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Myheath essential final final

  1. 1. Connecting nutrition and healthOur Products : GFi-Synergy 1 APIO 50 Synergylife w w w . m h e 2 u . c o m
  2. 2. Connecting nutrition and health A Message from the Chairman of Myhealth Essential Sdn Bhd. Welcome to the Myhealth Essential Family.As an entrepreneur with years of experience in the fields ofdevelopment, hotel management and international business, I havecome to learn to identify what makes a product viable in themarketplace. In my opinion, the product must make sense, both interms of business and in life... and more importantly, it must fulfill themost basic promise of all marketable products, which is to satisfy thecustomer to the fullest.When I was first introduced to this wondrous product in Europe, Imust admit I was a bit sceptical. The promises were many and trulysounded too good to be true. But experience has also taught me tonot dismiss claims until I try it for myself. So try it I did...and the restis history.So impressed was I, that I almost immediately began to see theimplications, benefits and sales opportunities back here in Asia. Thus,Myhealth Essential Sdn Bhd was born and together with my team ofexperienced and knowledgable managers, I am sure you too will cometo learn and experience for yourself the wonders of our products.Lastly, allow me to congratulate you on making the right decision andI hope to meet you all personally one day in the near future.LEE CHEOW KHEAM Myhealth Essential ... ... Myhealth Essential Sdn Bhd Gfi–Synergy1 SynergyLife 1
  3. 3. Connecting nutrition and healthMyHealth Essential Philosophy Nutrition Is Life Using the Healing Power of Food to Transform Our Health and Change the World Falsafah MyHealth Essential Nutrisi Ialah Kehidupan Manafaatkan Kuasa Penyembuhan Makanan Untuk Mentransfomasi Kesihatan dan Membawa Kesejahteraan Kepada Alam 2 2
  4. 4. Connecting nutrition and health Our Vision Visi Kami MyHealth EssentialAt MyHealth Essential we strive to develop innovative ingredientswhich are based in nature, but backed by science. We firmlybelieve that thorough research, clear consumer communication andsolid scientific support are the key to successful productdevelopment.We take a holistic view of product development lending widesupport from start to finish and beyond. It is an approach thatcreates value and opportunities for our partners, our distributors andour customers.Di MyHealth Essential kami membanting tulang untukmembangunkan produk innovatif yang berasaskan alam semulajaditetapi terbukti selamat dan berkesan secara saintifik, serta telahmendapat pengktirafan badan-badan kesihatan dunia sebagaisatu alternatif pencegahan dan rawatan. Kami amat percayamelalui penyelidikan, komunikasi pengguna yang jelas dansokongan saintifik yang kukuh merupakan kunci kejayaanpembangunan produk MyHealth Essential.MyHealth 3
  5. 5. Connecting nutrition and health GFi-Synergy 1 Productdari Beneo Orafti, Jerman Produk From Beneo Orafti, German BENEO Orafti® GFi-Synergy 1 are a range of inulin and oligofructose ingredients extractedguh from chicory root. GFi-Synergy 1, the most researched prebiotic, have been proven touga improve the balance of the bodys intestinal flora by stimulating beneficial bifidobacteria. fas As well as promoting digestive health, this also helps the body to absorb more essential nutrients, such as calcium, from the diet. Besides, it owns the property as fiber that cleanaya the blood vessel and intestine. api So we dont just think our ingredients will deliver, we know they will!gurmbil It is not just compelling nutritional evidence that has earned BENEO-Orafti the approval of manufacturers all over the world. Exceptional sugar and fat replacing characteristics make lah Beneo Orafti® GFi-Synergy 1 the ideal ingredient for guilt-free, well-balanced foods. Provendak prebiotic properties, prized technological attributes and measured marketing are the al starqualities that set Beneo Orafti® GFi-Synergy 1 ingredients apart. ung Beneo Orafti® GFi Synergy 1 mengandungi inulin dan oligofruktoss yang diekstrak daripada ling akar chicory. GFi-Synergy 1, prebiotik yang paling banyak penyelidikan, telah dibuktikan dapat meningkatkan keseimbangan flora usus dengan merangsang pertumbuhan dan bifidobakteria. Ia juga dapat membantu penyerapan nutrien berguna, seperti kalsium aga daripada pemakanan. Disamping itu, ia juga berfungsi sebagai fiber yang dapat membersih da- saluran darah dan usus. Jadi, kami bukan sahaja memikirkan apa produk yang kami dapat berikan, tetapi yang penting, kami tahu ia pasti boleh Kesan prebiotik yang terbukti, penyumbang teknologi yang tak ternilai dan sistem pemasaran terancang merupakan kualiti yang memerkasakan Beneo Orafti® Gi-Synergy 1. BENEO Orafti® Gi-Synergy 1 . Gi-Synergy 1 , BENEO-Orafti BENEO-Orafti®Gi-Synergy1 . Beneo Orafti® Gi-Synergy 1 4
  6. 6. Connecting nutrition and health GFi-Syn nergy 1 Product Fro Beneo Ora German om afti, Produk darii Beneo Orafti Jerman i,Inulin & olig gofructose occur naturally in over 36,000 plants and vegetablesincluding artichoke, asparagus, salsify, leek, on nion & garlic.Inulin & Olig gofruktosa terdapa pada lebih 36,000 tumbuhan. at 36.000 0 Inu ulin In nulin is extracted from chicory ro d oots ussing hot water. In nulin & Oligofructo diekstrak deng osa gan m menggunakan air panas. p Chicory Root Oligofr ructoseThe chicory root is a particuularly richsource of inu & oligofructos ulin se, O Oligofructose is then obtaine edAkar Chicory mengandungi 1 ry 17% inulin th hrough partial enz zymatic hydrolysis s.dan oligofrukktosa O Oligofruktosa kem mudian diperolehi m melalui hidrolisis en nzim. Orafti®Gi-Synergy1 5
