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Mgt 527 entire course
Mgt 527 entire course
Mgt 527 entire course
Mgt 527 entire course
Mgt 527 entire course
Mgt 527 entire course
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Mgt 527 entire course


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  • How do problems in an organization affect other departments or functional areas of business? Can a problem be isolated and not have an effect on other departments or functional areas of the business? Provide examples from your organization or an organization with which you are familiar.
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  • 1. MGT 527 Entire Course: Phoenix University:New Updated CourseClick this link to get the tutorial: 527 Week 1 Individual Assignment Business Consulting PaperWrite a paper of no more than 700 words. Complete the following in your paper:Describe your vision and explanation of a business consultant.Include a brief overview of a business consultant’s roles and responsibilities.Answerthe following questions:What is a business consultant?What functions does a business consultant perform?Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Week 1 DQ1What is flawless consulting? What does the term authentic mean to you from a consultantsperspective, and how does it lead to flawless consulting?Week 1 DQ2Each step leading to the implementation of a solution is an opportunity to engage the client, reduceresistance, and increase the probability for success. Of the 12 steps outlined in your readings, which twoor three steps do you consider to be the most important? Explain your response.MGT 527 Week 2 Individual Assignment Consultant and Client Communication StrategiesSelect a business unit from your organization that has a business or technical problem, which youbelieve a consultant may be able to help solve. You will use your selection in multiple assignmentsthroughout the course.Write a paper of no more than 1,050 words. Complete the following in your paper:Develop strategies for developing effective client and consultant relationships with the business unityou selected.
  • 2. Describe the importance of an effective client and consultant relationship.Provide supporting research on managing client consulting relationships.Include peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles as appropriate.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Week 2 DQ1Identify the functional areas of business for company with which you are familiar, such as youremployer. If you were a consultant in one functional area of that business, how might your roles andresponsibilities vary from consulting in a different functional area?Week 2 DQ2How do problems in an organization affect other departments or functional areas of business? Can aproblem be isolated and not have an effect on other departments or functional areas of the business?Provide examples from your organization or an organization with which you are familiar.MGT 527 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Functional Areas of Business ComparisonResource: University of Phoenix Material: Functional Areas of Business ChartPost your completed Functional Areas of Business Chart in your Learning Team forumDiscuss, with your Learning Team members, the functional areas of business and how they interrelatewith problem identification and potential solutions.Select one of the following options for your assignment:Write a paper of no more than 700 words.Create a graphic organizer such as a diagram, chart, or graph.Prepare a 5- to 7-slide presentation with speaker notes.Answer the following questions:What are the differences in how each Learning Team member’s organization functions?What are the contributing factors to the differences? Consider factors such as industry, size, age of thebusiness, and organizational culture.How do the organizations’ business areas function similarly?Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Attach each Learning Team member’s chart with your paper.
  • 3. Note. Refer to the Center for Writing Excellence Tutorials and Guides for information and tips about howto create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation.Week 3 DQ1Of the nine specific skills involved in the discovery phase, which two or three skills do you consider themost important? Why do you consider those skills the most important? Which skills do you think youneed to develop the most? Why?Week 3 DQ2Of the six ways the textbook describes to collect data, which do you think will be most useful to you inyour consulting work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this method of collecting data?MGT 527 Week 4 Individual Assignment Consulting Project Plan – Part OneResource: University of Phoenix Material: Consulting Project PlanComplete the discovery phase using the business you selected in the Week Three Functional Areas ofBusiness Comparison. Include the following in your description:Identify a presenting problem, such as low employee morale, that you think you may be able to helpsolve.Determine the real underlying problem, and redefine the problem.Describe what is causing and maintaining the problem. Describe the technical or business problem.Describe how the problem is being managed.Describe how understanding the problem and the way the problem is being managed leads to therecommendations to the solution.Explain research methods that may be used to gather data related to the problem.Identify how you engage the client throughout the discovery phase.Describe the tools you plan to use to facilitate client engagement.MGT 527 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Research ArticlesLocate a two journal articles from the University Library that is related to a topic or objective for yourteam’s final project.Write a summary of the articles and describe how and why the selected article meets the criteria forselecting a credible and valid source, and why the research was chosen for your team project. Include atitle page that indicates that each member of the team has substantively participated in the discussions.Submit your summary to the Assignments link.
  • 4. Week 4 DQ1Why is it important to plan your feedback meeting with your client? What are some communicationplans you might use instead of Blocks 10-step feedback meeting plan?Week 4 DQ2How might a client feedback plan vary from industry to industry? Are all facets of a communication planequally important regardless of industry?MGT 527 Week 5 Individual Assignment Consulting Project Plan – Part TwoResource: University of Phoenix Material: Consulting Project PlanCreate a 1- to 2-page feedback plan for the organization you selected for your Consulting Plan Project.Refer to “Checklist #7. Planning a Feedback Meeting” in Ch. 14 of Flawless Consulting: A Guide toGetting Your Expertise Used.Include the following in your feedback plan:Communication planTypes of communications you plan to use, such as status reports, status meetings, any regulatoryrequired reports, conference calls, and awareness building plansFrequency of communicationTools necessary to meet communication and feedback commitmentsFeedback meeting planPurpose of the meetingStakeholders you would include in the meetingStructure of the meetingBrief overview of the feedback: presenting problem and real problemQuestions prepared to anticipate and reveal resistanceStrategies to get feedback from stakeholders on satisfaction with the consultationTools necessary for the feedback meetingMGT 527 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Presentation OutlineDiscuss your final project in your learning team forum.
  • 5. Create an outline for your final team presentation that includes all your major points, and a referencepage of the resources you will use. Include a title page that indicates that each member of the team hassubstantively participated in the discussion and creation of the outline.Submit your outline to the Assignments link.Week 5 DQ1What are some strategies for building an emotional commitment to engagement on the part of theclient? Which of these strategies are going to be the most effective for your project? Why are thesestrategies the most effective?Week 5 DQ2What components do you think are most import in a communication plan? What are the advantages ofa formalized communication plan? What might happen if a consultant does not establish acommunication plan with a client?MGT 527 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment Consultant’s Code of Ethics PresentationCreate a 10-slide presentation in which you create a code of ethics for authentic consulting.Define authentic consulting.Develop a 10-item code of ethics for the consulting field. For each item of the code, provide an examplefrom journals or explain why the item should be included in the code of ethics.Format your references consistent with APA guidelines.Week 6 DQ1Why are ethics important as a consultant? Provide examples from your professional experiences thatdemonstrate constructive or questionable ethics.Week 6 DQ2Should a code of ethics be required for consultants? Support your opinion with examples from yourown experience or recent business events. What professional associations, societies, or organizationsmight you be a member of as a consultant in your field? How does membership in those organizationssupport authentic consulting? Is it required to be a member of your relevant association, society, ororganization to be an authentic consultant? Explain your response.