned right. Now I have finally hit a jackpot of great are available. Hurry up ! Act Now ! income source ! Thanks to Money Growth team ! 20 Major Reasons Why Your M.O.B. could fail Navtej Singh Gill, Ludhiana SEND YOUR ORDER FORM BY The FAQ of Mail Order Business “This course is uncomparable to any other offer I came across. SPEED POST/ COURIER ONLY It really works & now I’m feeling financial freedom.” RISK FREE Membership Application Section 5 Special Reports & Projects Dr. R.K. Pal, Jodhpur Yes, I want to start my own profitable Mail “M.O.B. is making good money with bright future for me. Order Business. Please issue me the Home Report : All you must know about Network Based Business Package which includes Marketing I am now earning thousands in the first week” ‘Appointment Order + Free MOB + Free David-A Dawn, Aizawl, Mizoram Money Making Kit + Free Dealership’. Also Free Project : A B3O (Best Brilliant Business “I am retired looking for ways to go, I found it in this course.” Register my name as a member and send Opportunity) Literature me all guidelines to get start successfully. I Kuldeep Malhotra, Jammu have enclosed a DD/Money Order of Tips to get Income worth Rs. 8,86,600/- “Thanks for all your support in establishing my own MOB at Rs. 490/- home. I’m very happy with your Dealership Offer.” Tips to Get Pension at Home without Drawn from Bank: working. Vijay Kumar, Kota, Rajasthan ................................................................. “As a housewife now I’m feeling more creative & OTHER ADVANTAGES productive at home. It’s more profitable than I thought! Thanks No. : .......................................................... 1. Immediate Money and Lifetime Dealership ! for providing such information.” As you enroll in this course to start a lucrative profitable Romita Makhija, Ludhiana Dated :......................... home based business, you straightway get a FREE DEALERSHIP TO EARN MORE THAN Rs. 30,000 Per DON’T EXPECT JUST BOOKS/GUIDES I understand that if I’m not absolutely Month (Please note this is in addition to what you earn Here is why you will find it is not just a course. This pleased with what I receive - or if I dis- from Mail Order) powerful information pack reveals all the incredible ways cover Mail Order Business is not for me 2. FREE Consultancy : so that a newcomer can start his own mail order business. - I can return it to HEAD OFFICE within For one complete year ! Please feel to ask any question. In fact, many working people will be embarrassed when 10 days for a full refund, minus postage Call us by phone, by e-mail or by post. & handling charges. No questions asked. they discover.... While they are working 40+ hours each WHAT’S YOUR CHOICE ? week to earn a living that they have earned only fraction I’m also responding within 10 days. Please of what others have made while working part time using Is finacial independence your goal ? Do you want to send me FREE MONEY MAKING KIT fulfill your dreams ? Then it’s time to start building your some of these methods. Further it will take you on a step- alongwith my course package. own business instead of someone else’s. by step journey towards financial success. I will tell you (USE CAPITAL LETTERS PLEASE) Where we are today is some important facts about mail-order business. NAME Mr./Ms........................................... the result of choices You will be learning wealth creating methods. It is ex- ADDRESS we made in the past. ........................................................................ plained step-by-step for all newcomers. It will help you to Where we will be in the understand the real secret involved in this business. .......................................................................................... Thousands of people who are already successful started CITY/DISTT.............................................. future will be a result with No previous experience. PIN CODE..................STATE.................... of the choice we make PHONE : ...............................AGE :............. TODAY. The entire material is written in layman’s language, so (Please mention exact landmark to assist the postman) Post this circular with payment in the name of : Come out with one hot new idea from the course and WHAM! It strikes like a bolt of lightening. Suddenly you are even the person with no experience whatsoever can Gurpreet Singh easily learn this business and start working. All of Kothi No.: 2153, Sector 71 busy with cash orders from all over the country. More money than you could ever earn in a lifetime. Start with a goal which can help you “test” these methods for yourself Mohali, Punjab, Pin-160071 and then find a vehicle that can take you there. What you immediately-at a little cost. This will be your additional Mob.: 098151-74779, 98151-74779 have just seen is simply a vehicle that can take you from income for life time. Enroll today ! Post the discount where you are now to where you like to be in the future. order form enclosed ! Get Started Now !! Remember, You Must Make Money Or Your Money Back ! Page 4/6
