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Analytikerne og it-leverandørerne snakker om convergence. Men hvad er det? Og giver det reelle fordele for it-afdelingerne, eller er det blot et nyt vendor lock-in?
Kom og hør HP’s bud på Converged Infrastructure i en åben verden – fra containerbaserede datacentre til hybride cloud-løsninger. Hvordan kan HP Converged Infrastructure hjælpe med at simplificere og automatisere it-infrastrukturen radikalt og frigive værdifulde ressourcer til forretningsorienterede initiativer?

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  • This is a ‘build’ slideEstablish the simple, root cause of why today’s data centers are misaligned to the business. And then establish the CI value proposition and how it solves this by aligning to the application. CUSTOMER NET IMPRESSIONS: “HP understands me ... and my fundamental data center problem”“I see how the HP Converged Infrastructure approach makes good sense (it’s logical, relevant, credible, timely ... it makes me feel gives me the confidence in HP”------------The fundamental data center flaw is quite simple.The underlying data center technologies and the way IT is set up today are not aligned to the way applications are built, managed and consumed.For instance, companies no longer have years to plan ... nine months to develop version 1.0 of an application ... and then take another nine months to develop version 2.0. They can no longer take 10 weeks to deliver a new service. Today, things happen in weeks or days. They can no longer build over provisioned and underutilized technology silos that waste time and money ... and cannot be easily repurposed for your workloads of choice. Not to mention the wasted time and money spent on maintenance.The ‘piece part’, ‘stich it together’ approach is broken. Our customers can’t do it any anymore. It is too slow, costly, and won’t scale.It’s an unsustainable vicious cycle whereby today’s data centers simply will not suffice. [CLICK - BUILD #2]This is what the next generation of HP Converged Infrastructure is all about: Aligning IT to the application and the business.HP Converged Infrastructure is all about dramatically simplifying the user experience to accelerate time to service and application value for any workload at any scale.It’s about bringing you flexible solutions that optimally integrate servers, storage, and networking into shared pools of interoperable resources ... or turnkey integrated systems ... all managed though a common platform ... all aligned to today’s “APPLICATION-CENTRIC “data center world.When we design and build Converged Infrastructure solutions, we use words like frictionless, software-defined, and intelligence. A frictionless infrastructure is about delivering optimal performance and ease of use, across the lifecycle. Software-defined infrastructure is a new paradigm that is emerging, one that holds the promise of minimizing and even eliminating many of the manual “human middleware” interventions required for provisioning, and providing greater agility and performance gains.Converged, intelligent platforms optimize investments in IT facilities, infrastructure, and people. It helps to reduce costs through sustainable, efficient use of resources, space, and energy to dynamically add capacity or handle workloads easily from one location to another. These attributes serve as the backbone for being able to optimize and align utilization to deliver services in minutes for all your workloads ... whileing slashing time spent on maintenance.This is at the heart of delivering broad value across the data center today and for a long time to come.
