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Oldcoolnewschool Oldcoolnewschool Presentation Transcript

    “The agency” campaign celebrates the contributions that African Americans
    have made in the advertising, media & fashion industry in the 1960s.
    The campaign is designed to pay homage to a select group of pioneers of
    African American MADMEN in the industry whose old cool have paved the way
    for a new cool on culture creators.
    The campaign uses the fashion & style of the 1960s as the theme for the
    campaign, while using modern clothing provided by BANANA REPUBLIC. It will
    feature new school advertising & marketing professionals who will bring to life a
    fiction-based-on-fact depiction of the climate and advancements of the
    pioneers that will be celebrated. The goal is to provide for history to be shared
    in a manner consistent with the story telling capabilities that these individuals are
    known for. Select pioneers (or their families & former employees) will contribute
    short stories, based upon real life experiences, which will then be brought to life
    in a transmedia story.
    Vince Cullers
    Bill Sharp
    Harry Webber
    James Glover
    Sharon Jones
    Carol H Williams
    Moss Kendrick
    Byron Lewis
    Johnson Publishing
    Introducing the new web series entitled THEAGENCY. bananarepublic.com/theagency
  • The Story
    The employees of the Irving Middleton Agency are celebrating a recent victory of
    a new account, a liquor brand which will seek to pay the agency a $3.8 million
    retainer over a two year period. The agency, once a fledging dream in the eye
    of Irving Middleton Sr. has been left to his two children Raymond and
    Constance, both in their mid-30’s. The kids, raised as semi-spoiled heirs to the
    Middleton media legacy, are no strangers to the money, but are fairly new to the
    management savvy that it requires to run a successful marketing firm in a
    climate where marketers are not certain of the African American consumer
    market as a viable customer base for their products. With the new win of the
    Brookstone whiskey brand, the new agency heads feel confident in the
    direction of taking on clients once forbidden by their late father, including
    alcohol, military and tobacco products The base of the agency’s clients had
    previously consisted of only skin & hair care products as well as home
  • Characters
    Irving Middleton Jr. (33) and wife Nicolette (37)
    Irving, the male heir to the Middleton Agency has his hands full, balancing running the agency that his father sacrificed his family time for, bringing in new accounts through connections that he has been building rapidly after the news of his father’s untimely death, and keeping the peace between all of the women in his life, including his wife, his sister and his secretary. His wife, Nicolette, is your typical wealthy housewife, who can’t seem to stay at home. Though she and her husband are interested in having children, the timing is not right and largely due to Nicollete’s shopping habits, love for martinis & cigarettes and the stress that is caused due to the jealousy of the relationship between her husband and his attractive secretary Claire. Claire an agency die-hard, has been with the company since she was in her early twenties, after her family relocated from the South to Chicago. She is extremely protective over Irving and has a slight crush on his success. She is a good girl, but is often tempted by Irv Jr.’s frustration with his wife’s antics.
    Claire Clifton (31)
  • Characters
    Kenton Browning 40 and wife Sharon Middleton-Browning (38)
    Sharon the older sister of brother Irving Jr. is the true head of the agency’s creative force, as Chief Creative Officer and former VP Creative Director at Leo Burnett. The intoxicatingly beautiful and well polished Spelman grad, recently wed her on again, off again college sweetheart Kenton Browning, who is a music producer and part-time radio DJ. Often unhappy with Kenton’s “head in the clouds” mentality, Sharon often finds solace in the arms of a young mail room supervisor and soon to be Account Manager, Charles Jackson (much to the surprise to the rest of the agency).
    Charles Jackson, 28
  • Characters
    Julius Dawson (32) and William “Jimmy” Irvine (32)
    Julius and Jimmy, the art director and copywriter duo who have won every account that the agency has off of the breakthrough campaigns that they tirelessly crank out. They are the oldest and most loyal creatives that the agency has, having joined the agency as 20 year old, wet behind the ear young brothers eager to find their way into the business. They easy going duo are also the cause of frustration for Delilah Malveaux (born as Augustine Jenkins) a younger college sorority sister of Sharon Middleton-Browning, who was recently brought in to the agency to add a female perspective and voice to the creative that is being developed. The extremely talented Delilah finds it difficult at first to gain the respect as a creative force, due to the misogynistic behavior of Julius and Jimmy.
    Delilah Malveaux, 26
  • Distribution
    The campaign, which will largely live online via a BR microsite will come to life as a web series also available on a YouTube channel . The
    microsite will be promoted online via banner ads on relevant blog sites.
    The campaign will extend itself via printed in a mini-magazine inserted in special edition copies of UPTOWN Magazineand other relevant lifestyle
    publications. nsideof the publication a series of print-ads will promote the launch of the online series.
    The campaign will come to life experientially with signature in-store promotions held as an after-hours cocktail party
    series honoring each of the pioneers in their market of influence. The events will be held as fashion marketing &
    media industryand will serve as launch parties for each new webisode.
    The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness around careers in the advertising & media
    industry, while raising fiscal support for The Marcus Graham Project, a non-profit leadership development
    organization for young adults of color in the marketing & media industry.
    Banana Republic has the opportunity to celebrate
    the contributions that African American’s have
    made in the advertising industry, by leveraging the
    MADMEN partnership to tell an inclusive story of
    that currently has no voice.
    Banana Republic can participate in helping to
    share history, while also making it.