How To Occupy The Minds Of Your Audience


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An illustration of how the slogan "We Are the 99%" from the Occupy Wall Street movement can teach us effective Public Speaking skills.

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  • NICE! Occupy Wall Street symbolically broken down into themes of sentence structure, art, and symbols was a simple, cogent,and engaging presentation.

    Your ’word countdown’ was a nice tense build up in the presentation. (slides 13 - 35)
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How To Occupy The Minds Of Your Audience

  1. How to Occupy the Mindsof Your Audience?Public Speaking Lessons from OccupyWallStreet
  2. What’s the message?Clutter = Confusion
  3. How To Make aComplicated Message Less Blurry? 1. Charts, Graphsand Facts may help?
  4. U.S.A.$10 for the employee $4,750 for the CEO
  5. • $17,530 = average salary.• (p.s. $1,820 below the poverty line for a family of 4).• IRONY: 5 of 10 US richest people are Wal-Mart heirs.
  6. Hmm, I find numbers hard to remember!
  7. How To Make aComplicated Message Less Blurry?2. Maybe we can use Quotes & Slogans?
  8. (17 Words)
  9. (15 Words)
  10. (14 Words)
  11. (13Words)
  12. (12Words)
  13. (12 Words)
  14. (9 Words)
  15. (9 Words)
  16. (9 Words)
  17. (8 Words)
  18. (7Words)
  19. (8 Words)
  20. (6 Words)
  21. (6 Words)
  22. (5 Words)
  23. (5 Words)
  24. (5 Words)
  25. (5 Words)
  26. (5 Words)
  27. (4¾ Words)
  28. (4 Words)
  29. (3 Words)
  30. Hmmm, slogans can be too wordy!
  31. How To Make aComplicated Message Less Blurry?3. How about trying some cartoons?
  32. Funny, but not very memorable!
  33. How To Make aComplicated Message Less Blurry? 4. Okay, Let’s try images & symbols!
  34. p.s. Against the death penalty???
  35. Images are confusing without words!
  36. Okay, how did OWSsolve this challenge…
  37. …of moving fromconfusion to clarity…
  38. …and Occupying theMinds of the World?
  39. How OWS occupied the minds of a global audience! The OccupyWallStreet Message Concept
  40. • Inspired by the Social Media Arab Spring Revolution, on 23 August 2011, a 28-year-old NYC activist named Chris came up with a unique but simple idea.• “The truth is that it was just one of those random, simple thoughts”, said Chris.1. Take a photograph of yourself holding a sign2. Explain how the financial crisis has affected you3. Sign anonymously with “We are the 99%”4. Post it online.• 2,000 profiles were uploaded in 2 months.• The phrase quickly went viral around the world.• Soon it was adopted as “the” global protest slogan!
  41. Slogan: We are the 99% Simple Viral GlobalInclusive &Anonymous
  42. Samples
  43. The anonymity appeal led many protesters to wear a Guy Fawkes mask from the“anti-totalitarian” comic and movie “V for Vendetta”
  44. Guy Fawkes 1606 “V” 1980’s
  45. Unfortunately, the establishment can also be very clever… Old Anti-Mask Law Foils Wall Street Protestors Since the start of the Occupy Wall Street protest on Saturday, at least five people have been cited for violating a little-known New York law that bans masks at gatherings of two or more people unless its "a masquerade party or like entertainment."
  46. “We are the 99%” was so simple…
  47. It was commercialised for T-shirts, caps and…
  48. … buttons!
  49. “We are the 99%”was so simpleeven childrenunderstoodthe message!
  50. “We are the 99%” group action
  51. The simplicity offered…unique variations
  52. From confusion emerged… …clarity
  53. And even new charts…
  54. Even the 1%understood!
  55. But, no matter howsimple the “99%”message is, somewill neverunderstand! Imbedded video: (copy & paste to view)
  56. The video also shows that“We are the 99%” was also…...a memorable “marching” slogan!
  57. “Let them eat cake” Marie Antoinette 1793
  58. The “99%” message goes global!
  59. Berlin
  60. Berlin berlin
  61. Frankfurt
  62. Frankfurt
  63. Seoul
  64. Seoul
  65. Tokyo
  66. Hong Kong
  67. Copenhagen
  68. Stockholm
  69. London
  70. Paris
  71. Zurich
  72. Zurich
  73. Sydney
  74. Rome
  75. Rome
  76. How toOccupy the Mindsof Your Audience?Be Simple, Cogent, Engaging & All-inclusive
  77. Slogan: We are the 99% Simple Viral GlobalInclusive &Anonymous
  78. How to Occupy the Mindsof Your Audience?Public Speaking Lessons from OccupyWallStreet
  79. How to Occupy the Minds of Your Audience:Public Speaking Lessons from OccupyWallStreet IMPROVE YOUR PUBLIC SPEAKING via EXECUTIVE COACHING! CONTACT: Gerry Kierans Managing Director e-mail: mobile: +49 (0) 173 253 6226 © 2011