  7. 7. Connecting nutrition and health GFi-Synergy 1 G Internat tional A Awards ss, 2 Gold Medalsya a Ingredie ents of Year Winner of Mucha 2004 a 2 Gold andak k Vida Award 2009 Me edals at Ingredie ents of Yearta a 2006 a Ingredient atut Russia Rgi,a Gold Medal Beverage Sil lver Medale Innovation Inno ovative Food Awards 2008 Aah h South Africa Aw wards 2007 dsa a ma BEENEO-Orafti was awardedil the higher level certificate e haaving achieved an outstanding an rarely given sc nd core of 97%. Th certification, recognised by he Gloobal Food Safe ety Initiative (G GFSI), will set BE ENEO-Orafti appart from its i direct competitors, who h have yet to The T higher level acchieve such an acccreditation. certificate was rec cently awarded to BENEO-Orafti by B IS SACert Belgium 199 97 Go Medal Innovation Fi South old fo ollowing an audit America Award 1997 d of its Oreye factory in 2008 6
  8. 8. Connecting nutrition and health GFi-Synergy 1 Fungsi Fungsi & Manfaat 3+1 OPTIMUM HEALTH KESIHATAN OPTIMUM Orafti® GFi-Synergy 1 guarantee optimum performance Orafti® Gi-Synergy 1 memberi jaminan prestasi optimum Orafti® Gi-Synergy 1 CALCIUM PREBIOTIC FIBRE ABSORPTION PREBIOTIK PENYERAPAN KALSIUM FIBERThe above effects are based on • More than 125 consumer & scientific studies published • Collaboration with over 75 research institutes research projects • Partnership with several research project worldwideKesan-kesan yang terdapat di atas adalah berdasarkan • Lebih daripada 125 terbitan kajian pengguna dan saintifik • Kolobrasi dengan lebih 75 projek institut penyelidikan • Rakan kongsi dengan beberapa projek penyelidikan di serata dunia• 125• 75• 7
  9. 9. Connecting nutrition and health GFi-Syn nergy 1 PREBIOT P TIC EFFEC CT A prebiotic is a non-digestible food ingredi e ient that affec the host ctsa beeneficially by s selectively stim growth and/or activity of mulating the gn oli igofructose are excellent an selective gr e nd rowth media a and energyg substrates for Bif fidus bacteria. These bacteria have been shown to . nr inh hibit the development of a n number of harrmful strains. Th results of he these studies have been co onfirmed in nuumerous clinic cal human stu udies. ia Pre ebiotik ialah kandungan m makanan yan ng tidak dice erna yangh memberi kesan berfaedah dengan merangsang per n rtumbuhann ba akteria baik da Dalam uji kaji vitro didapati inulin dan alam colon. D i oli igofruktosa berrtindak cemerl lang sebagai m media pertumb buhan dana pe enyumbang tenaga kepada bakteria bifidu us.ra /a i Synergy 1 N digested/ abs Not sorbed in small intestine Tidak dicern / serap dalam usus kecil na Synergy1 / Synergy 1 tot tally fermented in the colon n Ferment berlaku dalam colon tasi m Synergy 1 8
  10. 10. Connecting nutrition and health GFi-S Synergy 1 y FREM MENTAS di colo SI on GFi-Syn nergy 1 Good ba acteria/ Bakteria baik Bad Bac cteria/ Bakteria Ja ahat Usus besar mengandungi 50 jenis bacteria, yang menyumba kepada fung r 00 , ang gsi biological. Untuk mengek kalkan keseimb bangan optimum bakteria bai m, ik hendaklah lebih banyak da aripada bakteria jjahat. Justeru, adalah perlu untu a uk mengalakk pertumbuhan bakteria baik. kan n 500 Bakteria baik a akan makan Syne ergy 1 & menjadi peransang untu pertumbuhan bakteria baik uk Synergy 1Good bacteria will eat Synergy 1. It is that foun that inulin and oligofructose in nd d nSynergy 1 are excellent and selective growth media and energ substrates for gy rBifidus bacteria. These bacteria have been show to inhibit the development of a a wn dnumber of har rmful strains. The results of these studies have be confirmed in e e een nnumerous clini human studie ical es. Syne ergy1 Synergy1 9
  11. 11. Connecting nutrition and health GFi-Syne G ergy 1 GROWTH M G MEDIA For Bi ifidus Bacte eriaatnnran Inulin and oligofructo in Gi-Synergy 1 are excellent and selective grow media ose wth and energy substrate for Bifidus bact d es teria.h Inul dan oligofruc lin ctosa menjadi pe erangsang pembia akan bakteria ba Ujian aik. klin nikal menunjukkan pertambahan b bacteria baik ada alah 5 kali ganda dengan a penngambilan 8 g Synnergy 1 dua kali se ehari dalam masa 14 hari. a Good baacteria grow 5 times in 14 daysd Gi-Synergy 1 yddIt 8 Synergy 1eo Bakteria baik ber rtambahe 5 kali ganda 8 Bifidobacter Stimulation Re ria esult After 14 Days Taking s Sy ynergy1 14 8g of Gi-Synergy 1 Twice per day Keputusan SStimulasi Bifidus B Bakteria Selepas 1 Hari 14 Pengambilan 8g Synergy 1 Du Kali Sehari n ua 10
  12. 12. Connecting nutrition and healthBENEFIT OF GOOD BACT F TERIAMANAFAA BAKTERIA BA AT AIKGi-SYNERG 1 GYThey work hard in the dige h estive tract to promote digesttion and better rabsorption of nutrients from y f your food. They c can even help control the more c eharmful bactteria that live the too. ereIa bekerja keras dalam si istem usus untu mempromosi pencernaan dan uk npenyerapan nutrien yang lebih baik. Ia juga dap mengawal ba n h apat akteria jahat yang ghidup di sana.Type of Bacteeria Function Ef ffectJenis Bakteria a Fungsi Kesan KeBacteriodes Vitamin Syynthesis Optimum Health /Bifidobacteria Protein sy ynthesis Kesihatan Ke Optimun O Digestion & absorbtion / PeencernaanEubacteria dan penyeerapanAnaerobic Prevent coolonization of path hogenstreptococci Stimulatio of immune resp on ponse Profesor Dr Glenn Gibson form Unoversity of Read P n ding said, scientif fic studies have show that inulin and oligofructose in Beneo Synergy 1 s wn d n stimulate the grow of beneficial bacteria in the larg intestine, leadin s wth ge ng to healthier coloni microbiota. This so-called prebio effect improve t ic s otic es the working of the intestine and ultimately the consum t mers well-being.Professor Dr Glenn Gibson dari Universiti Read ding, menyatakan terdapat hubunga anantara mikroflora usus dan kesehatan. Bakte eria memiliki per ran penting dalamregulasi dalam saluran pence ernaan dan palin banyak ditemu ng ukan dalam usu usbesar, di ma ana mereka terlib dalam proses fermentasi pen bat s ncernaan. Pada U Ujiklinikal yang meneliti tentang pengaruh prebio otik terhadap be eberapa keputusa ankesihatan yan berbeda, mula dari sindrom iritasi usus (irritabl bowl syndrome / ng ai le eIBS) pada diaabetes melitus jenis 2. Dr Glenn Gibso on Beneo Synerg gy1 IBS / S 2 11