  5. 5. Money Growth Info Systems The Home-Based Business Development and Research Centre (A Govt. Registered Organisation) Registration No.: 2265 SOME IMPORTANT DETAILS ABOUT THE COMPANY & ITS WORK FOR WHICH OUR CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS CURIOUS TO KNOW 1) ABOUT THE COMPANY : HEAD OFFICE : MONEY GROWTH INFO SYSTEMS, ABOHAR, PUNJAB. Money Growth Info Systems is a company operating successfully since last eight years. The company has many branches all over KARNATAKA, ANDHRA PRADESH, KERALA, TAMIL NADU, ASSAM, JAMMU & it is shortly going to open its branches in other states and cities of India such as DELHI, PUNJAB, KOLKATA, GUJARAT, PUNE, MUMBAI, UTTAR PRADESH, BIHAR, RAJASTHAN & MADHYA PRADESH etc. Money Growth Info Systems deals in different types of publications & books and FMCG products.There is immense increase in the work load with the high growth of the company is experiencing. With so many new branches coming up every month, the company plans to recruit people from all over the country to run and manage these branches. 2) PLACE OF WORK : You can start the work from home or wherever you feel comfortable. In fact, 90% of our employees work from home, as it is more convenient. 3) REQUIRED QUALIFICATION : The person should be at least 18 years of age and should have basic knowledge of English. 4) REGARDING THE WORK : As the company is dealing with different types of MAIL ORDER PUBLICATIONS & BOOKS and FMCG Products, everyday it is recruiting people for work. After becoming the Registered Dealer of the company, you’ll be provided with all the necessary material & kit which you’ll need to start MAIL ORDER BUSINESS (M.O.B.). Alongwith the kit, you’ll be given some important papers, forms etc. and all the required information on how to start MOB. These papers are called PROMOTIONAL LETTERS. You don’t have to write any promotional letter. You can use the photocopy of one successful promotional letter given by the company itself. After selecting a promotional letter you have to attach it with other papers & forms of the company, then put it in an envelope and post it. 5) TO WHOM YOU’LL POST LETTERS : The material and book which you’ll get from our Head Office, will give you all the information about the people to whom you’ll send letters. Surprisingly, you don’t have to search people, everday you’ll get lots of addresses. So don’t worry for the addresses, just read all the material and books carefully, which you will receive and start your work within 10 days. 6) POSTAGE STAMP & ENVELOPE COST : Don’t worry for any postage stamp and envelope cost. You will post these Promotional Letters as “Printed News/ Book Packet” for which it costs very small for postage stamp. But if you want, you can even save this postage expence too. This will be made clear in the package which you will receive from us after becoming the Registered Dealer of the company. Thereby, you do not have to pay a single rupee for all these as you’ll automatically get all the envelopes alongwith stamps-FREE OF COST. Just put necessary papers in it and post it. Here everything is arranged for you and that’s why it is the best part-time job ever found which people like to do. 7) In the beginning, at least 3 to 4 hours a day will be required for understanding the work, and then there is no end for this business - - you can start and stop it whenever you want. Good thing is that no one wants to stop because it is very PROFITABLE. 8) FOR WHAT YOU’LL PAY RS. 490/- : Dear customer, we’re taking Rs. 490/- from you to enroll your name in the dealers' list of the company as a Registered MOB Dealer. It needs many processing, it also includes the cost for the important materials & books containing vital information regarding people’s addresses & free postage stamps etc.There are many important information which you need to start MOB within 10 days. 9) YOUR PAYMENT : After 10 days or before, from the day of posting letters, your payment will start coming to you by DDs/Cheques/Money Orders. Everyday you’ll get lots of payments. Page 5/6
  6. 6. 10) ADVANTAGES : a) In this MOB, there is NO FACE-TO-FACE CONTACT between YOU & THE PEOPLE TO WHOM YOU POST LETTERS - & THE COMPANY FOR WHOM YOU’LL WORK, until & unless you want. So it’s suitable for everyone. b) In this work You are the Boss - - you don’t have to work under someone’s pressure or direction. c) The best advantage is the Free Dealership which you will get. It will be your additional income other than what you earn from MOB. d) The Promotional Letter that you will post alongwith other papers of the company will also be provided by the company itself. e) And you don’t have to search for the people, you’ll automatically get hundreds of people everyday. At last, we would just say that this part-time/full time work is very easy. Some students, housewives and other people who are doing their job are now getting more than Rs. 20,000/- per month, while others with experience of more than 6 months in MOB are now getting at least Rs. 35,000/- or more. So go ahead and grab this wonderful opportunity before the free dealership closes down. Success is 100% sure !! NOTE : PLEASE READ BELOW CAREFULLY AS HOW TO MAKE THE PAYMENT. Dear customer, send your amount of Rs. 490/- by Demand Draft/Money Order only, payable to Gurpreet Singh at Mohali or Chandigarh. We don’t accept cheques. To get FREE MONEY-MAKING KIT, please send your order form alongwith prescribed amount within 10 days from the day you receive our letter. Send your Order Form by Speed Post/Registered Post or Reliable Courier service only. Don’t send anything by ordinary post. Happy earning and best wishes for your good health. We remain... Dear Customer, If you enroll within 10 days, you can also avail the offer to get Mobile Handset worth Rs. 10,000/-, Absolutely Free. Adarsh Juneja, Managing Director LIMITED PERIOD OFFER Page 6/6