  • What is HP Converged Infrastructure?In short, HP Converged Infrastructure accelerates IT for better business outcomes. As we mentioned earlier, a converged infrastructure enables your IT organization to keep up with fast-changing business demands, and help your company innovate to enhance your competitiveness in the market.Here is the actual HP definition of Converged Infrastructure:For IT organizations in large and mid-sized enterprises and service providers who want to shift resources from operations to innovation and enable the Instant-On Enterprise, HP Converged Infrastructure is a blue print for the data center of the future that accelerates the provisioning of IT services and applications by integrating servers, storage, networking, security, power, cooling and facilities into shared pools of interoperable resources – all managed through a common management platform, delivered via world-class services. It’s about shifting resources – from 70% focused on operations to 70% focused on innovation.It’s about accelerating the provisioning of IT services and applications.It’s about creating shared pools of interoperable resources with all the components listed on the left hand side of the slide.And it’s about managing the entire IT ecosystem through a common management platform.So how can you get from where you’re at today – to a fully converged infrastructure?Our HP Converged Infrastructure Maturity Model ( – as well as our HP CI Reference Architecture Design Guide ( provide a detailed step-by-step approach of moving from your current IT environment to infrastructure convergence.In short…The first step for most organizations is ‘standardization’ – helping you move from ‘Compartmentalized’ to ‘Standardized’ to increase quality and speed of IT service delivery with lower cost of operations and better, more efficient management. This could include moving to a small number of approved standard configurations… based on industry standards with re-usable components… implemented in a consistent fashion with consistent management tools… resulting in more standards-based, modular and reusable infrastructure.Using a non-IT example of great standardization story, Southwest airlines. Before their acquisition of AirTran, Southwest airlines only flew one model of aircraft. Thus, pilots and mechanics needed to be trained on only one kind of airplane - lowering inventory, record keeping and maintenance costs, and minimizing the number of technical manuals, tools and spare parts. The second step is ‘virtualization’ – helping you move from physical server, storage and networking environments to virtualizing the entire datacenter - to increase the quality of service and begin to make IT more responsive and aligned to the needs of the business. This doesn’t only include server virtualization, but also…I/O virtualization to deliver connection capacity and flexibility needed to accommodate the wide range of workloads and applications.Storage virtualization not just within an array, but across the entire storage environment to scale up and out, and continually load balance performance and capacity.Network virtualization and the creation of VLANs with the goal of improving the network efficiency and increasing flexibility to quickly allocate required bandwidth.And the third step is ‘automation’ – helping you run IT as a service and be fully aligned with business requirements – in other words, where IT runs at the speed of business. The key elements of an automated IT infrastructure include…A Self Service Portal – where users can quickly request and procure and IT service.A Service Catalog of infrastructure deployment best practicesThe resource pool itself with compute, storage, networking resourcesAutomated infrastructure provisioning that delivers the service in minute not months.And Capacity planning and management tools to keep the resources and services healthy and optimized.Just a quick reminder… everything we just talked about helps you accelerate your IT… accelerate service provisioning, responsiveness, agility, disaster recovery, and ultimately IT innovation.But what are the business benefits of building a converged infrastructure?
  • Present how HP’s ‘application-centric approach’ is unique as the only approach designed for the new style of IT. Provide examples in workload areas that differentiate HP.CUSTOMER NET IMPRESSION:“I see that HP is building solutions exactly around the way I must manage all my apps ... optimizing my app environment to better align and serve my business”--------------------We design our Converged Infrastructure solutions for the way the data must align to the business.In other words, solutions designed for the different kinds of apps that span your entire IT or data center ecosystem.We build solutions for massive scale or hyperscale apps that are characterized by those single applications that run on hundreds, even thousands of systems ... things like web services sites.We build solutions for the hundreds of mainstream apps that require very few systems each. However, each still needs to be spun up, managed, maintained, etc.These are apps like sharepoint, email, CRM, file and print. Having dedicated silos of technology, processes, tools, and people for these apps is highly inefficient, costly, and unsustainable.And we build solutions for those big time business critical applications ... which we call Systems of Record. These are apps that require a high degree of security, availability, compliance ... in other words, they simply can’t go down or be messed with. Things like your ERP systems, patient records, financials, credit cards, 911 ... to name a few.Not only is HP the only technology provider that takes this ‘modern world’ approach ... we’re really the only company that can engineer, build, and deliver solutions for this approach.Cisco takes a network-centric approach ... which couldn’t be further from what HP believes in in a converged world. IBM takes a mainframe centric approach ... and Oracle is oracle-centric. The point is, all of these folks build solutions based on their limited IP, not from a ‘customer out’ perspective. That ultimate result is limited solution sets that align to limited workloads. Not HP. Let me give you a few examples ...