  13. 13. Connecting nutrition and health BAD BACT TERIA BAKTERIA JAHATThe "bad" bacteria are known as pathogens can cause incredib damage a n bleto our bodies, including death. They produce che emicals that can be toxic to nyo body and wh our responsible for th more common digestive hich are often r hepro oblems includin ng constipation diarrhoea, inflammation a n, and chronicco onditions like IBS.Ba akteria “jahat” dikenali sebbagai pathoge ens boleh me enyebabkanke emudaratan p pada tubuh badan, terma asuk kematiann. Merekameengeluarkan ba ahan kimia yang dapat meracun badan kita. ni“ ” Type of Bacteria T Function Eff fect Jenis Bakteria J Fungsi Ke esan Eschericia Coli E Intestinal putr refaction Se embelit (NH3, H2S, ammines, Cir birit rit phenols, indole) Streptococci S Pe ertumbuhan terenncat He epatic coma Lactobacilli L Carcinogens Ch holestrol dalam d darah Veilionelia V Toxin Clostridium C Pengeluaran to oksid dalam Da arah Tinggi perfringens p usus Au utoimmune disea ase Proteus P Heepatic dysfunctio on Pseudomoneas P Im mmune suppressi ion aeruginosa a Urrinary tract infecttions Pe ernicious anemia a Meeningitis Heepatic abscess Pu ulmonary absces ss Va aginitis 12
  14. 14. Connecting nutrition and healthCALCIUM ABSORPTIO M ONPENYERA APAN KALSIU UM Gi-Syne ergy 1 NORMAL SITUATION KEADAAN NORMAL N Calciu uptake thro um ough diet Pengambil lan kalsium mela makanan alui Only 10% is absorbed in sm intestine mall Hanya 10% diserap dalam usus kecil % m 10% 90% is excreted 90% dibuang % 90 0%AFTER TAK KING 8 G OF Gi i-SYNERGY 1 PE DAY ERSELEPAS PENGAMBILAN 8 G Gi-SYNERG 1 SEHARI P GY 8g Gi-SYNE ERGY 1 Calciu uptake thro um ough diet Pengambil lan kalsium mela makanan alui 40% (3 30% extra) is absorbed a 40% (30% lebih) diserap % d 4 40% (30% ) 60% is excrete ed 60% dibuang % 60% % 13
  15. 15. Connecting nutrition and health FIGHTING AGA F AINST OSTEOPOROSIS MELAWAN OST M TEOPOROSIS Gi-Synergy 1 GBe eneo™ Synergy 1 is a Beneo™ oligofructose-e ™ enriched inulin compositionpa atented by ORA AFTI. It is a un nique combinatio that contain a specific on nsdis stribution of ca arefully selected chain lengths of chicory B d s Beneo™ andBe eneo™ oligofruct tose. Many studdies have prove that 8 g/day of Beneo™ enSy ynergy 1 provide a substantial increase of mor than 30% to 70% of the es re bsorbed calcium from our daily dab diet.Be eneo™ Synergy 1 ialah Beneo™ oligofructosa ya diperkaya d ™ ang dengan inulindip ipeten oleh ORA RAFTI. Banyak k kajian menunjuukkan 8 g seh hari Beneo™Sy ynergy 1 membobolehkan lebih d daripada 30% hi hingga 70% kals sium diserapmelalui pemakana anBe eneo™Synergy1 ORAFTI I 8 Beneo™Syner rgy1 30% 7 70% . Maximising pe eak bone mass during adolesceency and mainte enance through o adult life can postpone osteo out n oporosis in later life Memaksimun kem M muncak kandunga tulang semasa m an muda dan menge ekalkannya ketika de ewasa dapat men nangguh osteopor rosis kemudian ha ari Zon Bahaya Age/ Years 14
  16. 16. Connecting nutrition and healthBeneo(TM) Synergy 1 shown to increase bone mineral density June 7, 2005 (Malvern, PA) - Previous studies showed Beneo™ Synergy 1 increases calcium absorption. An exciting new study designed to evaluate whether Beneo™ Synergy 1 can increase calcium retention within bones has found that ORAFTI’s patented enriched Beneo™ powder has this positive effect. The study revealed that when the diet was supplementedwith Beneo™ Synergy 1 over a period of one year, it helped increase calciumretention and accretion in bones by 15%.Long-term EfficacyORAFTI Active Food Ingredients, the world market leader for Beneo™,announces the exceptional results of a year-long intervention study that lookedat the effects of the prebiotic Beneo™ Synergy 1 on calcium absorption and bonemineralization in young adolescents. The study was conducted by Dr. S. Abramsfrom the Baylor College of Medicine and the Texas Children’s Hospital inHouston. The results reconfirm a calcium absorption increase of 30%, previouslyproven by Dr. Abrams and coworkers during earlier short-term studies withBeneo™ Synergy 1. This increase in calcium absorption was seen after both twomonths and one year of supplementing the diet with 8 g/day of ORAFTI’sBeneo™ Synergy 1, a BeneoTM oligofructose-enriched inulin. But the mostimportant result is a significant increase of calcium retention and accretion withinthe bones of the participants after one year of supplementation.Kathy Niness, VP of Marketing and Sales at ORAFTI NA states, “This study is anexciting step forward, advancing the science and reconfirming the dramaticeffect of Beneo™ Synergy 1 on bone health. It adds to the strong body ofscientific evidence already proving that Beneo™ Synergy 1 increases calciumabsorption and confirms that it also increases bone density over the long term.This is the first study of its kind proving this effect for any prebiotic ingredientand we are pleased it was conducted with Beneo™ Synergy 1 at the prestigiousUSDA Center for Human Nutrition at Baylor University in Texas.”Study with 100 volunteersThe study examined the effects of dietary administration of Beneo™ Synergy 1 ina randomized sample of 100 male and female volunteers aged between nine and13. Half of the subjects were provided with 8g of Beneo™ Synergy 1 to consumewith breakfast each day for a year, while the other half took a placebo. 15
