New experiential Masters online


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New experiential Masters online

  1. 1. New experiential Masters online: • Experiential MBA • Technology in Business & eBusiness . Students experience virtually what they will soon experience for real.
  2. 2. Learning Revolution!!! from (PASSIVE) listening to (ACTIVE) reasoning, discussion, and production mediated by mentoring and the web Goal Based Scenarios • How is this methodology implemented? •Learning by doing from the very first moment • Online platform: 3 to 9-week skill-development immersion modules • Step by step guide and resources • Mentors that revise progress, advice students, and teach Socratically
  3. 3. Scenario Centered Curriculum (Innovation) • Based on practical real “scenarios” where students perform “long-lasting” business and/or technical roles • Learning through real scenarios with clear goals to be achieved • Students DO (active), not listen (passive) • Students work in teams and help each other Students create a plan of Attack • Divide work (Asynchrony & Synchrony) • Seek Mentoring (Horiz &Vert.) • Discuss initial results • Create deliverables • Get Feedback (Vert. Mentor)
  4. 4. Experiential MBA (Innovation) • BES La Salle offers a unique, practical, learn-by-doing MBA program designed to equip students for the world of global business in the digital age. So how is this MBA different? DESIGN Learning Experts Designed by: • a team of experienced business specialists Active active in their field of expertise BES La Salle MBA Industry Specialists • a team of revolutionary learning experts (design & content development)* • La Salle’s International Business School team • a team of technical experts (online platform) Technical Experts *Scrutiny of the learning process: how the brain works, indexes information, associates ideas, develops skills, and learns
  5. 5. So how is this MBA different? FEATURES Real Scenario • Mentors give expert feed-back and advice • Resources, help, guidance and reflection for students’ work • No simple short-case studies where there Resources Skills Mentors is no real immersion • Development of practical skills required in the market • Learning through experience and practice! Team Work Going Supply Corporate Joint Business Cash Crisis Marketing Online Chain Governance Venture Plan Mentor Experiential MBA Course Program & Support Model
  6. 6. Experiential MBA Online Students have to complete 6 of the following modules: Different Story, Different Environment, Different Industry, Different Role - Mandatory courses: (Time needed for Juniors) • Cash Crisis (375 hrs) - Bodega (Financial Consultant Role) • Marketing a Product Launch (375 hrs) – Social OL Network (Mkting Manager Role) • Supply Chain Reaction (250 hrs) – Technology Company (SC Consultant Role) • Investment Readiness (250 hrs) – TV-IT Company (Business Sales Consultant Role) • Ethical Governance and Change Management: The Story of a 21st Century Business (250 hrs) - Pharma sector OPA (General Manager Role) - To be chosen from: • Selling and Implementing Solutions (375 hrs) – IT business ( Sales PM Role) • Going Online (375 hrs) - Baskets Sales, website (Product OL Consultant Role) Technology in Business & eBusiness • eBusiness is the system re-engineering of business processes to take advantage of the efficiency afforded by information technology and electronic communications.
  7. 7. Require- User User Ubiquitous Contextual Privacy ments Interface Interface … Computing Design Technology Elicitation Design Testing Mentor Technology in Business & eBusiness Course Program & Support Model Según el Dr. Lluís Vicent, Director del Open Campus La Salle, “el factor diferencial de estos Másters OL xp es su método de aprendizaje: el Scenario Centered Curriculum. En él, los estudiantes se sitúan en un escenario que simula el entorno de trabajo con el que se encontrarán una vez superado el curso. Cada uno de los estudiantes desempeña un rol y trabaja colaborativamente en línea, siendo el trabajo guiado por los mentores. El programa cuenta con numerosos materiales, que en función de las necesidades, los alumnos podrán consultar para desarrollar sus tareas.” Encontrarás más información visitando, directamente a través de los siguientes links, o contactando directamente con Javier Higueras, Director del MBAOLxp del Campus La Salle o con Marc Llebaria, Director de los Programas E-Business: MBAOL. Experiential MBA OnLine MTB. Master in Technology in Business OnLine MEB. Master in E-Business OnLine Ricard Molins – - 932902441 Corporate Relationship Barcelona, Campus La Salle
  8. 8. Thanks for your attention and waiting your comments. Ricard Molins – - 932902441 Corporate Relationship Barcelona, Campus La Salle May 28th, 2010