  • Getting the most from your IT systems means getting them up and operational as soon as possible. Offering out-of-the-box optimization, HP ConvergedSystem are ready to run on delivery to your door. Performance-tuned for a particular application, these purpose-built systems are designed to handle your key workloads, including virtualization, cloud and Big Data. HP ConvergedSystems for VirtualizationIncluding everything you need for a complete virtualization solution, these systems provide faster deployment, comprehensive lifecycle management, and unified support. Go from order to operations in as little as 20 days with a solution that provides double the performance of comparable solutions for 25 percent less cost (based on HP internal calculations). HP CloudSystemEnables enterprises and service providers to build and manage services across private, public and hybrid cloud environments on a simplified, integrated architectureHP ConvergedSystem 300 for VerticaBlazingly fast analytics helps you gain deeper insights into enterprise-wide Big Data, powered by HP Vertica Analytics HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted DesktopsBased on the revolutionary HP Moonshot System, this all-in-one solution delivers hosted desktops for Citrix XenDesktop environments, providing end users with a PC-like experience, while delivering up to 44 percent improvement in TCO (based on HP internal testing, Houston, Texas, Oct. 2013).HP AppSystem for SAP HANALeverage the power of in-memory computing technology so you can process massive quantities of data in the main memory of the server to provide immediate results from analysis and transactions
  • HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization is available in three “right-size” configurations—purpose-built for your virtualization sweet spot.  HP ConvergedSystem 300 for VirtualizationDesigned to grow, HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Virtualization enables you to virtualize your IT quickly, simply, and cost-effectively. If you need 50–300 virtual machines, we can quote and configure your system in 20 minutes and move it into production in 20 days. Engineered for optimal reliability and featuring 2X performance at 25 percent lower cost,*HP ConvergedSystem 300 enables you to run more real-world workloads for less expense.  Offered in a simple, standardized configuration, HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Virtualization supporting VMware offers all the benefits of ConvergedSystem—easy to buy, manage, and support. This integrated system is built on standards-based infrastructure blocks, including high-efficiency storage, which helps midsize businesses reduce infrastructure acquisition costs. In addition, tightly integrated management capabilities across all system components, and VMware management software delivers an end-to-end lifecycle management experience. HP ConvergedSystem 700 for Virtualization Optimized for large and demanding data centers, HP ConvergedSystem 700 for Virtualization is a high-performance solution that can help speed your time to innovation. Enabling you to regain control of capital and operational expenditures, this blade-based system leverages industry-leading SAN technology to ensure high performance and always-on availability. If you have 100–1,000 or more VMs, we can quote and configure your system in 30 minutes, and move it to production in 30 days. Engineered for optimal reliability and featuring 3x IT efficiency at 28 percent lower cost,6 HP ConvergedSystem 700 enables you to run real-world workloads more cost-efficiently.  Depending on your needs, you can choose from the following configurations:HP ConvergedSystem 700 for VMware – Standardized configuration that you can roll into your data center and easily set up to run, right out of the box.HP ConvergedSystem 700x – Providing additional flexibility, including support for both Microsoft and VMware, while still offering the benefits of accelerated delivery, unified management, and system-level single-vendor support.
  • While all your workers may sit at PCs, each user population has unique needs. For example, task workers need only a couple of applications to do their jobs, but workstation-class users require CPU- and accelerated-graphics performance to handle CAD/CAM applications. Right in the middle of the PC user continuum sit the knowledge workers—the largest segment of the PC user population—with unique requirements of their own. Rather than try to meet all user groups’ needs by deploying a ubiquitous desktop solution such as VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), perhaps a better idea is to create a tailored desktop environment for each group.   