  17. 17. Connecting nutrition and health Prio to the study, all participants u or underwent meaasurements of calcium absorp ption and rete ention, via blood and urine sam d mples, and bonne mineral content and density meaasurements via X-ray body scan Thesens. test were repeated after two months and at ts d the end of the year- -long study. Regular checks wer also made on the participants average re n s’ daily diet in order to ensure that no significant o changes in calcium intake occurred Calcium d. Placebo Synergy 1 S inta was maintaine throughout the study at ake ed e Breakthrough Bon Health ne usual levels around 9 mg/day. 900 With Beneo Syner 1 rgyDr.D Anne Franck, V of Science and Technology at O VP d ORAFTI said: “Abs sorption ofan adequate am mount of calcium is particularly important dur m y ring earlyadolescence in ord to achieve an optimal peak bon mass. In doing this, and der ne gbyb further ensurin that the maximum amount of calcium is retain ng ned in thebones throughout adulthood, the chances of deveb t eloping conditions such as sosteoporosis later in life can be reduced. The Abo brams research throughoutadulthood, the chaances of developing conditions su as osteoporos later in uch sislife can be reduce The Abrams research is phys ed. siologically significant as itprovides an insight into the longer-term effect of Beneo™ Synerp rgy 1 anddemonstrates that it can be higd ghly beneficial in increasing bone mineral ndensity.”dThe improved absT sorption of calcium in the body is attributed to the selective m efe ermentation process of Beneo™ S Synergy 1. The s short Beneo™ olig gofructosefr raction in Beneo™ Synergy 1 can thoroughly chang the flora in the proximal ™ ge epart of the colon, and the more slop owly fermented, B BeneoTM can fun nction as aselective ‘fuel’ for this modified flor which is kept metabolically acti further ra, ivein the gut. This se n elective fermentati pattern results in the productio of short ion s onchain fatty acids. T These acids decreease the pH within the colon, improving thesolubility of the calcium present, wh hich is then better absorbed into the body. rBeneo™ Synergy 1BBeneo™ Synergy 1 is a Beneo™ oligofructose-enB ™ nriched inulin co ompositionpatented by ORAp AFTI. It is a unique combination that contains a specific ndistribution of cared efully selected chain lengths of chicory Beneo™ and Beneo™ doligofructose. Earlier studies have proven that 8 g/o /day of Beneo™ SSynergy 1provides a substanp ntial increase of m more than 30% of the absorbed calcium fromouro daily diet. 16
  18. 18. Connecting nutrition and healthCLEANSING BLOOD VESSSELPEMBERSIH HAN SALUR DA ARAH FIBER EFFEC CTGi-Synerg 1 gyTindak Balas Dengan Kolester s rol/ Saluran Darah Selepas Pengambilan 8 g n P sehari Beneo Synergy 1 Selama 60 Hari/ / 8 Gi i-Synergy 1 60 0 Kolesterol 1 Salura Darah/ an Seb belum / 2 600Proses Tindak Balas Dengan Kole k esterol / lepas 30 hari/ 30 Sel 3 Bergabung dengan Kolesterol & Dibuang Melalui Najis/ Selepas 60 hari/ 60 S 0 17
  19. 19. Connecting nutrition and healthBEST KNOWN NUTRITIONA N ALEFFECT OF BENEO SYNERG 1 GY ERGY 1 1KEISTIMEWAA BENEO SYNE AN Constipation - Be C eneo Synergy 1 influence intestin function nal by b increasing st tool frequency, particularly in c constipated patients, (Gibson et al. 1995 , Hidaka et al. 1986 Menne et p n 6, al. a 1997, Shimoyama et al. 198 84) increasing st tool weight (Gibson et al. 1995, Oku and Tok ( kunaga 1984) as much as 2 g per gram o inulin or ol of ligofructose ingested and decreasing fecal pH (Gibson and Roberfroid 1995 Menne et d 5, al. a 1997), which has been link h ked to suppress sion of the production of putrefactive substa p ances in the colon n. Baik untuk sembelit B Hypercholesterolemic H - Beneo Synergy 1 reportedly r decreased serum triglycerides an blood choleste d m nd erol levels in i hypercholeste erolemic patients (Brighenti et al. 1995, s Fiordaliso et al. 1 F 1995, Hata et al. 1983, Hidaka et al. 1986, t Kok et al. 1996, Mitsuoka et al. 1986, Sann 1986, K no Yamashita et al. 1 Y 1984). Dapat menstabilk paras koleste D kan erol Cleansing Job - F C From an analytica and a physiologic point al of o view, both inulin and oligofruct tose should be cl lassed as fibers and can th the cleansing j f he job, both in the intestine and blood vessel (Graham and Am 1986, Knuds a l man sen et al. 1995, Lee and Prosky 1995, Nilsson et al. 1988, d Roberfroid 1993 R 3). Inulin and oligofructose g generally accepted physiol a logic effects of f fiber include an e effect on intestinal functio and the improvement of blo i on ood lipid parameters. Diet p tary fibers also typically have a reduced caloric value. c Dapat mestabilk D kan paras gula, klolesterol dan tekanan darah d 18
