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Presentation for the MICE BOAT 2014

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3K Management company profile - presentation

  2. 2. 3K MANAGEMENT Full service management company created by three committed professionals – visionary, fearless and passionate destination, conference & event architects. We believe in making a difference. 3K MANAGEMENT values are:  experienced, strategically minded and sparkling personalities  powerful, united, fearless team  the inspiring ideas they generate  the guaranties they provide 3K MANAGEMENT stands for:  honest, human, friendly but professional attitude and equal partnership  commitment to excellence, perfection and fun  passion for crafted solutions and details to achieve pure and unique event aesthetics
  3. 3. Average company turnover: aprox. 500 000 EUR / per year EVENTS & CONFERENCES 3K PRODUCTION + DESIGN REGISTRATION.LV Staff: 5 employees Staff: 3 - 7 employees Staff: 2 employees Services: Event Management Incentives Meeting & Conference Management Business Travel Sports Travel Services: Graphic design / Visual identities WEB Design Video production Services: Online registration tool Completed events since 2005: 195 Completed videos: 150 Development phase. Launch: January 2014 COMPANY STRUCTURE
  4. 4. Gints Kronbergs  Experience in MICE business: 9 years  Deals with projects in a constructive, fast and effective manner since 1979 Edgars Kuzmans  Experience in MICE business: 7 years  Troubleshooting sniper. Active on both sides of the curtain Zane Vaivara  Experience in MICE business: 7 years Unspoiled gourmet with a creative soul Lauris Morics  Experience in MICE business: 4 year  Reliable team player and active in learning by doing Baiba Misane  Experience in MICE business: 3 years  Deals with China and cultural diversity 3K TEAM / MAIN MEMBERS
  5. 5. Meeting Planning & Event Management  Detailed Budget & Cost Analysis  Hosting & On-site Management On-site Coordination & Technical Support  Delegate On-line Registration Services  Hosting & On-site Management Creative & Design Services  Event Theme & Event Identity Development  Printing Services, Promotion Materials & Brochures Ground Transportation Management  Arrival & Departure Coordination  Logistics & All Type Transfer Services CONFERENCE & MEETING MANAGEMENT SERVICES
  6. 6. YEAR EVENT PAX CLIENT 2013 Conference “Heterocycles in Bio-organic Chemistry” 250 Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis 2012 Seminar “Performance quality evaluation in education sector: achievements and challenges” 400 Riga City Council Education and Sports Department 2012 Conference “Presentation of good practice examples in competitive education system”, Annual award for innovative education in Latvia 2012 400 Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia 2011 XXIII Nordic-Baltic Congress of Cardiology 700 Latvian Society of Cardiology 2010 Conference “National Research Programms. Planned, Accomplished and Future Perspective” 150 Ministry of Education and Science Republic of Latvia 2010 77th Meeting of the Directors General for Customs of the EU Member States and Turkey 80 Latvian Customs 2010 Philips Healthcare MCR Sales Force Training Riga 2010 850 Incentive Europe Ltd 2009 Conference " Public sector reforms: lower costs - greater efficiency. Are there successful examples in Eastern Europe" 110 Freedom and Solidarity Foundation 2009 LSDSP 20th Anniversary conference 150 LSDSP 2009 Novartis Pharma Service Ltd Annual Baltic Region Meeting in Liepaja 60 Novartis Pharma Service Ltd 2009 The IFDA (International Family Doctors Association) Conference in Riga (Assistance Services) 250 International Family Doctors Association 2007 International Conference "Protection and Regeneration of the World Heritage Sites in Contemporary Environment" 120 Riga City Council Inc. City Council of Lion (France) 2007 Baltic Region Annual Conference + Team building events 60 Novartis Pharma Services SIA TOP 10 CONFERENCES & MEETINGS MANAGED SINCE 2007
  7. 7. CONFERENCES & MEETING MANAGEMENT SERVICES Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija Capacity: 1200 pax.