  • The HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops is engineered specifically for the requirements of hosted desktops, addressing key featureslike accurate sizing of desktop environments and a consistent PC-like user experience.  The system is based on innovative HP Moonshot technology that is purpose-built to support knowledge workers who need the power of a full desktop including multiple applications, business graphics, and multimedia, but not the clout of a CAD desktop.  This initial solution is architected for simplicity, removing technologies like hypervisors and SAN's that complicate many virtualized desktop environments.The HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops delivers up to 44 percent improvement in TCO while delivering 90 times faster deployment times than traditional desktop PCs. A satisfactory user experience is assured with a dedicated CPU and GPU for each hosted desktop which delivers up to6X faster graphics frames per second resulting in improved high definition video and PDF scrolling. 44% lower TCO vs. traditional desktopsSubstantiation: Based on internal testing. As of October, 2013. Calculations are based on comparisons between the HP ProLiant m700 server within the HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops and the Compaq 4300 SFF desktop model. Comparisons were based on 1800 total desktops for calculation purposes with a total 3 year per user support total of $971.73 for the HP ProLiant m700 server and $2,301.20 for the Compaq 4300 SFF desktop. Total 3 year productivity loss due to self repair were $789.58 for the HP ProLiant m700 server and $2,133.99 for the Compaq 4300 SFF desktop. Total 3 year hardware, software and power costs were $1,667.35 for the HP ProLiant m700 server and $1,615.79 for the Compaq 4300 SFF. This amounts to 3 year total costs of $3,428.66 for the HP ProLiant m700 serverand $6,050.98 for the Compaq 4300 SFF. This results in a cost savings of 44% for the HP ProLiant m700 server over the traditional Compaq 4300 SFF desktop. ** Up to 63% less power requirements versus traditional desktop PCs Based on internal HP testing, October, 2013ORBIT + Thin Client = 12.2W + 25W (thin Clients w/out monitor - based on quick specs for the new t620 thin client which has operating a range of 15-30W – utilized 25W average operating wattage). TOTAL Wattage: 37.2 Watts  (TC + Orbit HW) – Active/In Use PC wattage: Avg. between 100-150W (operating wattage ranges most commonly found in enterprise PCs)  utilized average of 100W -   37.2W/100W =  63% savings  2Up to 6x faster graphics frames per second versus traditional VDIBased on internal testing, October, 2013Results from running 3D-Glaze on m700 (Glenn) AMD cartridge and a single vCPU Virtual Machine on a BL460c Gen8 Server Blade 3 Up to 90x faster deployment versus traditional PCBased on internal testing, October, 2013.  Calculations are based on a conservative one hour minimum to reimage a standard PC; and multiplied by the 180 desktops contained in the HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops chassis. Calculating total time from unboxing to completed images integrated into a Citrix environment and ready for use on 180 nodes took 2 hours. 180 divided by 2 hours = 90 times faster.   1 Integrates into Citrix environment in ~2hrsBased on internal testing. October, 2013.  Calculations are based on integrating 180 desktops into a Citrix environment - from unboxing to completed images ready for use on 180 nodes in 2 hours.  
  • The hybrid world requires a broad portfolio of hardware, software and services working in-concert to drive outcomes.HP’s Converged Cloud starts with best in class products like:The Cloud and automation software like Cloud Service AutomationSecurity Intelligence software such as Arcsight and Fortify.And Converged Infrastructure is market leading servers, storage and networking.Private Cloud (Integrated solution)Private cloud is where HP is unmatched, and the core of delivering a hybrid cloud that is truly enterprise-grade – CloudSystem enables rapid service creation, deployment, and monitoring.Managed CloudEnterprise Cloud Services includes managed private cloud, virtual private cloud, application & productivity services, and industry specific solutions.Legal & Compliance Performance Suite includes Archiving & Compliance, eDiscovery, Enterprise Content management, and Data Protection.Marketing Performance Suite includes Web content management & optimization, Intelligent Contact Center, and Customer Interaction Analytics.Public CloudOffer a wide spectrum of services from HP Cloud Services across compute, storage, CDN, Database, and Application Development Platform.We’re also working with market leading service providers as part of our CloudAgile program to provide a broad range of cloud services that complement our own portfolio across managed and public cloud.Professional ServicesThe “bridge” is about a safe pair of hands, someone that can help you define your cloud journey, and execute against it. HP has streamlined and enhanced its cloud professional services offerings across its services organizations into 7 sets of services within 3 main categories:ADVISE on opportunities and strategies to transform business and ITTRANSFORM existing infrastructure, applications and business processes to future desired state MANAGE the on-going operations and lifecycle of cloud investments###
  • CloudSystem provides an open, common management platform across multiple environment that is very easy to use. This provides end-to-end efficiencies for users that result in much higher productivity and greater business agility.