  20. 20. Connecting nutrition and health Diabetes - Due to the nondigestibility of inulin and oligofructose, they were found to be suitable for consumptio , on by diabetics. Researchers foun no influence on serum glucose nd o e, no stimulation of insulin secre n etion and no influ uence on glucago on secretion (Ber ringer and Weng 1995 ger , Sann et al. 1984 no ). Inulin has a long history of use by diabetics (Lewis 1912 s , Persia 1905 ) and in fact has been reported to benefit diabetic s t high doses (40–100g/d) (McCance and Lawrenc patients in h ce 1929 , Root and Baker 1925 t 5 , Strauss 1911 1 , Wise and He ey 1931 ). "Th hese findings on Synergy 1 highl light the potentia ial interest of en nhancing endogeenous GLP-1 seccretion by inulin n- type fructans for the preven s ntion and/or trea atment of obesitty and diabetes s," said Nathali Delzenne fro ie om the Catholic University of L Louvain, Belgium m. Mencegah dan merawat diabet n tes Obesity - Th potential role of inulin and oligofructose in he e satiety and w weight manageme is an area th Orafti sees a ent hat as very importan said Dr. Ann Franck, Oraft nt, ne tis executive vic ce president, science and technology. “Research data in human h ns intervention studies showed promising first evidence for a an nulin-type fructa impact of in ans on satiety and food intak ke regulations. T This proves that Synergy 1 can be use in weigh ht management, said Prof Furio Brighenti from the University o ,” o of Parma. Obesiti – dapa menurunkan b at berat badan Cancer - Resu ults of recent stu udies that have been completed in b animals suggest that inulin a and oligofructose may also play a e role in the pre evention and inhibition of colon and breast cancer. a These are ear studies and f rly further studies will be completed w d, but initial results look prom mising (Cooper and Carter 1986 a 6, Gallaher et al. 1996, Koo an Rao 1991, Re nd eddy et al. 19 7, 1997 Roland et al. 1994a, 1994b, 1995 and1996 Rowland et a , 6, al. 1998, Taper e al. 1995 and19 et 997). Mencegah dan merawat cancer colon dan payu dara n u 19
  21. 21. Connecting nutrition and health Osteoporosis - The results of studies have also indicated positive effects on calcium absorption in rats and humans and cancer prevention in animals. It has been shown in over 10 studies that inulin and oligofructose increase both the absorption and the deposition of calcium in the bones of rats and humans (Coudray et al. 1997, Delzenne and Roberfroid 1994, Lemort and Roberfroid 1997, Ohta et al. 1993, Ohta et al. 1995and Ohta et al. 1997, Scholz-Ahrens et al. 1998, Shimura et al. 1991, Taguchi et al. 1995, Van den Heuvel et al. 1997). There are promising indications that inulin and oligofructose may contribute to the prevention of osteoporosis. Mencegah asteoporosis Enhance Immune System & Promote Digestive Health- Health benefits ascribed to Bifidobacteria include the following: inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, stimulating of components of the immune system and aiding the absorption of certain ions and the synthesis of B vitamins. The bifidogenic effect of inulin and oligofructose has been well proven (Bouhnik et al. 1994, Djouzi and Andrieux 1997, Gibson et al. 1995, Gibson and Roberfroid 1995, Hidaka et al. 1986, Kleessen et al. 1994, Menne et al. 1997, Mitsuoka 1986, Mitsukoa et al. 1987, Roberfroid et al. 1998 Sanno 1986, Shimoyama et al. 1984, Takahashi 1986). Dramatic positive shifts in the composition of microflora have been shown through in vivo human studies at doses between 5 and 20 g/d, generally over a 15-d period (Gibson et al.1995), (Kleessen et al. 1994, Menne et al. 1997, Wang 1993, Wang and Gibson 1993). Such an effect is due to impact of non-digestible carbohydrates like inulin and oligofructose on metabolic functions in the intestine, which in turn impact on local immune cells in this area, and particularly on the gut-associated lymphoid-tissue, which plays a role in the immune system. Prof Watzl said that short-term supplementation of inulin and oligofructose resulted in increased phagocytic activity of white blood cells and increased numbers of so-called natural killer T-cells (NKT- cells in the spleen. Meningkatkan Sistem Immunisasi & Pencernaan 20
  22. 22. Connecting nutrition and healthIS SYNERG 1 PROVEN? GY ?ADAKAH SYNERGY 1 TEERBUKTI? Synergy 1An indepen ndent scientific c committee guar rantees that the claims made inreferences to Beneo™ are scientifically pr roven. These cla aims are basedon long term human studies endorsed by the scientific committee. The y cBeneo™ Scientific Committ tee is composed of internation independent d nalexpert scie entists :Sekumpula jawatankuasa saintis bebas telah mengakui tuntutan yang an adibuat oleh Beneo™ dibukt h tikan secara sain ntifik.Tuntutan ini berdasarkanpenyelidika yang lama ke atas manusia y an e yang disokong oleh JK Saintifik. oJawatankua asa Saintifik dianggotai oleh d h sekumpulan pakar saintisantarabang gsa: Beneo™ BProf Dr Glenn n Prof Dr N Nathalie Prof Dr Beatrice Pool Prof Dr KevinGibson Delzenne Catholic e, Zobeel,Friedrich Cashman, Uni ng,Uni of Readin Uni of Lo ouvain, Bel Schiller Uni, German College Cork, IreUK Uni of Re eading, UK Uni of Reading, UUKProf Dr Connie M Prof Dr Fr rancisco Prof Dr David Jenkins Prof Dr Gerard Pasc cal,Weaver, Purd Uni, due Guarner, Vall d Uni o Toronto, of National Institute o ofUS Hebron U ESP Uni, Canada Agriculture, France A eUni of Readin UK ng, Uni of Reading, UK Uni of Reading, UK 21
  23. 23. Connecting nutrition and health SynergyLife Regain your pre-childbirth figure and boost your energy in the bedroom as well. Kembalikan bentuk badan seperti zaman anak dara dan perkasakan tenaga anda di bilik tidurMothers of today with an active lifestyle, can enjoy this special blendof Arabica coffee mix and Ayurvedic goodness... throughout the day.Made following secret traditional Ayurvedic recipes, mothers ofgenerations pastin India and China have known and enjoyed thehealthy properties of Ayurveda which include :• Boosted libido and enhanced sexual drive• Firming of breasts and re-strengthening of vaginal childbirthSynergyLife is made exclusively from trusted Ayurvedic ingredientssuch as seeds of Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto and Adas, as well as WildYam and Thistle. Today, MyHealth Essential bring this secret straight toyou in Malaysia. Ayurvedic . Ayurveda * *Synergy Life 22