  8. 8. Type of events provided  Gala dinners & awards nights  Parties, balls & special events  Kick offs & team building activities  Branding & product launches Live Event Production services  Theme & concept development  Venue selection & event coordination  Selecting entertainment, artists & speakers  Speechwriting, staging & production  Graphics & multimedia packages  Professional audio & intelligent lighting setup EVENT PRODUCTION & ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING
  9. 9. YEAR EVENT PAX CLIENT 2013 The Tall Ship Races 2013 official ambassadors reception, captains dinner, crue party 2700 Freeport of Riga Authority 2013 Rezidor Hotel Group annual business meeting. Assistance, entertainment & giveaway gift management. 500 Radisson Blu Hotel Latvia 2012 Global China Business Meeting, Welcome Dinner Hosted by Chairman of Riga City Council 400 Riga City Council 2012 “Four Seasons” – Grindeks Corporate Christmas Event 800 Grindeks 2011 The British Royal Wedding 2011 reception in Riga visual design and technical assistance 350 British Embassy Riga 2011 Nestle Poland Sales Force Conference 520 Impuls Travel 2010 Radisson Blu Hotels Riga Annual Corporate Customers Event 300 Radisson Blu Hotel Daugava 2010 Latvian Modern Pentathlon Federation “UIPM Congress 2010” Gala Dinner 259 Latvian Modern Pentathlon Federation 2009 Impro Travels Ltd Annual Corporate Customers Party 2009 (Event Concept, Co-management & Printworks) 3000 Impro Travels Ltd 2009 First Official Japanese Charter flight Welcome and Farewell Program Organization and Management 570 Riga City Council / Riga International Airport 2008 Elko Group Ltd Annual Corporate Christmas Party 350 Elko Group Ltd 2008 15th Anniversary of Ministry of Environment of Latvia 250 Ministry of Environment of Latvia 2007 Official 5 Year Anniversary of Riga Customs Office 250 Regional Office of Riga Customs 2007 Annual Customer Party in Arena Riga 9135 Eastcon AG LV SIA TOP 10 EVENTS & INCENTIVES MANAGED SINCE 2007
  10. 10. EVENT PRODUCTION & ENTERTAINMENT MARKETINg Venue: Arena Riga Capacity: 800 pax.
  11. 11. YEAR EVENT CLIENT 2011 Stand design and PR presentations for Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital Foundation 2011 Logo & web design (www.tuberkuloze.lv) and informative brochure about tuberculosis Tuberculosis Foundation of Latvia 2010 Ecological conference kit and materials (bags, badges, notepads, handouts, gifts, etc.) State Revenue Service / Latvian Customs 2010 Paper candle - holder “Living light” – messenger for doctors and patients Novartis Pharma Service Ltd 2010 Kobe Days in Riga Visual Identity Riga City Council 2009 Saint Petersburg Days in Riga Visual Identity Riga City Council 2009 Riga-Tokyo Charter Flight Give-away Gifts Riga City Council 2009 Riga City Visual Identity for International Hansa Days in Novgorod, Russia Riga City Council 2008 Ecological Conference Kit (pens, notepads, folders, etc.) Riga City Council 2008 Riga Eco-Souvenir Set (gift box incl. wooden spoon, tea and honey) Riga City Council TOP 10 PR & DESIGN MANAGED SINCE 2007
  12. 12. 3K DESIGN Ecological conference kit and materials for the 77th Meeting of the Directors General for Customs of the EU Member States and Turkey / Client: Latvian Customs / Year: 2010 (Photo by Janis Mednis)
  13. 13. 3K DESIGN Multifunctional paper candle-holder “Living light” – messenger for doctors and patients about organ transplantation in Latvia / Client: Novartis Pharma Service Ltd / Year: 2010 (Photo by Janis Mednis)
  14. 14. State institutions: Private sector: Riga City Council Hyundai Dream Tours Freeport of Riga Authority Moody’s Investors Service LTD State Chancellery Radisson Blu Hotels/ Rezidor group Live Riga Roche Novartis Grindeks Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lativa Ministry of Environment of Latvia Itella Information State Education Development Agency Statoil Latvian Customs Mars Latvia The Latvian Language Agency Danone Baltics Riga City Architect’s office Cytec LTD National Centre for Education Nordea Bank Finland Plc Latvia Data State Inspectorate Philips Healthcare 3K LARGEST CLIENTS
  15. 15. THANK YOU!