  • There are two CloudSystem packages: Foundation for core infrastructure services and Enterprise for advanced infrastructure as well as application and platform services.The CloudSystem Foundation packages includes an appliance with HP Cloud OS, an enterprise-grade version of OpenStack, and basic HP Operations Orchestration software. This appliance is integrated with HP OneView, HP’s system management software for converged infrastructure.The CloudSystem Enterprise package begins with CloudSystem Foundation. The Enterprise Appliance includes HP Cloud Service Automation. The Enterprise package also includes the HP Matrix Operating Environment and Cloud Maps standard. There are two optional server Automation options: Server Automation Virtual Appliance (S.A.V.A.) for configurations up to 3,000 OS instances or Server Automation Enterprise with Database and Middleware Automation (DMA) for large scale environments.
  • Defining cloud service offerings to be put in the service catalog can be a time-consuming task. This can take weeks or months. With HP Cloud Service Automation, you have multiple ways to quickly create service offerings.The graphical service designer makes it easy to define new services, or modify existing services. Service designers are provided with a high degree of flexibility, allowing them to build services that meet their unique requirements. Service components can be re-used to accelerate service creation.
  • Automation promotes setting standards to deliver efficiencies, quality and consistency in operations and to the line of business. HP can help IT automate the delivery of infrastructure, application releases and hybrid cloud services. How do we do it?Automate Tasks – Replace routine manual tasksAutomate manual administrationtasks such as provisioning, patching, maintaining compliance across the infrastructure elements. HP differentiates competitively by helping IT manage (a) the full lifecycle of servers and databases in traditional IT and Cloud environments and across distributed data centers (geographically), (b) scale as needed and go beyond 100,000 servers under management and 10,000+ DB and (c) heterogeneous OS, DBs and MW .. including AIX and Solaris environments (in addition to Windows, Linux and Unix).Automate IT Processes – Standardize on best practicesAutomate your Incident management process, automate your Change management and IT fulfilment processes to increase agility and quality of service – this allows for a reliable, repeatable process for delivering a service. HP differentiates competitively by making it simple delivering faster time to value helping customers to get started quickly with more than 5000 out of the box operations and 80+ integrations across HP and nonHP products. Transform and automate end to end Service Delivery – Self serve provisioning and cloud managementStandardizing and automating your routine tasks and IT process provides you with the ability to design and deliver well defined service which can be provisioned in private cloud or hybrid environments. This allows IT to increase its agility meet the demands from the LOB of automating the delivery of infrastructure up to applications in a seamless way. This sets the stage for you to transform operations and offer efficient self service environments including adopting new business operating models. HP differentiates competitively by helping customers achieve higher than 20X returns when IT can deliver end to end services in minutes instead of weeks or months. With HP Cloud Management solutions, IT can use the same solutions to manage traditional IT and private/hybrid cloud environments .. No need to learn separate tools to manage separate environments.
  • HP has been recognized as the leader in cloud by two industry analyst firms: Forrester and Ovum. Forrester stated that “HP leads the pack” in their report entitled, “The Forrester Wave™: Private Cloud Solutions, Q4 2013”. HP CloudSystem rated among the highest in 8 of 15 categories. Forrester particularly noted the advantages of the CloudSystem UI, ““HP stands out from the crowd by providing a clean and navigable interface that wraps substantial breadth and depth of capabilities into the fewest number of interfaces.”Ovum identified HP as “the overall leader” in their report entitled “Ovum Virtualization and Cloud Management 2013-14 Ovum Decision Matrix”.Ovum considers HP to have a strength in its focus on the business value of cloud and virtualization management. They rated HP as the leader in 8 of 21 categories: virtualization management, financial management, reporting & integration, deployment, innovation, scalability, revenue growth, and revenueCustomers have embraced the CloudSystem and made it the leader in the market. There are now more than 1,100 customer in 75 countries throughout the world.