  24. 24. Connecting nutrition and health SynergyLife Trusted Ayurvedic Ingredient Kandungan BENIH FENUGREEK/ • Pembesaran payudara/ • Membantu pengeluaran susu/ • Kecantikan kulit/ • Melambatkan Menopaus/ • Rawatan Semulajadi untuk heartburn & asid reflux/Fenugreek seeds are rich sources of carbohydrates, proteins, Vitamin Aand C, iron, calcium and minerals. Apart from providing energy androughage, Fenugreek prevents constipation, improve digestion,stimulates liver and spleen, purifies blood and serves as an appetizer.The twigs and leaves of the plant are also used as poultice for ulcers,boils and abscess. The seeds of Fenugreek also have antiseptic andanti-inflammatory properties and can be used for relieving pain. SAW PALMETTO/ • Pembesaran payudara/ • Meningkat kekuatan seksual / • Merangsang pertumbuhan rambut/ • Mengurangkan gejala haid/ • Migrain/ • Masalah prostat/ Saw palmetto is used in several forms of traditional medicine. Aboriginal Americans used the fruit for food and in the treatment of a variety of urinary and reproductive system problems. Its most beneficial effects appear to be those acting upon the urino-genital tracts of both male and female, and upon all the organs concerned in reproduction. 23
  25. 25. Connecting nutrition and health BENIH ADAS (FENNEL)/ • Mengurangkan batuk/ • Membantu pengeluaran susu/ • Merawat bronchitis/ • Melambatkan Menopaus/ • Membantu pencernaan/For adults, fennel seeds or tea can relax the intestines and reducebloating caused by digestive disorders. Fennel tea, also employed asa carminative, is made by pouring boiling water on a teaspoonful ofbruised fennel seeds. In the Indian subcontinent, fennel seeds arealso eaten raw, sometimes with some sweetener, as it is said toimprove eyesight. WILD YAM (KELADI LIAR)/ Membantu fungsi hati & kelenjar endokrin/ Memantapkan system wanita terutama penderitaan haid dan menopause/ • Meningkatkan kesuburan wanita/Wild Yam is believed to be helpful to the liver and endocrine system.It regulates the female system, particularly during menstrual distressand menopause,as well as used in treating infertility. THISTLE/ • Membantu keselesaan perut dan bertindak sebagai tonik/ • Menambah selera makan/ • Mecegah deman/ • Baik untuk ibu yang menyusukan anak/Thistle is believed to be able to treat conditions of the stomach andacts as a tonic, creating appetite and preventing sickness. It is alsoconsidered one of the best medicines which can be used for thenursing mother for improving the milk supply. 24
  26. 26. Connecting nutrition and health Menopause - relieve the common symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats and memory loss. It is a completely natural menopause product that uses Traditional Ayuvedic Ingredient in a blend of five herbs to alleviate those menopausal symptoms. Menopause – melegakan simpton menopause seperti peluh malam, mood tidak stabil dan kemurungan. Selain itu ia juga dapat melambatkan kedatangan menopause 5 Ayuvedic Firm Breast Naturally Menegangkan Payu Dara Secara Semula jadi Menstruation – beat menstrual cramp dan menstrual cycle abnormally Haid – melancarkan perjalanan darah. Memastikan kitaran haid tetap dan menyelesaikan masalah sengugut, keputihan dan penyakit wanita yang lain. - Meningkatkan Keinginan Sex – membantu meningkatkan keinginan sex. Ia juga membantu menguatkan ligament dan otot peranakan. Selain itu ia juga membantu merapat dan menyempitkan faraj. - 25
  27. 27. Connecting nutrition and healthCh hitosan merupaka sejenis Fiber Haiwan yg semu an ulajadi. Ianya bol leh didapatimenerusi hidupan seperti cengk n kerang, serangga cendawan da bakteria a, an(m membran sel). C Chitosan merupak kan sejenis polis sakarida yg berc cas positif,be ermolekul besar & tidak larut air Justeru itu, ba r. adan kita sukar m menyerapnyada kebaikannya adalah tidak b an begitu nyata. A APIO INTERNATIO ONAL telahmenghasilkan APIO 50 dengan m O menggunakan tek knologi yg cangg gih. ProdukCh hitosan APIO adal bermolekul ke dan larut air Ianya adalah diekstrak dari lah ecil r. ulit ketam merah kadar deacetyku h, ylation setinggi 97% membolehkannya lebihmudah diserap ole tubuh badan kita. Kualiti pro eh oduk ini telah d dijamin oleh“P Persatuan Makana Dan Pemakana (JHFA) di Jep Memandangkan kebaikan an an” punCh hitosan itu beg gitu banyak, maka m tidak hair ranlah Chitosan mendapatpe engiktirafan dari ipada seluruh d dunia sehinggaka ianya diangg an gap sebagai“P Pemelihara Kesiha atan Manusia” ole Persidangan Akademik Antaraba eh angsa.Ch hitosan, on its mo basic, is a na ost atural product derived from chitin which is a n,po olysaccharide fou und in the exosk keleton of shellf fish or crustacea ans such ascr rabs, shrimps, pr rawns, lobsters, squids, and clam Water – solub APIO 50 ms. bleCh hitosan has low m molecule size to e enable easy absor rption and utiliza ation by ourbo to increase it effectiveness i the blood strea ody ts in am. It helps to ex xcrete toxicel lements in the bo and regulates various body fun ody s nctions to mainta the body ainhe ealth and delay the aging process. With the acknow . wledgement of it quality by tsth Japanese Healt Food and Nutri he th ition Food Associa ation. APIO 50 O 97 JHFA 26
