#10 What is CRM?


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What is CRM?

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#10 What is CRM?

  1. 1. Is CRM Quick & Easy? How to Launch Your CRM Program Direct Marketing Tips by Mediapost Hit Mail #10
  2. 2. People are lazy We all know that people are lazy. Promise them a "quick" and "easy" solution of their problems and you will get a significant competitive advantage. You have many examples: “Learn English in 30 Minutes a Day”, “Learn Japanese in 2 months”, “Lose Weight While You’re Sleeping” are just wonderful titles of some successful self-training or weight losing programs.
  3. 3. Names matter You should give your product or service an impressive name. Otherwise you could lose customer’s attention. Of course, marketers are also customers in their everyday life. That’s why they are also lazy. So lazy, that if you ask most of them what DM is, most of them won’t know. That word “direct” is not so popular in our business. It reminds people of these disturbing, intrusive junk mails they receive quite often. Blah...… CRM sounds much better, don’t you think? Customer Relationship Management. Wow, it’s so impressive! And sometimes, ‘Loyalty programs’. Just great!
  4. 4. What CRM is? CRM is... direct marketing in action. If you need a detailed definition of “direct marketing”, we can send you our article on the topic. Just ask for it. But to make your life easier, we’ve put a brief definition below: “DM is every measurable activity that builds and maintains direct and personal relationship between someone offering a product or service and his customers or prospects. “
  5. 5. What CRM is not  CRM is not a software, although many companies think it is. The software is just a tool to manage and coordinate your CRM efforts.  CRM is not easy. If you want an easy solution, stop reading now. Direct marketers can promise growth, but it won’t be easy at all.  CRM is not quick. How long it will take to build a database, to keep it well organized, to start exploiting it, to run many tests, to compare results, to pick-up the best solution, to segment your customers, to try different channels, to control deliverability, to personalize your messages? Everyone wants better results, but almost nobody wants to work hard for them.
  6. 6. 70% of the CRM programs fail. Mainly because companies launch such activities before even having some basic idea on what this really means for their business. The shortcut mentality is another important factor - the company does not plan for a long journey but rushes and stays at the "quick wins" level. CRM programs often fail because your business depends on its attitude to customers. Quick rushes cannot change attitudes, it takes time. Why most CRM programs fail? Another one is the execution failure: people are ‘wowed’ by the CRM achievements, but they just don’t use its strengths properly. Because they don’t know how, or just because they don’t want to change the cozy everyday way of working they are used to. Yes, people are lazy...
  7. 7. Before you go for CRM... Ask yourself some questions: 1. Do you really know what your customers want? 2. Do you know what they think you promise them? Are they the same things? 3. Can you clearly identify their desires and beliefs, before and after they have become customers? 4. How will you find out them? This is your priority task! 5. Are you making realistic promises, and deliver them to your customers? 6. Do you tell your customers what they want to know? 7. Are you sure your IT department could deliver what you want them to provide you with? If not, how you could change it? How much time it will take? 8. Can you track every customer’s history, step by step? Is everything being recorded in your database? Do your colleagues that may need this information can access it?
  8. 8. If the answers are “Yes” You have enough resources to launch your CRM program and you know much more than most of the CRM consultants. Go for it and don’t forget to ask your customers about their opinion and their suggestions. It’s the best research you will ever get. If you need a step by step guide, follow our Direct Marketing Tips set and start re-reading it from topic #1. If you need our help, we at Mediapost Hit Mail are ready to support your DM / CRM activities.
  9. 9. If the answers are “No” Stop. Go back and fix every weak link in your relationship with the customers and prospects.  If you don’t have a database, build it;  If you have it, but it is not arranged, organize it;  If you don’t segment your customers, group them;  If you don’t do tests, start testing;  If you don’t personalize your promotional materials, do it and you will lift responses up etc.; Use our support materials you already have. If you still need our help, just call us or drop us an e-mail. More on this on the next slide.
  10. 10. Need help? If you are now convinced that our DM knowledge is good enough, you know we can help you to get better results. We are Mediapost Hit Mail. We do direct marketing. But if you are still not so sure, why don’t you test your promotions against ours? If we don’t deliver better results than yours 2 out of 3 times, you will get ALL your money for the test back. No questions, no delay. Guaranteed.
  11. 11. Your time limited chance to get better results the cheapest way! As a valuable participant in our DM Tips program, you will get our special 5% welcome discount of our services for your next project if you call us in two weeks at +359 2 962 86 29 or send us an e-mail at office@MediapostHitMail.bg.  Call us in the next two weeks and you will get 5% discount!  Contact us after this period and we will provide you with 2% off, reserved only for our DM Tips set readers. Don’t delay - as you already know in DM early respondents get better proposals!
  12. 12. Close to the end: 1. Why Do You Need Your Own Database? 2. How to Build a Database? 3. How to Manage Your Database? 4. How to Segment your Customers? 5. Tests - How to Run and Analyze Them? 6. The Deliverability Problem 7. Personalization 8. Online & SMS Promotions 9. Useful Direct Marketing Tips 10. How to Launch Your CRM Program? 11. The Advantages of Direct Marketing (Summary)
  13. 13. two more slides...
  14. 14. Our contacts: 9 Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Str., Sofia 1421, Bulgaria Phone: (+359) 2 962 86 29 Fax: (+359) 2 962 86 29 Mobile: (+359) 885 360 715 E-mail: office@mediaposthitmail.bg Web: www.MediapostHitMail.bg just one more...
  15. 15. Hello again, Do you believe in magic? Most marketers tend to. They often need a magic to bring excellent results and top quality services. We at Mediapost Hit Mail don’t believe in magic. We believe in common sense. Moreover, we use it broadly in order to achieve our only goal - YOUR better results. Because this is the only proof we have that our job is done as it has to be done. We are very close to the end of this small direct marketing workshop. Don’t forget that we would be glad to know your opinion about it. Please send us an e-mail at office@mediaposthitmail.bg, or call us at +359 885 360 715. We need your feedback. Honestly. Thanks! Hristo Radichev Country Manager, Mediapost Hit Mail