Gold Science


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Because of its unique elemental properties, gold and gold-derived compounds at the center of innovation in science. In this presentation, we'll go over some cool uses for gold outside the world of investment markets.

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Gold Science

  1. 1. Gold Science Gold’s amazing contributions to technology and medicine
  2. 2. Gold’s Role in Scientific Advancement • Gold is so much more than a vehicle for investment or material for jewelry. • Because of its unique elemental properties, gold and gold- derived compounds at the center of innovation in science.
  3. 3. Gold in Medicine • Gold can be converted into a number of different compounds for medicinal use, such as: • gold thioglucose • gold sodium thiosulfate • gold sodium thiomalate • Etc. • Aurotherapy is a branch of medicine that uses these gold compounds to treat diseases.
  4. 4. Gold as an Arthritis Treatment • Aurothioglucose, also known as gold thioglucose, is a gold derived compound used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. • Aurothioglucose can be taken either orally or via intramuscular injection (which is more effective). • After a few weeks of treatment, the gold compounds build up inside the body and reduce stiffness and swelling in the joints.
  5. 5. Gold in Green Energy Production • Copper has been experimented with to work as a catalyst to convert carbon dioxide into methane. • However, a copper catalyst is problematic to work with – it often corrodes too quickly or produces unwanted byproducts. • By incorporating gold into the catalyst, it become much more effective.
  6. 6. Using Gold Nanoparticles to Stabilize Copper Catalysts • Similar to how palladium is used in catalytic converters, gold can be used to convert gases. • It’s also highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion. • If nanoparticles of gold are mixed with the copper, the catalyst becomes much more stable and highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. • This catalyst can be used by power plants to convert their carbon dioxide into methane, which can then be used to fuel other plant operations.
  7. 7. Gold Creation and Recovery • When gold is recycled, the process is usually handled by a refinery. • But, if the gold has been converted into a chemical compound, the process can be more complex. • Take gold chloride – a compound used in a range of medicinal, industrial, and chemical applications. • Most famously, it is the main ingredient for making cranberry glass.
  8. 8. Using Bacteria to Create Gold • Ordinarily, gold chloride is toxic. But the Cupriavidus metallidurans bacterium is unaffected. • C. metallidurans metabolizes the gold chloride and excretes particles of 24k gold, which can be harvested and recycled.
  9. 9. Other Innovations • These examples are only a snapshot of the scientific advancements made possible with gold. • You can read more about these and other gold related topics on our precious metals blog.
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