Mix Me In | MidemNet Lab 2011


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One of ten presentations made by innovative mobile music startups for the "Mobile Applications" category of MidemNet Lab 2011, MIDEM's startup competition.

Mix Me In is an easy to use interactive digital music service which allows
fans to create and purchase in real time multiple alternate versions of
songs by their favorite artists as both Mobile Applications and on
Facebook in SocialMusic Player

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Mix Me In | MidemNet Lab 2011

  1. 1. MIDEM Net Lab January 23, 2011
  2. 2. Introduction to Mix Me In §  Mix Me In is an easy to use interactive digital music service which allows fans to create and purchase in real time multiple alternate versions of songs by their favorite artists as both Mobile Applications and on Facebook in SocialMusic Player §  Key to distribution model is patent-pending compression format which allows multiple alternate versions of songs to be released simultaneously at a fraction of the expected file size §  Mix Me In2 Taylor Swift mobile application nominated by Billboard for Best Music Engagement App of 2010 §  SocialMusic Player within Facebook targeted release for March 2011 with Taylor Swift and a number of other major artists §  Initial revenue generators include the sale of mobile applications, sale of DLC within mobile applications and sale of music directly through Facebook centric SocialMusic Player™2
  3. 3. Why Mix Me In? §  The music industry is in need of reinventing itself to meet a new consumer expectation fueled by an environment that has been revolutionized by technology §  To compete with more interactive and customizable experiences, the music industry needs a new format to re-engage consumers §  Mix Me In IS that new music format §  Up until now, this was the definition of interactive music §  With Mix Me In, things have CHANGED…..3
  4. 4. What s been lost and what s our fix? §  The digital distribution of music, specifically MP3 s, has led to a decrease in interaction and personal engagement with music -  Interaction between consumer and artist, both on a physical and visual level have disappeared -  Stickiness – when compared with other options, music no longer makes for exciting engagement §  The Mix Me In Platform has two main delivery vehicles: §  SocialMusic Player™ -  Facebook -  Artist Websites §  Interactive Mobile Albums/Mobile Applications -  Mix Me In2 Taylor Swift4
  5. 5. What is Mix Me In? §  Mix Me In is an interactive music format for the social media generation that is completely redefining the way music is distributed, experienced and monetized §  Social Media Distribution §  Increased Monetization Opportunities §  Interactive and Exciting Consumer Experience5
  6. 6. Interactive Mobile Albums/Mobile Apps §  2010 Mix Me In launched its first interactive mobile album as an iPhone Application – Mix Me In2 Taylor Swift -  Original and 5 Alternate Versions of Taylor s Hit Songs -  Each song divided into 8 Stems -  Each stem can be combined to make additional mixes -  Users can record themselves into each Stem – vocal, guitar, etc -  Users can share their custom mixes via Facebook and website §  Additional Artists will be using Mix Me In technology to release Interactive Mobile Albums on various mobile platforms in 2011App and two multi- Isolate different Save personal version Purchase additionalmix songs for $1.99 versions of 8 and share on-line with multi-mix songs for + individual stems to friends via Facebook, $0.99 to $1.99 remix, mash-up and and Twitter record your mix 6
  7. 7. SocialMusic Player™ Fans can customize, mash-up, remix, share, and purchase copies of their personalized songs directly from artist’s Facebook and website. Unlike traditional mp3 distribution where fans are limited to only one version of a song, with SocialMusic Player™, fans can personalize and purchase multiple versions of their favorite songs. Additionally, our SocialMusic Player™ delivers unique content not available any where else.7 Confidential
  8. 8. Accretive Value to the Music Industry MMI will deliver accretive value to the music industry by the following: How Do We Do This? So What? Patent Pending Compression Technology Smaller file sizes, real-time streaming, manipulation of multiple stems, reduced piracy Cloud Based Lower OPEX, High Efficiency, Optimized with Content Delivery Multi-Track Streaming Exclusive to Mix Me In Client Side Song Creation Unique End User Experience, Your music – your way – wherever you want MMI SocialMusic Player™ Sells Music Everywhere (Facebook, Artist Websites, Label Websites, On-line Store) Monetization Buy Mix function let s users purchase and share their unique versions of their songs, builds additional communities of interest8
  9. 9. Content Is King §  Mix Me In technology is much like 3D in film and television. Without content, one can never experience the potential of the technology §  Mix Me In has executed or is in final stages of negotiating rights agreements with nearly all major labels §  Mix Me In has created premium additional content in partnership with the major labels by recording multiple versions of nearly 300 current and classic hit songs with the Grammy winning music production team, at the legendary Henson Recording Studios (Hollywood) which will be released throughout the MMI distribution system §  Mix Me In s musical team includes Kenny Aronoff on drums, Chris Chaney on bass, Phil Xenidis on guitars, Roger Manning, Jr. and Russ Irwin on keyboards, and produced by Brian Smith9