  28. 28. Connecting nutrition and health FUNGSI APIO 50 CHITOSAN Menghalang perebakan sel kanserMenyelaras PH & keasidan badan Menurunkan paras kolesterol PHMencegah penyakit Meningkatkan sistem immunisasikanser Menguatkan fungsi hatiMengaktifkan sel-selbadanMenurunkan Menyelaras paras gulaberat badan dalam darahMelembab &menghaluskan Merawat penyakitkulit diabetes Menghalang penyerapan lemakMerangsang pembiakan bakteria baik dalam badan Menurunkan, mengawal & Menyingkirkan logam berat daripada menyingkirkan darah tinggi badan Menggalakkan pertumbuhan rambut & kekal hitam 27
  29. 29. Connecting nutrition and health APIO50 APIO50 Tiada lagi masalah resdungsasi Kulit saya sentiasa lembab.. tulah jasa Chitosan Dapat melegakan arthritis APIO50 Fuh! Best Chitosan. Jeragat hilang dalam tempoh 14 hari sahaja! Tenguk dalam masa dua bulan,mak cantik kan, kulit muka saya! 14 APIO50 Kolesterolda turun! Berat badan pun Turun. APIO50 Syoknya Perut buncit hilang! Angin sentiasa keluar! Perut selesa. Pencernaan cantik! Pembuangan air besar best! 28
  30. 30. Connecting nutrition and healthPENGA ALAMAN PENGGUN NA Otitis externa saya dah sembuh APIO50 APIO50 umor dalam usus besa sudah Hah! Tu ar mengec Kanser juga hilang cut. g. APIO O50 Masalah h Berat badan turun t sembelitt selama in ni APIO50 dah sembuuh. Macam bat mimpi. HebKuku kaki saya mula tumbuh. Kulit a Apio50tapak kaki sem mbuh dengan Apio50 APIO O50 APIO50 0 Penyakit gastroptosis selama 30 minit telah sembuh dalam masa 1 Dulu mudah leti terutama masa pana ih as. embuhGastrik dah se minit sahajja Sekarang amat bertenaga 30 APIO50 0 APIO50 APIO50 29
  31. 31. Connecting nutrition and healthPENGALAMAN PENGGUNA Amboi! Macamana boleh slim ni? APIO50 Sakit pinggang dah hilang. Jasa Apio50 Semua Badan kembali bertenaga ini jasa walaupun rehat sekejap saja Apio50 Ingatan akan melebihi 100 Tekanan darah tinggi turun APIO50 APIO50 APIO50 Aras gula dalam darah turun Hubungan suami isteri semakin erat & intim Jerawat hilang, APIO50 muka bersih dan berseri-seri Sentiasa APIO50 APIO50 Bertenaga 30
  32. 32. Connecting nutrition and health 31
  33. 33. Connecting nutrition and healthAd,., ln 32
  34. 34. Connecting nutrition and health 33
  35. 35. Connecting nutrition and healthKal, 34
  36. 36. Connecting nutrition and health 35
  37. 37. Connecting nutrition and healthdn,n.,ceyl-ycnsesnetfna.,,,. 36
  38. 38. Connecting nutrition and health 37
  39. 39. Connecting nutrition and health 38
  40. 40. Connecting nutrition and health 39
  41. 41. Connecting nutrition and health 40
  42. 42. Connecting nutrition and health 41
  43. 43. Connecting nutrition and health 42
  44. 44. Connecting nutrition and health Mhe Nano 43
  45. 45. Connecting nutrition and health Mhe NanoSynergy mampu menbawa Mhe Nano 44
  46. 46. Connecting nutrition and healthTES MONI STIM Saya a adalah pesakit hemeodialisis Saya terpaksa t s. mencuci darah 3 ka seminggu. Hal ini membua ali H at saya amat letih da tidak dapat tidur dengan an nyeny angat letih, tida bermaya dan yak. Saya tersa ak pening kepala. Se elepas menga ambil Apio 50 0selama 2 bulan, saya berasa amat bertenaga, sa aya boleh tidu urdengan nyenyak. Tek tinggi juga kembali kepada kanan darah t knormal dan dinasih hat oleh doktor untuk mengurangkan bilan ubat. Dan kini saya tida lagi mengampengamb n ak mbil ubat darahtinggi. Terima kasih Ap 50. T pioMOHAMMAD ZAHIR, 51 1 I use to have stomatitis, pigmentation and ed arthritis illness f ars. My friend for a few yea introd take Apio 50. When I started duced me to t using them, I felt t mited. At first, I tired and vom thoug to stop using them, but because I don’t ght want to waste it, so I continued ag gain. 2 months improved, my pigmentation gone. My faclater, my health had i y celook fres So do my a sh. arthritis . I feel good. Thanks to Apio 50 tobring ba my healthy life and hope everyone has a healthier lif ack y e fetoo. Thanks.NG SOO SOY, 48 45
  47. 47. Connecting nutrition and healthTESTT TIMON NI Saya berumu 62 tahun. Saya mengidap penyakit ur diabetes selama 2 tahun dan amat b n bergantung kepada ubat doktor. Indek diabetes ber t k rada dalam paras RBL20 0.5 Selepas 6 bulan, indek diabetes ks telah menam mpakkan perubahan yang b besar, iaitu dari RBL 20.5 menurun ke epada RBL 7.0 Kini saya 0.bersemangat db dan dapat bekerja dengan penuh keyak kinan. Sayamengambil Api 50 2 biji dua kali sehari sebelum makm io kan. Terimakasih Apio 50 kerana menk 0 ngembalikan kehidupan sih hat semulakepada saya.kMOHD SALLEH BIN MOHD YASM SIN, 62MELAKAM I suffered fr rom turgescene arthritis, bac e, ckache, bile and diabete I could hard move my a es. dly arm up and the pains r really kill me. My friend rec commended Apio 50. When I started taking it, 2 pill me to try A twice per da I felt very t ay, tired and the p pain in joint worsen. I fe like not to continue but my friend elt ter taking it for one monadvise me to continue. Afta nth, I wasre ecovering. No more pains in my joint. I co ould lift up my hands. Nomore backache problems. My diabetes wen down from RBL 20 tom e y ntRBLR 6. I have also avoided a s surgery accordi ing to my doct tor. ThanksApio 50 for signA nificant improv vement with my health. Thanks.YAU BEE LIAN, 4Y 48 46
  48. 48. Connecting nutrition and health TEST TIMON NI Synergy 1 Badan da sendi-sendi saya selalu sakit. Saya rasa an s tidak berm maya & tidak bbersemangat untuk melakuka u an kerja. Bannyak tugas & k kerja-kerja rum mah tangga yan ng terabai. Saya juga ama takut untuk membuang a at k air besar. Per rasanya bila nak ke tanda rit a as.Saya amat bernasib baik kerana suam dan anak-a k mi anak memaham mikeadaan saya. Segala penderitaan hilang apabila suami say s yamembawa pulang Synergy 1. Mula-mula saya sangsi dan agak mara p y a ahkerana suami menghabiskan RM230 un ntuk ubat terseebut. Mahal da ansaya memang tak suka m makan ubat teta setelah did api desak oleh suam misaya pun minum. Terkeju saya, rasan m ut nya amat seda ap. Setelah say yamengambil selama semin nggu, lenguh ddan sakit send saya berans di surhilang. Tapi saya paling m menyeronokkan, saya suka ke tandas. Say yatidak mudah penat dan tidak sesak nafa lagi. Perut saya rasa selesa asdan dapat tidur denga an nyenyak. Alhamdulillah, saya kembali ,bertenaga dan sihat. dSynergu1 RM230Rahimah bt Adam bKampong Sungai Perahu, KedahHP 017-57 739490 47