  • As they plan their IT evolution, many organizations are looking at cloud to accelerate innovation and reduce costs.  The HP Converged Infrastructure provides the ideal foundation for these projects. Customers can get started by using the modular approach to create shared pools of resources, which is a fundamental component of cloud.To accelerate time-to-value, the new HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization is an easy-to-implement integrated system that is optimized for virtualization and  provides an on-ramp to cloud. The modular systems easily scale computing resources to meet business demands. This is an integrated system, so it’s easy to buy, manage, and supportThen, we extend the integrated systems with HP CloudSystem, the industry’s most complete, integrated and open system for building hybrid clouds. HP CloudSystem can build right on to a ConvergedSystem 700 or 700x for Virtualization. More than 1,100 customers around the world have already chosen HP  CloudSystem for their clouds, and last month Forrester named HP CloudSystem as the leader in their WAVE on Private Clouds.  With CloudSystem, you can build your cloud with confidence. 
  • Datacenter 2014: HP - Brian Andersen

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    2. 2. © Copyright 2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.2 Your business and apps don’t run in silos ... nor should your IT. Current data centers are UNSUSTAINABLE The fundamental data center flaw IT silos Network Servers Storage Application Too ... • Sluggish service delivery: 10 weeks • Admin time on maintenance: 80% • Data center utilization: 30% ... To ... • Service delivery: Minutes • Admin time on maintenance: 20% • Data center utilization: 70+% Business Application- optimized HP Converged Infrastructure ApplicationBusiness
    3. 3. © Copyright 2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.3 Power, cooling & facilities Network Servers Storage Management software Security Services Virtualized, Resilient, Open, Orchestrated, Modular Accelerate IT with HP Converged Infrastructure Converged Infrastructure Converged Management HP OneView
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    5. 5. © Copyright 2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.6 HP ConvergedSystem portfolio Delivering a breakthrough total systems experience Virtualization • HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization • HP ConvergedSystem for Hosted Desktops Cloud • HP CloudSystem Big Data • HP ConvergedSystem for Vertica • HP AppSystem for SAP HANA Built on the industry’s best Converged Infrastructure with leading ISV’s
    6. 6. © Copyright 2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.7 Purpose-built for your virtualization sweet-spot HP ConvergedSystem 700 and 700x for Virtualization • Standardized and flexible configurations • Optimized for 100–1,000+ VMs • 3X IT efficiency5 • 28 percent lower total cost of ownership (TCO)6 Simple choices accelerate time-to-value HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Virtualization • Simple, standardized configuration • Optimized for 50–300 VMs • 2X performance3 • 25 percent lower entry price4 3, 4 Comparison between the entry HP ConvergedSystem300 Standard and the Vblock 100DX-3P – three serverconfiguration for both offerings. May vary by deployment. 5, 6 Compared to traditional do it yourself approach
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    8. 8. © Copyright 2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.9 The first PC-on-chip for the data center HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops Uncompromised PC experience Full-powered desktop, with independent compute and graphics for each user Simple to deploy • Up and running in approximately two hours1 with Citrix XenDesktop with no SAN or virtualization layer • 180 desktop per 4U chassis; pre-determined sizing for predictable cost and capacity planning and scaling Better total cost of ownership • All the HP Moonshot efficiencies – lower cost, better performance, less space, and less complex Up to 44%better TCO and 63% less power4 Up to 90X faster deployment3 Up to 6Xfaster graphics frames per second2 1, 2, 3, 4 Based on internal HP testing, October 2013
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    13. 13. © Copyright 2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.14 Manage 500% more servers or DB per admin Simplifyadministration, workflows and delivery in 3 steps … Orchestrate processes Proven,Out-of-box 5000+ operations 80+ integrations Leading Scale Few to 100K+ servers Automate tasks Transform service delivery Faster time to value Get started in minutes ROI=5x ROI=10x ROI=20x Reclaim 10,000+ hrs/year Provision new services in minutes
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