Day 1 2 strategy-kodjo


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Day 1 2 strategy-kodjo

  1. 1. INTEGRATED LOCAL GOVERNANCE AND LOCAL DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK Strategy Validation Workshop at Kiev November 2012
  2. 2. Need for LGLD Integration Challenges• LGLD is a multi-practice pursuit• Weak common platform for LGLD at country level• Accountability for LGLD results is discrete (DP)• Weak linkage between Global, Regional and Country levels for LGLD activities• LGLD across practice is uneven, limited and inefficient• Project-based support aligned to thematic area• Obvious overlaps, gaps and multiple reportingRecommendations• UNDP should be more explicitly and effectively mainstream local governance & Local development into all its programmatic areas of support• Have a framework for LGLD grounded in the (Sustainable) Human Development concept• All the LGLD initiatives must be targeted for scaling up• UNDP must pro-actively systematically collate, codify, analyze, distil and disseminate lessons learned from extensive experience on LGLD• UNDP must strengthen its partnerships with associate funds and programmes.
  3. 3. Achieving Sustainable Human Development in Local Spaces Inclusiveness, transparency of decision-making, legal empowerment, EconomicEffective Fiscal Policy Empo-Regime Social Environment werment Human and financial resources, Institutional and Context Analysis
  4. 4. Integrated Local Governance & Local Development Institutional DimensionDevelopment Local Development Sector MinistriesPartners Local Governance Civil Society Traditional leaders SpecialinterestGro Local Government Community/ ups • Mayor • Councilors • Public servants Private sector (Business) leadersNon-State National AdvocacyActors Groups
  5. 5. Conceptual Framework for LGLD Integration Social Capital Administrative (Women, men, Democratic Fiscal Spatial Capacity youth, indigenous Accountability Empowerment Information people) Integrated Local Spatial & Cultural Political and Systems Governance and Economic systems Local Development Equitable, Effective & Inclusive Decision Sustainable use & Increased economic Sustainable Delivery making involving management of natural opportunities and jobs of Goods and Services women and men resources for women and men Improved Quality of life, Resilient State Society Relationship at the Local Level
  6. 6. Normative Process for National LGLD Support National Development Plans /PRSPsEnsure Citizens priorities in Plan Capacity support for Macro-policy & Planning Sector Policies and Plans Health Education Water Public Works Agriculture Mining Energy Environment & Trade & Industry Finance Facilitate sector consideration of local Capacity support for views & Accountability Sector Indicative Planning & Standards Sub-national Development Plans services Deliver Social activities economic Facilitate resources natural Manage local management & Revenue Administration Representation Governance & Facilitate Prioritization of Capacity support for local initiatives harmonization & implementation Facilitate Citizen Facilitate Implementation Engagement Community Action Plans/Projects & Accountability
  7. 7. National Framework for LGLD Response FunctionNational Visioning ProcessNational Development StrategyNational Mid-term PlanningLocal Governance Policy/StatutesMonitoring & EvaluationSector Capacity Development Focus Sector 1 Sector 2 Sector 3 Sector 4 Sector 5 Sector 6 Policy Formulation Policy dialogue and influence Policy Implementation Policy oversight Development of sector standards Regulatory and supervisory cap.Local Capacity Development Focus Local Governance Institutions Citizen engagement Local development assessment Prioritization Local development planning Budgeting Implementation- Service/Project management- Assets management- Financial management Investment Transparency& Accountability
  8. 8. Level Activity Area Global technical backstopping and implementation Monitor implementation of Results Review implementation strategy accordingly Update staff on progress in implementation strategyHeadquarters Coordinate fundraising & partnership(Global Distill issues from the global platform to inform programming at Country levelCoordinating Serve as focal point for engaging in global debates and Advocacy on issues related to LGLDTeam) Develop standards and ensure compliance Facility and coordinate the development of tools, methods and other knowledge products through a community of practice for LGLD Develop and facilitate volunteerism and local governance and local development Identify LGLD priorities for the Region Guide the Global team in proposing regional technical strategies Provide necessary feedback on regional perspectives to the global team on technical issuesRegional Bureaux Serve as the link with relevant regional bodies on LGLD Provide coordination and oversight for resource mobilization Serve as the LGLD anchor at the HQ on Regional information and advocacy Respond to country demand and provide front-line technical support Coordinate implementation of strategy at the regional levelRegional Service Provide the necessary technical supervision and ensure the maintenance of standardsCenters Facilitate Regional community of LGLD practice activities Facilitate the integration of volunteerism in development planning and advisory services at COs Facilitate the development of a national LG & LD process Define the specific role to be played by UNDP/UN in the national LGLD process Promote and facilitate the incorporation of Local-level consideration in all national and sector plans Country Office and policies.
  9. 9. Areas of Congruence• Common Work plans• Focal Persons and Teams for LGLD• Common Diagnostic tools for LGLD (Adapted ICA)• Common Planning tools and methods – Sequencing of interventions – Implementation tools and methods• Spatial Coverage• Common funding incentive• Shared Capacity development for LGLD• Coordination tools – M & E framework and tools – Reporting tools and methods• Knowledge Management Tools• Possible Piloting of Integrated LGLD
  10. 10. Scheduling the Process Developing Knowledge Conceptual Guidelines Development05/ Undertake Document 01/ Mobilize 12/12 Scooping Funds country cases 13 13 10/ 06/ Develop Develop 06/ Knowledge 12 13 Guidelines Strategy 14 documents 07/ Harmonize 08/ Secure 13 Tools 12/ Review 12 Approval 14 Tools 08/ Enhance 13 Capacity
  11. 11. Getting it Right Policy National Formulation and Level Planning Capacity for Standards & Sectoral Quality control Level Capacity for local Planning & Sub-national Implementation Level UN Agencies & Development UNDP Partners UNDP & UN AgenciesPractices & Funds
  12. 12. Integration Process• Development of a strategic framework and guidelines to steer an integrated local governance approach;• Implement the strategy through existing and upcoming global, regional and country-level cross-practice initiatives;• Develop the needed capacityby means of guidance and training on results-based management and integrated local-governance programming; and• Facilitate United Nations partnershipinvolving guidelines and training to integrate local governance effectively into Common Country Assessments and United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks.
  13. 13. Thank you