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Creds presentation

  1. 1. Hello.It’s Mobile Interactive Group.Marion Harvey – Business Development (0)207 921 5388
  2. 2. Who are Mobile Interactive Group? MIG is the UK market leader in the provision of interactive mobile platforms and services Privately owned, high growth business employing 190 people globally Regional offices in UK including London and Manchester National offices in the Europe, USA, Canada and Australia 100% owned proprietary mobile technology combined with mobile marketing expertise Ranked No.1 in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA: Fastest Growing Company
  3. 3. What is our business?What we do is simple and it delivers results.We have compliant, solid technology,We build for multiple platforms,We find you new customers,We enable you to have meaningfulinteraction with them and drive repeat business.It’s about you and your customers.
  4. 4. Over 300 successful relationships
  5. 5. Our technology Create, build, host & manage mobile commerce, mobile websites & apps Power social interactivity & voting via mobile sites, apps, Facebook & Google+ Build & manage interactive messaging & multi-step marketing campaigns Enable & deliver high volume messaging campaigns & mobile payments
  6. 6. Mobile Commerce – New Look• Utilising the latest advances in mobile technology to deliver an optimum customer experience• Designed, built & supported by Mobile Interactive Group• Key features include: – Fast ‘One Click’ checkout for registered users – Quicker journey from homepage to products with engaging zoom functionality; easy to browse products seamless viewing with accordion navigation to reduce page refreshes and single consumer shopping basket between the website and mobile site.
  7. 7. Mobile Commerce – Marks & Spencer • Full transactional Mobile Commerce site enabled and optimised for multiple handsets • Shoppers have the opportunity to browse and purchase the full M&S product range of over 24,000 items • 1.2m unique visitors since launch* • Over 10 million page views* * (Results taken from launch on 12th May to September 2010)
  8. 8. Loyalty Campaign - Walkers Rainy DaysLaunched in September 2010,Walkers ‘Rainy Days’ was Walkers Mobilemost innovative and technically We created a mobile entry mechanicchallenging campaign to date. which enabled users to participate in the ‘Rainy Days’ promotion on theWebsite move.We created a complex website thatfeatured an easy-to-use interactive Social MediaBritish weather map which divided MIG integrated Facebook andthe country into 4km grid squares. Twitter into the website to allowThe weather-obsessed British public consumers to instantly tell theircould predict when and where in the friends about the campaign andUK and Ireland the rain would fall, bask in the glory of winningand every time they got it right – a tenner!they won a tenner! eCRMPartnerships Consumers were encouraged to sign-MIG worked with the Met Office to up for news and updates at the pointintegrate with their systems, which of registration, which allowed us toallowed us to inform consumers if implement a targeted eCRMthey had won within 48 hours. We programme that underpinned thealso worked closely with Google whole campaign.incorporating their mappingtechnology into the website toprovide the consumer with the bestpossible experience when theychoose their square.
  9. 9. Mobile Application - The Sun iPadIn April 2010 News Internationalapproached MIG with a brief totake Britain’s largest newspaperonto the iPad.The app had to replicate thenewspaper in all it’s glory alongwith an ‘iEdition’ which wouldupdate as news broke throughouteach day.The task was made harder as weneeded to take the paper producedevery evening and convert it into ausable file which wouldn’t crashwhen opened onthe iPad.In the first 36 hours afters launchthe app was number one in the UKapp store. With furtherenhancements planned we aresure this app will be as popular asthe paper.
  10. 10. Case Studies – Transactional SitesMy O2 M&S ITVThe My O2 application is one of the most M&S has grown into a significant partnership MIG delivered a brand new voting web app forsuccessful applications O2 has launched to for MIG. For one of our early projects MIG ITV’s Dancing on Ice 2011. The web app, builtdate. Currently more customers use the spent considerable time with M&S designing a using MIG’s Interactive Broadcast Platform (IBP), isapplication to check their phone bill than site that enables users to navigate 30,000 an industry first allowing consumers to purchasevia the O2 website with further products on their mobile. The result has been a credits for votes on shows via their internetenhancements to come. huge success with impressive conversion rates connected mobile devices. and monthly revenues
  11. 11. Case Studies – Content Publishing ClientsMinistry of Sound Perform Group News InternationalMIG worked with MOS to develop a highly Perform Group are the leading online MIG is New International’s dedicatedaccessible app design that is fully integrated provider of sports video content. MIG application partner. Most recently MIGinto their transactional ticketing system , powers their mobile sites including most developed a proprietary publishingradio and social networking pages recently the launch of Chelsea FC on system to support a premium iPad app mobile web and iPhone app for The Sun that is updated daily
  12. 12. Case Studies – Mobile Marketing CampaignsBarclaycard Freedom Rimmel WalkersMIG works with Barclaycard for Rimmel work with MIG to manage all their The Pepsico Group is one of MIG’s largesteverything from strategy and mobile marketing services. Their brief to us was partnerships. All Walkers campaigns areinnovation, consulting through to to launch a service that seamlessly detected a supported by a cross platform digitalimplementation. Barclaycard uses MIG’s users phone and served a site that rendered offering with all mobile services managedKilrush platform to build its sites such as perfectly for them and enabled them to enter via the Kilrush platform.the recent Freedom site details and request products
  13. 13. Thank you.Marion Harvey – Business Development (0)207 921 5388