  49. 49. Connecting nutrition and health TESTIMONI Kehidupan sebelum jumpa Synergy Life amat memeritkan. Haid datang tidak menentu dan bila datang pula lama sangat, kadang-kadang sampai dua minggu. Rasanya amat pedih dan perut memulas. Saya amat takut dengan kedatangan haid yang abnormal ini.Selepas saya mengambil Synergy Life, kedatangan haid saya dahteratur dan saya tidak lagi mengalami sakit perut dan selepasseminggu dah kering. Terima kasih Synergy 1 yang mengembalikankehidupan zaman muda-muda dulu. Saya amat selesa sekarang.Suami pun dah menunjukkan rasa kasih sayang yang amat sangat.Itulah kelebihan Synergy 1.Satu lagi kelebihan Synergy Life ialah selepas seminggu saya makanberat badan saya jatuh 3 kilogram, iaitu dari 80 kg kepada 77 kg .Macam tak percaya. Dan sekarang, selepas pengamalanya selama duabulan berat badan saya jatuh sehingga 65 kg, iaitu berat badan yangideal bagi saya, iaitu berat badan zaman remaja dahulu. Betullahmacam iklan Synergy Life kata, kembalikan bentuk badan sepertizaman anak dara dan perkasakan tenaga anda di bilik tidur. Terimakasih buat suami yang tercinta kerana telah membawa pulang produkyang amat berharga ini. SynergyLife SynergyLife SynergyLife SynergyLifeSynergyLife SynergyLife 4 80 77 65 SynergyLifeNORLIZA BT ZAINAL ABIDIN, KOTA BHARU, KELANTANHP : 013-9224780 48
  50. 50. Connecting nutrition and health TESTIM T MONI Syner 1 rgy Saya telah lama mengalami masalah usus, m buasir dan ketidaks r selesaan peru Perut saya ut. a sentiasa sengkak da berangin. Saya rasa tidak an S k berten naga. Saya telah berik khtiar merata a tempa selama lebi daripada 5 tahun. Sebut at ih sahaja klinik paka mana saya tidak pergi, a, ar a apatah lagi perubata tradisional. h an .Saya ham mpir putus as untuk ke k sa klinik dan bom moh sehinggalahsaya dip perkenalkan oleh cikgu Din dengan Syn n nergy 1. Setelahseminggu saya menga u ambil Synergy 1 ini, saya te y erasa perubah hanyang amat ketara. Perut saya amat selesa sekali. Saya kentut d dansendawa. Saya kemba bertenaga d ali dan aktif sem mula. Buasir sa ayahilang be egitu sahaja. P Pembuangan a besar yang selama ini am air matsaya takuti, kini saya enjoy melepa nderitaan selama askannya. Pen5 tahun ini berubah dalam sekelip mata sahaja. Alhamdulillah psaya siha semula dan bersemangat untuk bekerja semula. at a 5 Cikgu Din SYNERGY1Synergy y1 “ ”REDZUA BIN IBRAM AN MSA, JENIAN NG, KEDAH013-437 76547 49
  51. 51. Connecting nutrition and health TESTIM T MONI Syner 1 rgy Penyakit kencing man nis amat merunsingkan. Bacaannya kadang-kada a ang mencecah 21. Badan h menjadi lesu dan tak bermaya. Ub bat hospital menjadi rakan sejati namun untu uk sembuh sepenuhnyanya amat jauh seka ali seperti panggang dengan api. Kebetulannya suatu hari g Mr Tan Ch huan Hock me emperkenalkan Synergy 1 ke epada saya. Sa aya minum dan setiap hari saya menguji air kencing n saya. Alhamdulillah, selama le ebih kurang s sebulan bacaan gula saya n da jatuh ke tah ah hap normal. Te enaga batin say kembali pul dan saya ya lih ke embali bersema angat.s MU UHAMMAD TA ARMIZI BIN TA AJUDDIN HP : 013-92247 780n Penyakit a asma yang say alami merup ya pakan satu sejarah y yang lama. S Saya sudah b berubat di merata-ra ata tempat, sa amada klinik p pakar atau bomoh yang y terkena al, namun saya tidak sembuh sepenuhnya. Saya telah mencuba Synergy 1, dan dalam seminggu saya dapat m penyembuhannya. Setelah sebulan saya rasakan p ya, saya dapat rasa yang ia hilang begitu sahaja. mengamalkanny t Alhamdulillah, saya tak rasa penat sert mengah se ta erta tidak be ergantung pada ubat hospital lagi. a l MO OHD SABRI BIN MAD NOR N LO OT 1966, KU UTAN TENGAH H, WAKAF B BARU, 16250 TUMPAT, KE ELANTAN HP 0 014-5059934 50
  52. 52. Connecting nutrition and healthTESTIMONI Synergy 1 G B Saya mengalami sakit sendi dan lenguh-lenguh f selama setahun. Disamping itu, saya juga im menghadapi penyakit resdung yang amat kuat. Nafas A n saya berbau & amat tidak menyenangkan. Saya t terpaksa mengambil pil resdung yang terkuat tetapi tak juga lega sepenuhnya. Rambut saya juga gugur dengan banyak. Apabila saya mula mengambil It m Synergy 1, resdung saya hilang. Rambut saya telah B menunjukkan tanda-tanda mula tumbuh dan tidak p gugur lagi. Makan udang & sotong pun tidak gatal slagi. Mulut pun dah mula berbau wangi. Saya tidak lagi bergantung Bpada pil selepas seminggu minum Synergy 1. Tapi yang paling a dpenting sekali, saya telah pulih sepenuhnya daripada sakit sendi dan btidak lenguh lagi. Saya menjadi semakin bertenaga sekarang. Tenaga dbatin saya juga dengan sendiri bertambah baik seperti zaman muda- smuda dulu. Terima kasih MyHealth Essential. K p Synergy1 B Synergy1 MyHealth EssentialHJ ZAFIR BIN MUDAD796, TAMAN BATU SETONGKOL, 25200 KUANTANHP 012-9492184 51
  53. 53. Connecting nutrition and health 52
  54. 54. Connecting nutrition and health 53
  55. 55. Connecting nutrition and health 54
  56. 56. Pengktirafan oleh : Beralamat : German Italian Association MyHealth Essential Sdn Bhd Association of Human 3203-1, 1st Floor, Jalan Maju of Dieticians Nutrition Pusat Perniagaan Maju Utama, DEUTSCHE DIABETES 14000 Bukit Mertajam, GESELLSCHAFT US National Pulau Pinang Institutes of Health Tel : +604-540 1000 Fax : +604-540 1003 Email : 55